Origin and Evolution of the Soul AND How to Merge the Ego and the Higher-self



By Lory Pollina


The human Soul or the Higher-self that is in each of us has its origins as being an actual portion or “spark” of what can be termed the Prime Creator/ Unified Field or Source Energy.  Source Itself creates these individual Souls from the eternal field of Pure Love, all Knowing Consciousness and Omnipotence to populate the Material Universe.


The Prime Creator creates separate Souls with the intention of populating the material realm with ‘ambassadors’ or worthy representatives of Itself, fueled with the ‘Prime Directive’ of love and compassion in service of the collective – for the good of all.  Ultimately, it seems Source’s intention is to populate the material universe with harmonious societies of unique individual functioning Souls in service of expanding and exploring the infinite possibilities of consciousness in the multi-dimensional realms of creation.


In order to achieve ‘ambassador status’, a Soul or spark must first establish its own sense of identity, separate from Source and secondly, must then, discover and embrace its own inner essence, or come to know God, of its own free will.


Establishing Independence


The first step, to distinguish itself from the Unified Field Consciousness and establish its own independence will require an evolutionary process of growth in a realm beyond our understanding.  Here, the Soul journeys away from its origins of pure love and light towards the darkness of a Singularity or black hole – the absolute opposite of Unity and Love. As it is a singularity, this realm exemplifies the true nature of being individual, separate, and uniquely alone.


The attributes of this Dark Realm or Singularity is that it is by nature disconnected from Source, alone and self-centered. In terms of consciousness – it can be characterized as narcissistic, devoid of compassion or feelings and is unable to create.  Therefore, it is an all-consuming vortex of darkness, unable to sustain itself. In order for this realm to continue to exist, it must feed off of the energy of others- a parasite to all in its path.


Here, within a sphere of darkness, which lords over a third-dimensional planet, the Soul will be given ample opportunities to evolve its sense of identity and independence within multiple, separate incarnations or lives.  Each incarnation aims at developing the Soul  by an onslaught of specific challenges of individuality, separation, self-awareness and survival – all serving as a ‘test of heart’-which is the core of the Souls evolution.


While this extreme polarity of darkness can be a midway point in the evolution of the Soul, it can also be its resting or end-point.  If the challenging second-half of the journey is to be made, the Soul has to choose to leave the matrix of dark, by its own free will.  While there are tempting aspects of complete individuality, the truth is, this realm is ultimately devoid of compassion and love -where resources are fought for and everyone is separated and alone.


Preparing Our Will to Return to Source


The second stage of the Soul’s evolution, once it has established a sense of identity and grown strong in this challenging field of density (which can take numerous separate incarnations), is to develop its will (for it is endowed with free will) to choose to leave this self-centered realm and journey back towards the Creator.


The light allotted to each individual Soul, when encountering the dark, must call upon itself to eventually achieve a ‘higher octave’ of love to break out of the orbital field of this engulfing singularity.  The realm of darkness acts, in a way, like a “boot-camp” to strengthen a Soul’s resolve and capability of fulfilling its potential as a self-sustaining individual Soul, acting as a Source of Light, in itself.


The end goal is to grow emboldened and wholly committed to the prime directive of Love and compassion for the good of all. Once this choice has been made, the Soul will enter into an inter-dependent relationship with Source in the capacity of a co-Creator. Here it does not become re-absorbed back into the Whole but remains uniquely independent and free. The Soul while working from its deepest callings is thus continuously being sustained by Source in creating its inner most, unique, contribution or gift to the Whole.  This role can be engaged in at any time, as soon as the Soul has reached its mature development.





Our Soul develops its independence and matures its will by a process of incarnating or funneling a portion of its energy into a human existence, a form identity, (our physical self). It does this so as to engage and grow the emotional capacity of the heart to eventually awaken our connection to Source. Because the incarnation must have ‘free-will’ to engage and evolve, the human existence is born into the “dream” of the world of darkness to fairly represent and ultimately ‘test’ both sides of itself- the mind (Ego) and the heart (Soul). In this ‘test-of choice’, the dark dream attempts to control the mind while the Soul remains embedded in the heart waiting to be called forth.


Here with the capacity to feel, the human form-identity’s free-will to choose, will be tested and strengthened in a challenging, dark environment shrouded and lorded-over by a system, fundamentally opposite from the Prime Directive –namely a paradigm of ‘service of self’.  Without recall of its true nature, our human form must, of its own will, eventually come to consciously choose to reject the dark paradigm and follow its origins of Love and compassion in favor of a paradigm -in service of all.


As our bodily form starts to develop and strengthen its emotional intelligence it begins to see beyond the entrapping programing and manipulating obstacles of this dense earth-school environment. For the service-of-self agenda is a top-down predatory system, where Top-dog eats dog.  This journey takes many life-times or incarnation to complete.  Each individual incarnation is different from the last and develops every perspective and challenge a Soul (and sum of its many incarnations) will need to pull this ‘higher-octave of Love’ from within itself and stand on its own as an “ambassador” of Light.


In each incarnation, a Soul or “Higher-self” incarnates into a human biological body by apportioning some of its consciousness in energetic form – which we may call spirit.   That biological body when joined with our Soul’s spirit creates an energetic whole-and remains functioning until completion of that incarnation’s specific life-plan.  That whole consists of a physical, mental, emotional, energetic etheric and spiritual body and is contained within a unique field of its own.  This field, has the capacity to sustain itself by the spirit (heart) and is known as a Torus Field.


In terms of the programming and organization of this dense earth-school, so as to fairly represent the negative polarity or ‘dark agenda’, each individual and the communities they form, are oriented to perceive themselves as physical, mental, and emotional -in that order.  This perspective and orientation of being separate, free and vulnerable, manages these qualities under the direction of the mind, or Ego– which promotes the preservation of itself above all others.


When the Soul joins with its bodily incarnation, there are certain universal laws the Soul must honor and abide by, namely, the ‘free-will’ of the individual form identity, to learn and be tested on its own.  The Immortal Soul can’t announce its presence and impose its guidance or start ‘running the show’.  Instead it must silently abide, like a still pond, reflecting its wisdom- waiting for the Ego to awaken from the dream of isolation and darkness -of its own free will -to seek the longings of its heart.  For in following this longing, it will discover the Soul’s presence, love and guidance.


The Dream of the Ego


The Ego, (or sense of separateness directed by the mind), long before it awakens to the Soul’s presence, relies solely on itself for everything it does and needs in life- but is ill-equipped for the job. In attempting to perform all the duties of a leader of one’s life single-handedly in a ‘top-down’ system, the ego places the mind in overwhelm, while neglecting its own emotional well-being. It is important to keep in mind that the programing of earth’s ‘boot-camp’ steers us away from connecting with the heart and emotions (which have the wisdom and precision of the Higher-self) in favor of the mind or ego working on its own.


We must remember here that the emotions (heart) are our connection to Source- the key to enlightenment, freedom and our calling (the Higher-self’s eternal purpose).  For in truth all we truly seek is love – the heart’s centering principle, and when this quality is cultivated and nurtured, it provides us with health, well-being and happiness.


Being disconnected from the emotions (heart) leads to an inflamed Ego. In overheating the mind, and ignoring the needs of the heart, without the overseeing capacity of the Soul, the system breaks down- (for how can a mind working on its own in ‘survival mode’ win a game that is rigged in favor of the top-dog).  However, by listening to the heart to receive guidance from the Soul, the system’s balance can be restored and the mind can find safety and peace.


Awakening to the Heart and Soul


For optimal functioning, the process of evolving a Soul is a three-part system and job. The mind in its rightful capacity is a creative coordinator.  It is the heart that is the leader, and the Soul is the Wise Parent and Loving Partner.


In order to right the ego’s dilemma and begin to use the guidance and nurturing of the Soul (Higher-self) in our lives, we must first choose, within the dream, to break free.  We must come to this as the result of our evolutionary readiness and choice to listen to our hearts.


It is important to point out that the mind-oriented societal realm employs every dis-empowering mechanism (programming, education, norms and technology) to lure us away from a connection to our hearts (which cannot be fooled or deceived) in favor of distraction, struggle for survival, addiction, and fear.  These efforts are to keep us from what would occur if we did connect with our hearts, namely, awakening from the “dream” of powerlessness to realign with Source within and stand in self-sufficient Sovereignty.  This would invariably end the game of victim and perpetrator and starve the parasite of our vital force, which we feed with our fear.


If and when we do this, the road ahead is straight forward.  While being characterized as mysterious, subtle and life-affirming, running this three-part system also takes discipline, commitment and belief and trust in the process.  Once committed, we may begin with a practice of daily meditation to strengthen each aspect of this system until they begin to work together.  In doing so, like a smooth-running engine, we find ourselves procuring the deepest fulfillment of our hearts while employing the mind to work for our own Sovereignty instead of efforting to survive in the dream of society. The Soul, through its guidance and nurturing has the power to restore our inner inspiration while sustaining our personal field of light –  which ultimately can empower us to claim our Divine sovereignty as a Co-Creator.


Down below is a practical method of achieving this goal and can be used throughout the day or in the morning to start your day.  It can begin to show vast improvements in your well-being as soon as you start.


Merging the Ego, Heart and Soul

A Breathing Integration



I periodically allow myself to unplug from the pressure of overwhelm by taking a few minutes to reboot.  This can be as simple as either sitting or lying quietly and engaging an unbroken-stream of deep breaths (diaphragm breathing- slow deep breaths to the count of eight or ten seconds out and in) to connect to my Higher self, which is just a matter of breathing and acknowledging It is present – silent but present.  The Higher-self is really just the eternal ‘us’ that is watching over our growth and when directly engaged, has a unique way of communicating or conveying its presence.

When we tune into it by focusing our love, gratitude and appreciation towards its energetic presence as we deeply breath, its response will become apparent after a few minutes by how we feel and what begins to dawn on us.  After ten minutes of non-stop deep-breathing, which is a form of meditation and prayer, things will actually begin righting themselves in the field around us as we begin to experience what it’s like to access the full capacity of our consciousness.

I will now go over ten advantages of breathing as meditation with steps to create a daily practice. If you are not sure what diaphragm breathing is or how to do it- a Google or YouTube search should lead you to a tutorial.  I will also explore the nature of our Soul and our society’s collective dream of survival and how we can use our meditation practice to awaken from it.  By awakening to our light within, we can then begin thriving.  We then can create a fulfilling existence and share our unique gifts with the world at large.





One, as we nourish the body with air in this specific way of breathing, we essentially invite the (invisible but tangible) energy of our Higher-self or our Soul to ground into our physical body in present time.  This is due to the fact that the ­­­­­body is the only part of us that is always in present time.  By focusing on deeply filling our diaphragm with air, we ground or anchor our Soul’s loving and aligning support into the powerful arena of the now.  In reality, the Soul is the silent eternal field of potential and is ours to draw into the body with our breath and the attention and focus of an opened mind.  Grounding the field in this way, in present time is the secret of empowerment.


Two, empowerment is what we exude from within when our mind is centered by the Soul’s presence being maintained in the body with every deep in-breath.  Alternatively, when we shallow breathe, our mind’s awareness is drawn to the past or future (which it is ninety percent of the time) and is not centered in present time our potential is trapped outside the body in a lifeless maze of time.  Here, “spinning its wheels” in time gone by or time not yet in existence, the mind is not able to notice opportunities and miracles being brought into the field of the now. Opportunities and miracles are only offered to us when we are fully consciously present and engaged in the body.


Three, as we inspire (inhale) deeply into the diaphragm, our enhanced awareness begins budding and blossoming with insights and realizations that hadn’t dawned on us before because we are actually being given access to information from our own eternal records or what is called the Akashic Library, within.  It is very much like accessing the Internet by just breathing in our connection to the Soul. This activity starts activating within 5 minutes and can last through the entire meditation.  Five to thirty minutes is suggested- the longer, the more amazing the experince.


Four, when we expand our body with the Soul’s energized frequency, specifically breathing it into areas that are stiff, in pain, concentrated with fear, etc., these symptoms will immediately begin to relax and release.  You can easily create a healing meditation with this aspect alone.  As you breathe in Love-Light, which is what your Higher-self is in energetic form, you can imagine your breath inflating any physical area or emotional tension, expanding it with healing Light and on the exhale, relaxing and letting go of any tension or illness you’re holding. You can even improve your state of mind by breathing in positive thoughts and releasing negative thinking on the exhale. It’s that easy. This as well can take 5-30 minutes to achieve.


Five, the essence of our Soul or Higher-self is Love itself.  As love is eternal (outside of the constriction of time) and is fifth-dimensional by nature (which is a much higher frequency than any other emotion), we can raise our vibration and transcend time’s limiting mental and emotional trap as soon as we consciously invite the Soul’s presence in -interacting with this eternal field simply by deeply infiltrating it into the body.  We always have the power to change our timeline from negative to positive whenever we remember to breathe.  When things start ‘going south’ while we are out and about, we have the power to charge situations to right themselves within a minute or two by starting to diaphragm-breathe and extending gratitude to your Soul for its presence.  Working this principle of ushering your awareness of the eternal now into the body, no matter when you do it, will cause lower vibrations such as fear, doubt, limitations, depression, etc., to be overwhelmed by the higher frequency.  The proof of this is that we begin to yawn after a few deep breaths.  As we yawn, these energies unhook and are released out of our field within a few seconds.


Six, we will now briefly look at what this meditation practice looks like and how it works.  I find it works best by consistent daily practice.  This can be as simple as finding a comfortable place to sit or lay down, relax and start diaphragm or “power-breathing”. This practice consists of two parts – one – I call devotional breathing, and two – manifesting miracles.

Taking between ten to twenty minutes a day is all the time that is required.  You can do this once in the morning and at night (however it is best to transform your day when done in the morning, and can lead to falling asleep if you do it too close to bedtime). This can also be done for shorter moments throughout your day if you need to center or re-boot!   The first half of this practice- devotional meditation– consists of rhythmically sending mental “I love you” statements to your Soul with every deep breath. (so, if you breathe in for 8 seconds i and out for8 seconds, then say “I love you” eight times in and eight times out).  Committing to this repeated ‘mantra’ establishes a partnership and trust with your Higher-self or Soul. This will establish a bonding between the mind and the Soul/Higher-self.

The second half of the meditation – manifesting miracles, which I will describe below, ends your daily practice by partnering or co-creating with the Soul to manifest your dreams and passions. The how-to aspect of the entire practice will be covered below in the ‘How to Meditate’ section. You will learn the importance of using a few moments of expressing gratitude to your Higher-self, and then the way to ask and receive what you intend to bring into your field.  But first it requires a deeper understanding of the Higher-self, what it is, how it communicates, how we are programmed by doubt and how to effectively break that programming to manifest your dreams before we actually describe the how-to of the second half of our meditation practice.


So, first let’s look at establishing an understanding of the Soul, our connection to its power and love and finally how it can awaken within us the life we always knew was meant to be.

The Soul is an individualized aspect or ‘ember’ of the original creator, giving it the same abilities to provide us, under Its constant watch, with all we need.  It must, however follow a Universal law of “non-interference”, as we (our minds) have free will to choose its help or not. The Soul cannot impose its guidance on us. So, it is up to us to seek out a relationship with it. If we seek its help, calling to it with our love, in daily “devotional-meditation”, a bonding occurs.  We begin to see that our Soul is truly the Parent and Partner we always wished we had, but never knew was there.  With daily devotional practice, the courtship between our Soul’s energy and the mind’s attention intertwines and eventually merges, where the two become One.  With each step closer towards this goal, the love grows stronger as you notice just how consistent the help from your Soul is.  Developing this bond is very effective in lessening the minds (ego’s) fear of navigating life all on our own, against the Matrix (the power structure of society) and will give us an advantage if we wish to awaken from its hypnotizing dream. If we do, the collective dream serves as the riddle and obstacle that when challenged, perfects our ability to love and manifest our dreams.


Seven, the Matrix or society, is a challenging and hypnotizing third-dimensional environment designed to feed off of us until we awaken to our Soul within.  The Matrix has been placed in our evolutionary path because its constant strain of adversity and limitation- (creating a Top-dog down system we try to navigate with the mind alone) strengthens us, much like the way pressure on carbon creates a diamond.  However, until we grow strong enough to awaken to our own divine capacity to Love (diamond), which is the goal of our evolution, we live in its hypnotizing dream of struggle and survival.  To clarify- ‘the dream’ is our shared beliefs and programing based on the tenets of FEAR, LACK, COMPETITION and JUDGMENT. The constant stress of negotiating these shared societal beliefs is what keeps us distracted, hypnotized and asleep in the dream.

In addition to these beliefs, our subconscious programming establishes our breathing patterns –dialing down the amount of air we take in with every breath. Just as they say we only use ten percent of our brains, that could be said of lung capacity. When we choose to commit to deep-breaths, we can effectively break this spell and over-come this parasitic hold of societal programming.  The subconscious mind, when used in our decision-making process, is also programmed to draws its information from the same reservoir of societal beliefs of fear, lack, judgment and competition.  Until we break our addiction to its council and programed lack of air intake, we are stuck in a “survival-mode-loop”.

Choosing instead to partner with your Super-conscious – the Higher-self, in meditation – will awaken you from your ties to the dream of survival, restore breathing to full capacity, which will give access to the eternal storehouse of all information, potential and Love and center you in alignment with the God of your heart. When we ‘power-breathe’ we are catapulted outside the container of time (whose bars are created by the past and future) into the eternal now- where we are empowered and able to manifest our dreams.

We will now look at how to create your own dreams with the council of the Higher-self.   As said before, this is a way to free yourself from the life you were meant to awaken from, to a life you knew was always meant to be!


Eight, so changing your mind’s council from fear based advice – to Love-based inspiration and manifestation is just a matter of choosing to break the mind’s habit of going to the subconscious to solve problems.  When you choose to work with your Higher-self instead through breath, gratitude and intention, in the peaceful sanctuary of your daily meditation you access your power to create what you want.  To begin, we access this power by observing two universal laws whose principles we will now examine to learn how to apply them in your daily practice.

The first law is the Law of Non-Interference always ask for your Soul’s help in each situation – it is not allowed to impose its guidance on you.

The second law is When You ask, it is Given– you have the power to manifest your highest good with the help of the Higher-self. When you clearly ask for it, it is given.




Now, how to apply these Universal laws to manifest your passions and dreams is straight forward, simple and effective.  To begin, start by quieting your mind, begin to deeply diaphragm-breathe, with gratitude and “I love you” statements for a few minutes (the first half of your ten to twenty-minute meditation) and then follow by searching for 10 things you are truly grateful for and speak your gratitude aloud to your Higher-self.   As an example, “I give thanks for that amazing evening last night.”  As you practice this for a period of time, I guarantee you will have many wonderful things to give thanks for.   Finally, finish with a few minutes of planning your day.  This is simply asking your Soul, with gratitude and appreciation, for what you would like to happen during the day ahead, and specifically for the week or month, including how you’d like events to unfold. It can be as simple as, “I give thanks that the perfect solution to this problem presents itself.” or “I give thanks that the resolution is a win, win, for both of us.” Again, a Google search for making affirmations will help you perfect this form of prayer.

This practice of asking for what you want by affirmation and intention, at first might be new to you, but will become an essential daily opportunity of co-creating your deepest goals and desires.   I ask for meetings to go well, opportunities to unfold, or whatever I’d like to draw to myself.  The key to these laws is not to doubt, once you’ve asked. Doubt is in truth, a choice and is an act of free will.  Remember, it is the only thing that can stop what you ask for from manifesting.

I just wanted to note that the Universal Law of When You Ask, it is Given – is describing how it functions in the miracle-realm of harmony and love- where we do not impose our will on others.  This law’s potential misuse, however, is more the subject of self-interest and the power abuses of the Matrix). With that being said, here is a great prayer to invoke aloud- inspired from the teachings of Matt Kahn– to align to the Creator or this miracle realm of Love… “I call on the Highest Light- to flow through me, guiding my actions, informing all my choices, and coordinating all outcomes in perfect alignment with my heart’s most fulfilling desires, for the well-being and highest good of all.”




Nine, the following instructions will fine tune your practice of manifesting miracles: Make sure you ask for guidance or affirm your intentions a few days in a row (mainly to get it instilled in your own consciousness), describing what you need for each request, in the most thorough and concise way and then let it go. After affirming what you want or asking for help, you must wait for guidance or results to show up in the reality around you, in the following three ways;

  1. A sign, indicating a step or a direction to take. This can look like an outside message that only you could send to yourself or an outlandish synchronicity occurring that guides you in some direction. Sometimes it comes in the form of hearing the lyrics of a song, or reading a sign going by on a bus!
  2. An intuition indicating some form of action to take (the type of inner voice we often times hear clearly, but ignore and later regret). This can be a feeling, hearing an inner voice or knowing, or receiving a clear “hit” on a situation from within your gut.
  3. To be given the patience to wait for your request to occur without choosing to doubt, and it will be given to you (just like when you press the “buy now” button on Amazon and then know it will be arriving shortly). If it takes longer to obtain than you think it should, it is only accruing more to the end result which can take a bit longer, as long as you stay confident that it is coming.

After that, keenly attuned to look out for guidance in the above manner, just go about your life and witness the world around you morphing to produce opportunities and miracles.  As you start to see the results of your efforts unfold, your confidence and practice will take on momentum and you will increasingly grow aware of the fabrications (anything fear inducing) of the Matrix becoming less and less attractive.  Always ask during your practice for clarity, guidance, abundance, emotional programs to be shown and resolved, etc. and you will begin to change your timeline to a world of love and fulfillment, manifesting miracles on a daily basis. When you master these practices, and are wielding your Creator-being status it is like playing a wind-instrument with great precision- with great certainty, focusing on affirming the notes you desire while supplying  conscious inspiration  from your connection to Source within.


Continuous Practice Merges the Higher-self and the Ego


Ten, with this meditation practice, manifesting and awakening to a fulfilling life is the first order of business, but as that is achieved, a second advantage- expanding the mind to the vibration of the Soul, will appear within your grasp.   The merging of mind and Soul is a daily practice of self-Love.  In the beginning the mind seeks the Soul, but as we grow to realize the Higher-self is actually the immortal us, we can expand our orientation of Self and begin to comfort our battered emotional and mental self, with “I love you” statements, sending them back from our Soul downward towards the emotional, mental and physical body.  When out of balance, we can start to comfort our mind and heart and body from above- whenever we need it during the day-taking ten minutes when we need it – in the moment.

This practice of developing the Soul/Mind connection establishes a path linking third (society), fourth (our mental and emotional struggles) and fifth (the state of pure love- ‘ambassador status’ in a galactic society of enlightened beings) dimensional awareness.  Once established and functional, it produces emotional self-sufficiency.

By this I mean we eventually see the vital role an ongoing relationship and dialogue with our mind and Higher-self plays in becoming happy. This literally means speaking with and asking for guidance almost every waking moment-which will at some point eventually happen on its own.

This on-going dialogue is our ticket to finding our way out of the maze of darkness as we start to pass all the tests thrown our way in developing our will and sense of compassion, while keeping our sense of well-being afloat. Here, like a deep-sea diver, (breathing air underwater) ‘power-breathing’ or diaphragm breathing for periods of time during the day to maintain our high-vibration- we are given access to the unified field, funded by Source Itself.  Remembering to avert fear and negative thoughts by pumping up the high-vibration by asking for help, or guidance from the Soul, facing threat with affirmations like “move out, dear fear, I am protected and safe” or just a simple “I give thanks that this issue is resolved in Divine right timing for my highest good.” This ‘rarified air’ of the unified field can then afford us the generosity of compassion and loving behavior towards others and can allow us to become an inspiration of light in our own right.

The Divine Directive, once understood and applied to one’s life allows us to move on to a thriving life of deep fulfillment and well-being.   Relationships with others will therefore be more balanced by our being nurtured from within and grounded in our own center before reaching out. With practice and mastery, Self-Sovereignty will become ours because we are now aligned to our own Source, extending a bridge of Light outwards from within.







There can come a time, at a certain point in our spiritual practice where internal clarity and attunement make it apparent that our bodies need a more refined diet.  We feel physically the need for a more conscious approach to what we are ingesting, whether it is with food, drink, smoke or chemicals.  For most Americans, one has to truly consider the benefits or deterrents of what the fare of the Standard American Diet offers as the emphasis is more on pleasure than on health.   This approach caters to our senses with little emphasis or understanding of what foods contributes to the maintenance of healthy body chemistry.  Most westerners are ignorant of the fact that the body is an amazing healing machine that only needs the right fuel to maintain the natural balance of acid to alkaline in our blood.  This along with other supportive practices, like exercise and rest, keeps us healthy and at peace within. It helps to understand that the universe and our bodies are miraculous and built to last if we consciously cultivate and care for them. However, the western approach to the care of our bodies is more that of planned obsolescence.  The food and beverage industries leave it to us to choose the right fuel amid a wide spectrum of choices.  While it is for us to discern, it is challenging to not be misled amongst advertising and marketing practices that are most often deceptive.  Tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar, drugs, chemicals, meat, cheese, dairy, corn, soy, wheat, flavor enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, along with stress, sedentary lifestyle, and shallow breathing, all work to create an overly acid-based environment in the body.

While this might be a subtle point, it becomes monumental when we understand that an acid-based or animal based diet described above, as opposed to an alkaline-based or plant-based diet, creates the breeding ground for many symptomatic illnesses we face on an ever-increasing basis in our world today.  Look around you.  Who isn’t complaining of some form of illness? This rich and satisfying way of eating unfortunately does nothing to help us find optimal health, well-being and peace.  It instead keeps us driven by caffeine, sugar and alcohol to achieve, ‘fit in” and keep up with an ever-increasing demand of our energy.  It also makes it hard to avoid the excesses that naturally come with sanctioned get-togethers at bars, coffee shops and restaurants. We eventually either come to self-care by disciplined spiritual practices which lead us to clarity and refinement of our physical vessel or by the insistence of our body in the form of illness asserting itself to get us to change our ways.

  The point of intolerance to a body out of balance if arrived at spiritually is a heightened awareness that our body-chemistry isn’t running optimally – like a finely tuned machine running on low octane fuel.  This can be understood in terms of the alkaline to acid ratio in our blood. When our diet is too acidic it results in a lack of sufficient oxygen supply at the cellular level.  Illness breeds in an environment lacking oxygen. The billions of cells in our bodies must maintain proper alkalinity, in order to supply the blood with the optimal level of oxygen.  In order to feed the blood with the proper balance, a primarily plant based diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, along with smaller amounts of protein will bring things into balance.  When we are consistently eating foods with high acid content, the body cannot perform its function as a self-healing mechanism.

Diet is one of the biggest determinants of your health. What you put into your body every day affects everything: your body chemistry, your mood, your brain, muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, cells, kidneys, liver and digestion, hormones, thyroid, etc.  Unfortunately, when it comes to diet, most people are on autopilot, following a disease-promoting Western Diet that is high in acidity and toxic additives and low in alkalinity and nutrients. The ideal ratio of what we ingest each day should be around 80 percent alkaline and 20 acid causing foods and drink.  The blood carries the highest amount of oxygen at 7.4ph alkaline. When it is consistently too high in acid, or below 7.4ph alkaline, it allows illness to take hold systemically. A primarily plant-based diet as well as slow deeper breathing through the nose helps to keep oxygen levels high in the blood.  This along with other life sustaining practices such as meditation, exercise and self-love can move us toward a balanced body, mind and emotional state allowing a sense of peace to pervade an all too often state of hyper-vigilance and trust to eventually be established.

 The culprits of our illnesses, mental unrest and stress is hiding in plain sight.  The western approach to diet diverts our focus away from health and towards pleasure, by providing the widest spectrum of choices, often at our expense by the use of chemicals, additives and processing.   Next to nothing in the western approach to health promotes the idea of proper Ph levels in our blood being of importance in creating good health or the real cumulative effects of consistently ingesting poisons and chemicals in our food. In fact, diet is considered of little or no consequence to health in the western Allopathic approach.  Chemical additives, added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO corn, wheat and soy, processed foods, sugar, etc., to name just a few are thought to be harmless by most patients and doctors.  Restaurants, health food stores, grocery stores, all supplying us with these forms of food.  Buzz words like “natural flavors”, “organic’, gluten-free, etc. are prominently featured on the labels, while in small print are the culprits which are promoting illness- most often in the very process that the ingredients go through to enhance the natural flavor or texture.

Think of it, are restaurants serving you meat and dairy products that are anti-biotic and hormone free?  Are they choosing vegetables and fruits that are free of pesticides, additives, and chemicals?  While this might seem like a subtle distinction, the cumulative effect of this constant borage in all we ingest day after day is slowly adding up to every form of ailment and illness. A majority of these mysterious inflammatory aliments never seem to be fully cured and get excused away by the common phrase “it’s because we’re getting older”.  The body may wind-down in certain ways as it ages, but it is built to function into old age when we take responsibility for how we take care of it.  It’s like someone who is meticulous with how they take care of their car.  When they trade it in, it is working well and fetches a good price.

Many studies have concluded that the Western approach to diet and health practices contributes to the development of heart disease, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, bladder conditions, kidney stones, diabetes, yeast/fungal overgrowth, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, acid reflux, knee and hip joint inflammation, to name just a few.  The explanation is very simple. Your body evolved to work optimally when provided with the right internal and external environment to function within. The internal environment in your body requires a toxic-free healthy mix of nutrients and air, and when it doesn’t get them consistently over time, things go haywire, and the body starts to break down and cannibalize itself for nutrients stored in the bones and blood and the lack of proper ph levels allows for illness to take hold.

What I’ve come to as a healthy daily régime is a mix of meditation, exercise, and dietary awareness.  Proper alkalinity acts in the same way as does the refined vibration produced in meditation which puts your consciousness back in alignment with the universal consciousness. Also, our pineal gland is what brings us back on line with our Higher-self and inner guidance. In most people, this gland is calcified from ingesting fluoride in the water and food.  It can however, be activated with an alkaline diet and purified water. While we need to connect with our spirit, we also need to care for the body to create a temple of well-being and inner peace to give us a foundation of sanctuary to work within.  While the problem of how to turn our health-practices around in order to heal our bodies, seems overwhelming at first, we can wrap our heads around this challenge by taking a number of small steps, leading to larger ones.




Most of the illness causing culprits are hiding under the ingredients in canned and packaged foods- such as preservatives, pesticides and additives. Avoid any can or packaged food as they almost all contain illness causing ingredients no matter what they say in Bold letters on the cover.  Natural Flavors, citric acid, sugar, color, etc. seem harmless but cause many of the known and unknown illnesses that are on the rise.  While the cost of organic fresh fruit, nuts, beans, and grains may be costly, it is money better spent on preventing costlier visits to the doctor. Remember avoiding canned and any packaged products as they are treated and processed, and that will show-up under the Ingredients section on the back. The phrase Natural Flavor is a chemical process.

Most meat contains the anti-biotics that are given to the animals, that when ingested, flood your bloodstream with antibiotics.  This results in destroying the good bacteria in our digestive tract, creating poor gut health.  This is why we have now been forced to counteract this self-inflicting problem on a daily basis with costly pro-biotics. Even when we try buying organic meat and dairy, the animals are being fed genetically modified corn.  Even “grass-fed” animals get fed this corn in the winter. Also consider levels of pollution, radio-activity and mercury in seafood.  Note that smaller fish like anchovies, smelt and sardines are not saturated like larger fish are with metals and pollution.

I’d like to introduce an idea here that can help us take the plunge to empowering ourselves and allowing us to make a transition in our way of thinking about nutrition and energy.  This is the idea of fasting.  While we are all different and have different levels of health when considering a fast, it is the concept of fasting I’d like to introduce here.  While doing a fast, whether it is a dry, water, juice, fruit, or grain fast, it is important to check whether or not you are healthy enough for what you are attempting to do.  Check with your health-care practitioner before attempting to restrict your diet.  I am placing this disclaimer here in the event someone is mistaking this discussion as a medical claim or medical advice. I am only suggesting we consider the wisdom in these ideas before taking a responsible course of action.

When we fast, it allows the body’s inherent ability to self-heal to be deployed.   Not having to expend energy to focus on the task of digesting food and drink, our bodies begin to release stored toxins, cannibalize compromised cells, and create a state of well-being if allowed to totally rest.  If we consider the years of toxins from pollution, chemicals, plastics, etc. through what we ingest, breathe, absorb in our skin, as well as through our emotions and energetic field, it makes sense that detoxification of the body is to our benefit. To my thinking, it is better to fast than to eat when we have such an accumulation of toxins – resulting in physical overwhelm, fatigue and cloudiness.  I found after just 6 days of fasting that all my energy came back.  I also spent a great deal of that time deeply breathing slowly through my nose. If you are healthy enough to do a fast and have the determination to do one, it is truly an incredible opportunity to commune with your essence.  It allows us the get in touch with the core of our physical essence, where the body becomes unmasked by the distraction of digestion and clouding toxic overload.  Fasting is truly a sensory journey of mysterious and subtle self-discovery and there is a light of well-being at the end of the tunnel when you come to end your fast.

 If we consider looking into a form of fasting, whether it is just from 4am-12:00pm noon, a 12, 24, 48hr, 1, 3, or more day fast, it is an effective way to clear the reservoir of toxic accumulation we have – especially if we have lived for many years.  This will not only help our health, it will then allow us to reintroduce food that is more suited to the body’s ideal ph balance.  As always, we ease in and out of a fast with what we eat and drink the days before and after the fast.  I suggest researching the details of a fast on your own if it sounds right to you, as it has the potential of quickly making you feel better, and also can help you appreciate the subtlety of a gentler dietary fare when we return to eating. To help encourage you in this direction the videos of Ray Maor on YouTube can really expand your awareness on the benefits of fasting and also on the myths of our concepts of nutrition.  Again, research, study, and get adequate guidance when choosing which course to take.

Years ago, I was introduced to the work of the Japanese educator Michio Kuchi who introduced the Macro-biotic diet to the west.  He basically showed how the 7.4ph blood level related to the idea of yin and yang.  He proposed that the yin principle of expansion and yang principle of contraction could be applied to the understanding of the ideal blood chemistry in the body.  He said the body thrives and self-heals when we cater to how it is balanced by nature which is a 7 parts yin to 1 part yang. He categorized grains and vegetables as yin and beans as yang.  Items such as meat, dairy, sugar, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, all fell into extremely higher levels of yin or yang- lying outside this perfect bodily balance which promoted the body’s ability to self-heal.  So how this showed up on the plate was mostly grains and vegetables, and then a small amount of beans.

While this is austere and restricting, it puts across the general idea of how to think about what the body thrives on.  I found that in the macro-biotic diet, the comfort foods such as miso (I use chick-pea miso and white miso) for soups and flavoring, as well as Tahini (sesame butter) which are both protein and yang, make everything taste truly amazing. Anything we focus our attention on can grow and reveals inherent variety and so it is with this seemingly restricting diet.  Like a telephone number- with only ten digits to choose from, there are a vast variety of phone numbers possible. I learned most of my health-food inventions from having been on the macro-biotic diet for many years.  In comparison to that diet, an alkaline-plant heavy diet, is truly satisfying and easy to stick to.

There are YouTube channels that talk about Alkaline diets, what they are exactly and how to stock your house with those ingredients. Note, there are things that are considered acidic foods like lemons and limes that when taken into the body actually have an alkaline effect, so take the time to notice which foods are ultimately alkaline.

A simple way to look at it is to focus on 75% of what you eat each day being either fruit or vegetables. This means 25% can be a mixture of other ingredients that may be more acidic and more to your liking. While salads are a no-brainer, hot meals can be grains, beans, cooked vegetables and alkaline based proteins.  You can eventually move to more healthful forms of acid-causing foods as time progresses, which could look like replacing the choice of chicken with garbanzo beans instead, but augmenting alkaline with acid can look different for different types of tastes and blood types.

Realize that you don’t need meat, cheese and dairy-protein to survive.  There are grains, like quinoa, vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, avocados, asparagus, escarole, peas, beans like lentils, seeds like pumpkin, and sunflower, and sesame and sesame butter (tahini) nuts like almond, and almond butter, to name a few that have flavors that can make vegetables hearty and substantially satisfying while providing the daily protein you need. Note that these examples are alkaline choices, but there are many wider choices of beans, grains and nuts that can satisfy your 25% daily acid-based food requirements to achieve the 7.4ph.


You can get Alkalinity strips at the pharmacy to see where your body ph level is (7.4 ph is ideal).

Consider the value of fasting from 8pm-12pm when the body naturally detoxes and eating from 1-8pm whenever possible.

Consider blessing all food and drink with love, peace, purity and gratitude before ingesting anything, especially when out of your home.  Also blessing the water you bathe in, as our intentions are energetically effective. The writing of Dr. Imoto will convince you of this if you are not convinced of the value of intention and health.

Learn to make high-alkaline drinks in the morning instead of coffee- with ginger/lime or lemon, and other vital ingredients such as cinnamon, Cheyanne pepper, turmeric, etc. Boiling fresh ginger as a base creates a virtual kick that can be more satisfying than tea, and can help treat many symptoms of illness. I found this the magic substitute that allowed me to quit coffee.

Having miso soup (Miso Master organic-comes as a paste sold in a tub like humus found in the refrigerator section) in the morning causes you to awaken and feel clear immediately. Just add a wedge section of miso paste to a small amount of water, and pulverize it with a fork to make a thick broth, then add it to the main soup, allowing it not to boil as that kills the enzymes in the miso. The broth should not taste too salty.

You can steam all your vegetables lightly when you purchase them, storing them in glass containers in the fridge, (which keeps them from wilting) and then, assembling a meal can take a few minutes.  You can make grains the same way, storing them in the fridge and then assembling a meal in minutes.  Drizzling Tahini or a little miso, Cheyanne pepper, citrus, etc. can make a plate of grains, vegetables and beans into a hearty and satisfying meal.

Salads made with either raw leafy greens -even parsley and cilantro or steamed and cooled vegetables like broccoli, green beans, Brussel sprouts, and asparagus can be embellished with quinoa, pan toasted pumpkin seeds, and dressed with olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar can make a great meal with plenty of protein and nutrients.

Sea vegetables (seaweed), small fish like anchovies, sardines, smelt are all high in minerals and protein.  Small amounts of anchovies added to caramelized onions and red, yellow and orange peppers can make a great tapenade without any fish flavor.  A small amount of anchovies added to olive oil when cooking, can deepen the flavor of any vegetable dish without a trace of fish flavor.

Look up the highest alkaline vegetables and fruits on the internet and stock your house with those items. 

Always choose a good source of water to cook with and drink.  I choose non-fluoride spring water, or other filtered water that removes fluoride as that calcifies the pineal gland, the seat of our intuition.

If you are okay with eating butter you can steam many vegetables in a small amount of spring water and at the end adding a pad of organic butter to the water with sea salt – this can make a great meal.  Even cutting up a cabbage in quarters with salt and pepper and steaming it in butter is heavenly!

If you choose to have some pasta, I suggest finding pasta that is actually made in Italy because the wheat they have there is not genetically modified and is way easier on digestion.

Anything we are addicted to such as sugar, coffee, wheat (carbs) will stop their influence on us after around four days of abstaining from them.  A fast can do this, or removing these items one at a time will allow us to prepare for future clean living.

Instead of deodorants I use a dusting of baking soda, which is extremely effective in stopping odor and sweat.  I use a heaping tablespoon under the arms in the shower, let it sit and rinse.  Then just a small amount under the arms as a deodorant to last all day.  Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap is the least harmful soap to use on your body, as it is important to not inundate your pores and glands with chemical additives.

There is much wisdom in the Indian philosophy of Aruvedic medicine and dietary practices using many different flavors to help the body heal itself.  The use of spices like cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, Cheyenne pepper, ginger, clove, caraway seeds, etc. all have great healing properties to help us with digestion, inflammation, and a myriad of other issues.

I find a great secret to dental health is to Oil Pull with Coconut oil every morning.  There is a specific way to practice this, which involves swishing a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes each morning.  Please check out the instructions on YouTube- as there are details to follow, but it results in whitening your teeth and keeping your gums in amazingly good shape.

 Whatever method you choose, it is always best to meditate on what feels right or makes sense within.  By tuning into our bodies through meditation or internal awareness, we can attune to what our bodies tell us about what it needs.  There is a difference and a way to tell between a craving and an addiction.  With an addiction, you feel as though you have to have that food, whereas when our bodies are telling us what they need, that is more of a subtle knowing.

I have only brought to light in this discussion approaches to health which have worked with me in attaining optimal health and weight. Be aware however that we are taking our bodies with us as we ascend and that requires us to work on mind, body and spirit equally.  The body requires proper nourishment, rest, exercise and interfacing with nature.  As we navigate the higher realms we must attune to a harmonious balance in each area to raise our station and integrate to 5d frequencies. As we become more and more conscious of what our body requires for its ascension, our assimilation will be smoother, our ascension symptoms reduced and our spiritual awareness will sharpen.  Coming into focus from a base of harmony and self-care will give us the foundation for extending and expanding our service and stamina in the coming months ahead as we approach the coming transformation of our reality.



1111: The Shift Has Hit the Fan! “New Earth Day” November 11, 2019



1111: THE SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN! – “New Earth Day” November 11, 2019


Last year I posted a video entitled 11/11 “New Earth Day” which commemorated the great Dolores Cannon for bringing the concept of New Earth, and the 3 Waves of Volunteers to light for the Spiritual Community. I wanted to bring this important information into view by celebrating a day of global recognition of Dolores Cannon’s discoveries on the powerful ascension portal day of November eleventh.  And so, this year I am posting another video to update our current position in this ascension of consciousness to the 5th Dimension -on 11/11 New Earth Day 2019.


When Dolores Cannon first introduced this ground-breaking information, it was compiled from her investigations of hidden knowledge accessed through thousands of hypnosis sessions she conducted throughout the world.  She was not only a bringer of cosmic knowledge, but an astute cataloger, researcher and corroborator of these subject matters and sources in her exhausting research of over 40 years.  After her death in 2014, these ideas of mankind’s immediate future were still not widely known or understood beyond her followers and students.  Her reporting that the earth’s frequency was rising, causing an incremental bifurcation in dimensions where the 5th dimensional frequency of Love would replace the 3rd dimension on earth in the near future was only an anomaly or concept to be fathomed, not to mention the idea of legions of evolved souls, or “volunteers” incarnating to assist, stabilize and facilitate this shift in Earth’s frequency by two dimensions. What this discovery implied was the inevitability of humankind’s consciousness rising to the frequency and power of Love.  This awakening of consciousness rested on the responsibility of each of us to choose to take part in an evolutionary step within ourselves, amid the incoming cosmic forces of light that were to flood the planet.


Today, five years later, after countless planetary shifts of frequencies, timeline splits, astrological configurations, the courageous commitment of the “volunteer light-workers” and resonant vibrations from an approaching Cosmic wave called the Event, all mostly happening within these past two years, the New Earth and the 5th Dimension and its buildout are here and underway.   What seems like things from a distant future are now emerging from our planetary slumber as a reality.  Just some of these fabled concepts like, telepathy, remote viewing, teleportation, quantum physics, zero-point energy research, energy-healing, simultaneous time, dimensional shifting, frequency technology, inventions allowing clean water for all, the body’s ability of living solely on air and light, bio-sustainable communities, etc., are making their way to the mainstream consciousness, mostly through civilian journalism on the internet, but quietly taking form on the ground and in our communities worldwide.  While in its infancy, the new earth, in skeletal form, is just a high-vibratory field of pure love, but it is to house and fertilize all we are capable of becoming –as we and this beautiful planet grow out into its Divine template.  Dolores said there would be a time where the old and new frequencies would co-exist together for a while, but would eventually split off completely into the old and New Earth.


And this is what we are now seeing.  The new earth is just a vibratory field which some are attuning to while it is causing the disruption of all that is not vibrating at the frequency of Love.  As all the new and expanding concepts, inventions and awakening to community is occurring, we too, are witnessing the exposure of global corruption and the old paradigm of service-of-self truly falling short in its capacity to host and sustain our future world.  It is here that a unifying way forward towards a new paradigm- of love and service of all, is coming sharply into focus.


In the present moment, our world is at an evolutionary crossroads of transformation.  Each one of us is breaking free from an old paradigm that was designed to challenge us to our core.  Challenge our understanding of who we are and why we are here.  All forces are conspiring to teach us to choose love in the face of fear and darkness.  These two co-existing frequencies, one dark and dense, one light and expansive are interfacing and showing us at present, the choices of dark and light before us.   We live in a benevolent universe, a universe that is designed to grow and flourish and that mandate is upon us, as the earth’s 5D template has been laid.  With that being said, we still face an ongoing evolutionary hurtle and test which has been to trust those in our collective who crave power and whose interests and scope are short sighted. It is now after a long history that we are, one by one, attuning our consciousness to this rising frequency and together creating a global shift, an awakening to what we are capable of.  This high pitched cosmic frequency of love is causing an awakening to our hearts and a shedding of the programs of the past that allowed the stewardship of our beloved planet to be handed off to leaders with only their own personal interests in mind.


We are currently on an unalterable planetary course by Cosmic and internal forces to right ourselves and our world. We are in the midst of expanding beyond this constricting density and darkness to harmonize, not minimize our diversity.   On an individual level, it is a journey of personal empowerment that can harnesses mind, body and spirit to awaken to our greatest strength- compassion, and our greatest power, the power of love within our hearts.  We need only to slowly attune from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional vibration by adjusting our personal center of operation from our mind to our heart.  For only in love can we steward this planet and work together to enter the galactic community as a family un-divided.


How we do this is by entering the heart, seeking the guidance of our Soul within and preparing our bodies for an expansive journey together, ahead.  We are not leaving the planet, we are readying ourselves for the transformation of our world in the next few years.  To do this we must be healthy, loving, compassionate, aligned to our Higher-self and sovereign within.  Committed and in service, focused on our actions of love and caring, sharing our light in the face of darkness and personal challenge, we will usher this awakening towards a global tipping point as the two earths complete their separation.  For those thinking we will be rescued from this process without joining in, realize that, is precisely what created our world-wide oppressive history from forces within and outside our planetary system. We can be helped, as we are by our guides and our souls, but cosmic law prevents the handing off of personal responsibility to anyone else, without its consequence.


Rest assured, we are built for this journey and mission.  We only need to attune to our Soul, where we are harmonized and directed from Source.  Our work at hand is only to shed what dims our light, awaken what lies dormant, and follow our inner loving counsel by going within.  Our minds have historically been deceived by the clever and divisive.  Only our Soul from our heart within knows truth, and can lead by the coherence and harmonizing attributes of Love, which will set us free.  This freedom from the tyranny of ‘power at all cost’, will enable us to reclaim the sustainable Stewardship of the earth, to a world that is focused on thriving not just surviving, together as one human family.  At this juncture at the 1111 Portal, things are getting better and worse as darkness and light faceoff.  Many are leaving the planet and many are participating in the new, attuned to the new Divine Vibratory Template.  The Berlin wall fell without much fanfare or drama.  Our transition can be as seamless as we make it. Know that if we give it our all, we will see those results in the end; transcendent results.


In conclusion, there is a simple way to align to New Earth and make it manifest, as it is a reality that must be tuned into to see.  Heed these words and shift: Love is a frequency the planetary body has shifted to, and with it, a global paradigm shift for mankind from service of self to service of all has begun to take hold. All we need is to embrace the necessity of each one of us aligning to this frequency shift.  Maintaining this vibratory frequency will allow our personal migration from the existing 3rd density to the timeline of the New Earth- where love harmonizes all.  This is achieved by healing our inner density or darkness through daily meditation. This simple act allows us to harness our inner guide and nurturing force by us communing with our Higher-self.  Daily time spent focused in communion within contains all that is needed to “tune-in”, sustain, awaken and evolve our consciousness to the existing 5-d energy. We are, as I said before being ushered by cosmic forces to align, so the commitment to self only makes the journey easier, as we are destined to make this shift in our lifetimes.


At this juncture, those who are already attuned to 5D can help to encourage other light-workers they may encounter, identify with their missions.   The low self-esteem that many evolved sensitives acquire by being loving and open, too often result in them shelving their light in humility, which keeps them on the sidelines of this global movement.  By hearing about and identifying with the profile of a Star-seed, Way-shower, Indigo or Light-worker, they can embrace their greatest strength- compassion.  This simple realization can inspire them to become courageous and outshine their outmoded sense of self, and help awaken others in the process.


So today, let us Light-workers celebrate this powerful portal of 11/11 as “New Earth Day” to catapult this awareness to reach the light of a new day, sharing this knowledge, in whichever way our hearts guide us. For in 2020 we will look back in hindsight at the New Earth’s humble beginnings – a simple directive by someone whose vision has coming to bear fruit.






This September Equinox is a shift in energy that begins the build-out of the New-Earth.  Until now, we the Volunteers of the New Earth who have committed themselves to the work, have been educated, supported and hosted by the internet in our efforts to disseminate and propagate information to help people awaken across the globe. In January-September of 2019, the earth went through a very challenging period of Eclipses, Astrological events as well as photonic energies that caused the purging of the lower frequency in our fields- demanding intense inner work and introspection. Those light-workers at the end stages of the difficult process of harmoniously merging their Higher-self with their conscious mind, are now coming out of that process.


As the Equinox approaches to complete this stage of establishing integration of our Higher Selves, we who are capable leaders (willing to be in service to others) are now eligible to move beyond this virtual 3-d platform of teaching and forming awakened community on the internet, to migrate into the newly readied 5-d earth.  Since last year, nature has been silently displaying all the magic and majesty of the 5th dimension, the ground has been laid.  With this shift, we are being invited to extend our work from computers and phones to the “now” of this newly grounded dimension – New Earth.  This is the clarion call to Way-showers and Light-workers to begin to transition from the 3-d world of the virtual to the “now” orientation of New Earth functioning from inner direction and connection to Source- a very telepathic orientation. The prerequisite to building out the new earth in the “now” is possessing the cultivated ability to trust without doubt the inner directives and guidance of the Higher-self and having the patience to not be driven by 3-d mind orientation to fear, lack, competition and judgment, but rather, by the knowing of the heart.


The New Earth will be built by following our inner guidance on the ground to plant seeds that will grow new functioning and supportive communities based on Love of All. This happens in mysterious ways by inner knowing and guidance as opposed to commerce driven incentives, or as said above, 3-d mind orientations.  To begin, we must form a support group for the leaders, those whose mission is to be in service and who have completed their inner work.   As we are lead, not by our minds, but by inner guidance, we must start begin by asking our Higher-Self in meditation to be guided to the right people, whether by synchronicities, signs, intuition or by patience without doubt that we are being lead.  As we form a supportive small group of capable healers and awakened spiritual leaders in our actual towns, cities, or suburban communities, who can work together, we begin the process of building a community from a small but potent seed. It begins by gathering to meditate, share our feelings and thoughts in group gatherings, exchange healing, services, resources and create a model for expanding into the greater community.


Not all are ready to awaken, but those that are coming into their psychic abilities, and empathic gifts, those who are reaching a breaking point of 3-d existence, those that are ready to start to heal themselves, those in this next tier of this expansion of “New Earth” community will start to attend the core group for healing and information.  Here, the central group can extend their circle by combining their committed services to start Free meditation and Free healing clinics perhaps on an agreed evening for 2 hours once a week at local churches, yoga centers, new-age bookshops, homes, etc. to this readied tier of awakening people.  As this takes hold, classes, coaching, workshops and services can be offered for money or exchange.  As this tier is empowered and guided to heal, their time will come to stand up and join the central group- to begin sharing their abilities with others who are newly awakening and looking for answers.


As this process takes hold, these various communities can join a network across regions, states, and countries to create the build-out of the new paradigm in service of all. I’d just like to say that during this transition, the two dimensions will exist for a while together and neither should be excluded.  Doing work on both platforms is advantageous but this discussion is to encourage those who are capable of now moving into our newly renovated “home” to start the process while functioning in both realms until the process is complete.  This transition will continue for some time but we must begin to form communities on the ground.  In the event of an energy shortage or communication disruption we can better thrive from having actual community where we live, and starting now can give us the freedom to choose our response to what may lie ahead.









A Creator-being is a Sovereign Soul


A creator-being is what we inherently are, as representatives of our Soul. Our Souls are separate liberated embers of the original Creator or Source, each maturing their free-will and evolving their capacity to become capable representatives of Source Itself.

In our human evolution as the soul’s representative here on earth, we emotionally strive to awaken to the Soul’s presence or our spirit within. Our aim is to first establish a “Soul-mate” connection with the Higher-self and then to work as one to prepare our hearts and body’s sacred geometry to function as a Sovereign extension of Source, in service.


How can we achieve Creator-being Status?


While our body template is designed for this function, it requires aligning our mind and heart into one unified focus to join forces with our Higher-self.  Mastering this awareness is all that is needed to cultivate a direct connection with the Creator.  This mastery, however, requires a new way of expending our energy.  Instead of living in fear and stress, constantly focusing on survival issues, we now focus this attention to live in a state of meditative awareness of our constant support.  It may begin by periodic meditations, diaphragm-breathing to begin merging into a deeper relationship with our Higher-self, but as this deepening moves us from a state of isolation to one of a trusted relationship with our spirit, we can take these times devoted to meditation and expand them to an on-going awareness of this partnership throughout the day.


This advanced level will expand our sense of the spirit’s presence and loving guidance into the body in present time.  By using our deep-breathing to generate an on-going dialogue with spirit we can honor our day to day experiences with acceptance, knowing things are unfolding in Divine right timing.  We can also use our deep-breathing to lovingly stay open to receiving prompts and guidance, in the face of not understanding what may be happening to us in the moment, and in doing so, we open to continuous vital nourishment and direction.


This openness and display of trust in every moment generates a vibration of Love for all to witness. This shining display of emotional intelligence, inner guidance, self-worth, self-love, and respect of ourselves as Divinity in human form transforms the world in our wake. Our practice is literally expanded to generate an on-going prayer of ‘I love you’ to ourselves and Source with every breath in an on-going state of awakened reverence, generosity of spirit and peace within.


We must keep our awareness and devotion to our inner Divinity buoyant every moment of the day. This level of Love is what harmonizes and empowers our intentions and creative inspirations into manifestation. Like reducing our activity to prime numbers, we begin to shift to higher timelines, spiraling upwards as we advance in the harmonious frequency of Love. When we have raised our frequency sufficiently, we move into a creator-being capacity.


When we are this aware of spirit within, we can see more objectively that in truth, any limitation we are experiencing is of our own making, whether it is from a misconception we have about ourselves or that, for learning purposes, we may have planned it.  Most every limitation can be adjusted, according to our progress in learning what our life plan placed there, to teach us.  We can always work with dismantling our limitations in meditation by asking Source energy for what is needed to dissolve the limitation, knowing you are the ultimate author of your experience.


 Our inherent abilities to manifest our hearts dreams as a human in physical form happens through our use of energy and magnetism and can be ignited when we join our heart (through a practice of daily meditation) with our Souls in service. When this is achieved, our body’s Divine template harmonizes the frequency of Source energy and can be directed with intention to create.  This template is called the Human Torus –our light body.


How do we create through our connection to Source?


First and foremost, we create by our power of belief.  When the love in our hearts has formed a deep and abiding partnership with the Higher-self, our belief evolves to an inner state of knowing that we have the power to create.  Secondly, with certainty and gratitude, we ask Source energy for the power to flow, like a snake biting its own tail to supply our Divine geometry within the body to manifest our desires.


The human body physically embodies an electro-magnetic system, the Torus-field which is anchored to the Creator through our hearts. By consciously directing our imagination, feelings, intention and requests through our heart, we can engage this system of the Torus field through a practice of breath, to usher our dreams into reality.  We may also ask for this power to be funneled to our creative channels at the throat (speaking things into creation) and hands (funneling Source energy through our arm channels while envisioning our creations between our hands) to create or to heal with Divine Love.

Source energy comes in many different forms, systems, kingdoms, realms and dimensions and can be called upon to help manifest our hearts deepest passions and callings.  Some facets of the Creator that can be employed are; your Higher-self, your guides, your affiliations with angels and light-beings, Archangels, Saints and ascended masters, among other pure conduits of Light and Love.


How do we work the mechanism of the Torus field?


The Torus-field is Source’s Divine pattern for maintaining all self-sustaining systems of life on every scale in the universe from atoms to star systems. The torus field, can be described as a sphere or globe shaped system, whose center point emits a charged pulse of life-force energy, funneling it up and out of its core column at the top of the sphere.  This energy then evenly distributes its stream in all directions over the sides of the sphere, only to be funneled up the column at its base, back up to the center point where it began.


 In the case of a human being, Source energetically distributes its flow of life-force, (as well as creativity and protection) from its connection at our heart. It is from our heart, with every in and out-breath, this life-force is distributed through the body’s electromagnetic system, up and out through the head, over the body in all directions and then is absorbed from the base of the spinal-column back up to our heart.



Harnessing the Torus to Co-Create

-Putting it into Practice-


This practice allows us to manifest our hearts deepest felt callings by using our Divine template and our connection to Source.  To begin this practice always start by taking a deep in-breath, connect with Source by breathing into the upper-heart, sending a golden beam from your heart to a Focal point representing the Creator, and as it returns from Creator back into the heart, on the out-breath, envision sending a grounding cord or hollow tube from your tailbone to the core center of the earth.  This energy directed visualization will help create a conduit for harnessing energy and magnetism, male & female energy, as well as Earth & Source energy to flow into your torus-field.


As you begin this Torus visualization and meditation, with slow deep diaphragm breathing, you can practice bonding with your Higher-self and administering self-love.  This is done by simply inhaling the feeling of love and then sending it to the Higher-self from the top of the heart on the exhale, up and out over your head.   Receive that love back by drawing it up the spine into the base of the heart with a deep inhale. You can repeat this cycle for as long as you wish and even reduce it to just a deep breathing generated mantra of “I love you” throughout the day.


You can also use this practice to state your requests with gratitude to your Higher-self and make intentions for needs, guidance or healing- as a prayer- on the inhale and exhale.

As the Torus flow sends these requests out with the exhale from the high-heart up through the top of the head and out over the body, deeply breathe the receiving of your requests, as the energy flows up from the base of your spine, into your heart. You can repeat this cycle continuously until you feel complete.


Once you’ve circulated your various intentions and requests, let the Universe respond with their manifestation in Divine right timing. If your request is for guidance, look for an intuitive hit, inspiration or sign to show you the way forward. If there is no indication, just be patient, without doubt and your situation will present itself in right timing.


The Time is Now- Are You Ready?


While the practice of conscious partnership with Source, generosity of spirit, and focused intention required for Creator-being status is ongoing and challenging, it is fueled by a burning passion to fulfill our heart’s calling. What may seem as an appealing status to be a creator-being, is in reality the mechanism to fulfill our call to service, creativity expansion and Love of all.


We, the Way showers are being given the green light, the shift is now at hand and we are asked to stand in our power of who we really are and to assemble. The time of shedding our darkness has passed and we are now being asked to follow our missions where they lead.  Many will be forming smaller communities of awakened people, young and old.  We are entering the birth canal.  We are now called to gather and populate the new earth.  We are free to step forward, and our strength of centeredness in our hearts and inner guidance is in place.  We are about to be set free. We are now one within.  Are you ready?






                      THE BIG DECISION: “IT’S SHOW TIME”


           Who are we, why are we here and where are we going?


Our Souls were once an indistinguishable part of the original Creator or Source energy.  The Soul’s split from Source occurred to allow the Creator to populate the various realms of the universe with unique yet harmonious, loving, representatives of Itself.


By a process of attraction to a Singularity, the Soul initially splits away from Source towards the attractor to establish its individuality and independence. When the Soul’s evolution reaches maturity, it is given the choice to return back to Source to establish a new level of freedom.  This can best be described as an inter-dependent relationship with the Creator, functioning in the Divine capacity of a Creator-being whose free-will is, through Love, aligned with Source.





The Soul’s initial separation from its Creator begins a long process of evolution to grow its independence and will.   The Singularity’s dark and solitary magnetism is what initially draws the Soul from Source towards independence as it is Source’s polar opposite, but is only meant as a first step.  The Soul’s light will totally be consumed by the Singularity if it draws too close. By its nature the attractor is an engulfing void, unable to sustain or create life. By the Soul remaining in proximity of this field, which is the illusion of the third dimension, we, as the Soul’s representation on earth, suffer a draining compromise of our potential and life-force.


Here is where the learning curve of our present incarnation and awakening comes into play. Naïve and easily lured by the attraction to the Singularity or service of self-agenda, it is up to us, as the Souls embodiment to either – awaken or be overtaken.  If we awaken and choose to turn back towards Source, aligning our will in service of all while maintaining our sense of independence, we can be elevated to the stature of Creator-being, by a state of inter-dependence with Source.  This state is achieved by raising our vibration, by our Soul’s guidance to the Divine level of love, support and creative abilities of the Creator.  To achieve this last step requires a simple reconciling and healing of what the Soul incurred during its original separation from Source.


This scenario is much like the dynamic between a grandparent, a parent, and a child.  It is for the child to overstep its ego and heal the family’s lack of cohesion, initially caused by its break for independence.  By the child honoring the life it has been given, with gratitude and Love for the grandparent and parent and in showing its allegiance to its family, in this case, Source and the Soul, we can unite the three to harness our creative potential. This is the forgiveness and healing of the “Original Sin” in historical texts.  This step, in practice is simply for us to acknowledge our Soul and the Creator, and form a bond with Love and gratitude for them in our daily awareness.


Is the Human-Race hopelessly stuck in the initial stages of Independence?


We as an un-awakened race of creator-beings have been misled to create for the personal survival agenda of beings representing this energetic void, who are in service to self alone.  The existence of these parasitic forces who control and drive the Souls of men and women pitted against each other in selfish pursuit of needs and wants have authored the mindset of fear, lack, competition and judgment – the core agenda of separation and darkness.


Through millions of years of evolving the Soul, compromised by our ignorance of this, in the clutches of the attractor, humanity seems to be stuck.  However, the collective’s evolution is done maturing and is currently breaking free of this hypnotic force. Humanity has seized momentum in overcoming the pull of the dark void and is now collectively past the midway point between the Singularity and Source.   Source energies are increasingly manifesting as the dominant pull within our hearts as each of us are being challenged at our core in different ways according to our Souls mission, evolution, dedication and choice, to emerge from the lower frequencies of darkness, like a flower reaching up towards the pull of the Sun.





As this Cosmic drama is playing itself out within us, lower densities are pushing their way upwards and out towards the light, and we are being forced out of complacency with the unfulfilling aspects of our existence.  Consider, under these circumstances, seeking alliances, communities, and intuitive solutions, while the old paradigm is being shaken. For those whose vigilant focus is on their connection to their Higher-selves, they will be lead to the possibilities and opportunities of sharing ideas, resources and love with each other and this will cause a new symphonic tone to rise above the current din of self-interest and separation.


Be assured that while these Energy ‘shake-downs’ and increases are not easy, as we cross the divide, this process is, in fact, a Divine process, for the good of all, in Divine right timing. We are all being called to draw upon our life-force and guidance from within, in the face of societal push-back and an unclear way ahead. You must do what is up for you personally. Face what is coming up with each new wave of energy and feel into the dark spectrum of feelings it is bringing forth. Source energy now strong within us, is forcing the release of emotions we have suffered for years in darkness. When we allow those feelings to emerge without pushing them away, they will heal. By this form of self-healing we will courageously clear the path and energetically unlock the possibility for others to do the same, which is the mission of many Way Showers at this time.


The frequencies of our collective approach to Source are breaking the old system down, causing the exposure of falsehoods.  The old programs of us having to search for our own security are now being replaced by the inner knowing that Source always has our back if we allow things to unfold with a sincere trust and sense of gratitude for all we are constantly supplied with.  This dimensional shift is gathering us up in its embrace, furnishing us with newfound perspective, wisdom and maturity, in that what doesn’t feel right must not abide any longer in our lives. There are difficult aspects to these realizations but the rising vibrations are also strengthening us. By wielding our sense of kindness and love, in service of others, it is possible to reach up to a new level of well-being and inner happiness.  The key is that we must generate, and cultivate our connection to our Higher-self or Soul to raise our vibration and be led in these directions. Always remember to deeply-breathe to generate these two aspects of well-being when you are most challenged.


One of the sorest needs is for community and communication.  The old paradigm has left us in an isolated wasteland of struggle, loneliness and fear.  Few talk about what is really going on as this information is suppressed by the status quo.  But for those committed to their own light within the heart, each month brings a specific frequency or time-line shift to further dismantle the fear and darkness.  Many are starting to receive inner-information and it is startlingly similar to others who they will soon be called to connect with-causing a new wave of activity and a way forward together.


There is plenty of need for all the services that will soon cater to the newly awakened.   What passions do you have?   Some pursuits include spiritual guidance, revising education, channeling, light language, inspiring children, the arts, spiritual healing, holistic hospitals, nutrition, new-farming, new-energy, barter-systems etc.  Consider forming friendships, alliances, meetings and projects with others. Obviously, what we are being called to do in our hearts, if clear enough, can be our next call to action.


It is most important to begin to be kind to yourself, and stop pushing yourself beyond what is happening in the moment. That type of emotional discomfort is part of the old paradigm of mental abuse. If you must act, ask for guidance in your heart and a clear next step to be shown to you, and be patient. If we knew the answers too soon, they wouldn’t work. You are surrounded by an entire legion of angelic helpers who will guide you by intuition, signs and sudden synchronicities if you only ask. I like to see my guides as a row of flickering candles lit on a mantle in a darkened room when I need comfort and support.


We can now also begin taking the time to feel something we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel, namely, what would make us happy? What do we want our day to day lives to look like?  Who and what do we want to surround ourselves with?  Meditation is the think-tank for these inspirations.  Begin there and ask for guidance from your heart within, trust your heart and lose your mind











Revitalizing the Psycho-Physical Torus Field

The importance of this practice is to actually clear the blockages of the Torus flow by repairing our ability to receive. This meditation is in this case, driven by our breath – as the taking in and exhaling of air is a torus flow itself.  This meditative practice of pairing our focused breath with the stream of circulation of a torus will re-establish OUR continuous flow of giving and receiving to ourselves of our own energy.  Between the mind and the Higher-self this can be seen as a practice of praying and bestowing its own wishes. In addition, by daily flushing and restoring the body’s Torus flow, its resilient shield of Faith, Trust and Well-Being will form around the outer edge of its circulation stream.

Additionally- you can augment this meditation with added arm-movements.



  1. Begin by relaxing in a sitting or lying-position (or standing).  Begin deeply breathing continuously throughout the entire meditation, in and out to the count of 8-10 seconds in each direction- the goal is to take in and exhale as much are as you are comfortably able – as this raises your vibration and releases negative energy from our field.


  1. Imagine your breathing in and out to be a vacuum machine mechanism that can shoot or fountain upwards from the top of your heart and draw-back inward with its hose at the bottom of the heart.

On the inhale, gather all the LOVE for your Soul, who is the perfect parent and partner to you, and on the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, sending your Higher-self all the love in your heart, and as you vacuum the diamond dust from below your heart, imagine receiving that love from your Higher Self and yourself.  Take that diamond-dust into the heart and receive it, as you would, taking it from an outside source.  On the exhale send your love again to your Higher-self, (repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want). 



  1. So often we treat our Higher-self (what is happening in our life) like a cab-driver whose judgement we don’t trust. This RESISTANCE to what’s happening causes a rupture in the flow of abundance-like resisting the route the driver is taking causing the driver to stop helping us.  If we instead send gratitude for our Higher-self’s judgement and gratitude for what we already have, we will allow abundance to get us over the sketchy parts of our understanding of what’s happening to us.


  1. On the inhale, gather all the GRATITUDE for your Souls judgement, who is the perfect parent and partner to you, and on the exhale, imagine shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, sending your Higher-self all the gratitude in your heart, and as you vacuum the diamond dust from below your heart, imagine receiving the feeling that it has your back from your Higher Self. Take that diamond-dust into the heart and receive it as a warm trusting feeling and being grateful for that.  On the exhale send your love and gratitude again to your Higher-self, (repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want.) 


YOU CAN NEXT TRY REGULATING YOUR FREQUENCY: Joy, Abundance, Excitement, Achievement of a Goal.

  1. We are so programed to be shut down by feelings of fear, judgement, competition and invalidation that we often don’t feel safe enough to allow our positive feeling to blossom. Laughter and Love are the two highest vibrations we can create and so they are the only things that usually break through this fog of repression. To re-establish a safe space to feel joy and excitement, we can surge these feelings with these frequency enhancements.  For truly if we can feel something, we can manifest it.


  1. On the inhale, gather all the EXCITEMENT you feel about something, or the JOY you would feel about being abundant, etc., and on the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, sending your Higher-self all the EXCITEMENT OR JOY in your heart, and as you vacuum the diamond dust from below your heart, imagine receiving that DREAM from your Higher Self. Take that diamond-dust into the heart and receive it, as you would, taking it from an outside source.  On the exhale send your EXCITEMENT OR JOY again to your Higher-self, (repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want.)



 Another supportive image you can imagine on the in-breath is stretching an archer’s bow and then release the arrow on the exhale- just this, balances the feminine on the inhale and the masculine on the exhale as the in-breath is circular and the exhale is linear. 


Here you can simply follow the meditation asking for guidance or a next step from your Higher-self, and on the receiving end, imagine receiving the guidance, and then without doubt have patience for the guidance or next step to reveal itself to you, with a sign, or an intuition.



  1. This mediation can be done as often as you want but is most effective if you do specific affirmations three days in a row, as all affirmations or daily intentions work. Then let it go to the universe.

 Imagine what it is you want.  Let’s take three things.  Money for a need or want, a malady to heal, and a situation to go well.  An example would be a money for a bill, healing a muscle, and having an exam go well.

 Begin by relaxing in a sitting or lying-position (or standing).  Begin deeply breathing continuously throughout the entire meditation, in and out to the count of 8-10 seconds in each direction.  Imagine your breathing to be a vacuum machine mechanism that can shoot upwards from the top and draw back inward with its detachable hose at the bottom.


 On the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for the money to pay for the need or want.  Knowing the Torus flow will carry the diamond dust up, out, over, and along the body, depositing them at the base of your spine.

 Image a black velvet carpet there with the freshly deposited diamond dust covering the carpet. This dust IS the money you requested.   Proceed to use your deep in-breath as a vacuum hose would to pull that dust into your heart, allowing yourself to receive or have that money.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 


On the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for the healing, and as you vacuum the dust, imagine it to be the “needed medicine” to remedy the ailment. Take that diamond-dust into the heart and receive it, as you would, taking the needed medication.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 


 On the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for your situation to go well, imagining the dust as the wanted situation to occur, allowing yourself to receive it in your heart by drawing the dust from the carpet until it is clean.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 






Healing the Human Torus

 It is my aim in this series of talks about the Event, to give a practical understanding of what it takes to migrate as an individual from the darkness and separation of the third dimension to a more populated realm of universal Love and interdependence. To make this journey requires us to purge the dense emotional trauma of fear and doubt our bodies have suffered on earth as well as to shift our navigating mechanism from mind to heart. Only then are we capable of consciously re-establishing our birth-place among the stars.

At the moment of our transfiguration that the Event foretells, each incarnated soul will emerge from their dense outer-shell or container psychologically transparent, telepathic, heart-directed and capable of truly giving and receiving love.  In order to take this final step, we will need to re-activate the Human Torus. This act of “remembering” will equip us to maintain our individuality as well as our energetic boundaries in this new harmonious state of interrelation.  The coming Event can be seen as the ‘caboose’ of a train that is now entering fifth-dimensional territory.  By the time it arrives at the station, many of us will be off the train, settling into the landscape of a new earth.

I believe most of us are now capable of re-activating our energetic Torus and this simple visualization and meditation will help re-establish something that is not only a universal system, but our birth-right.  In its design, the human torus is a self-sufficient system of energy, like a snake biting its own tail, continuously being sustained by the God of our hearts or the Creator.  

The Torus is a closed-energy-flow-system driven by its energetic core (or heart-connection to Source).  At its center, a Torus-sphere directs its energized stream upward and outward diagonally in all directions, enveloping its own spherical route downward along the sides and then is drawn from its base, up to the core, only to repeat the cycle endlessly. This self-generating driving force for humans is the heart, located at the center core column of the spine, and is best visualized as generating and being maintained by the in and out cycle of the breath at the bottom and top of our hearts, respectively.

To feel this physically, we can take a deep breath, hold it and imagine our hands in a prayer-position at our hearts. Then on the exhale, extend them upwards, over the head, splitting their route outwards and down along the sides, only to join them together at the front of the torso.  Finally, complete the sequence by deeply breathing in, and raising our hands in prayer back up to the base of the heart. This would be one revolution of an endless cycle.

Our aim with this inquiry and meditation is to consciously re-establish the Human Torus-flow to heal our ability to truly give and receive. In our long history as a species we have been educated and programmed to shut it down and in so doing, we cut-off receiving what we need.  We are also taught to seek outside of ourselves for what we need or want, like expecting a mirror to give back what we reach for.

When our systems are shut down, as it is in most cases, we seek from others, truly, what we can only get from Source.  When our system isn’t flowing properly and the energy is disrupted it ultimately weakens us, causing dependence on others, at best and an addiction to them, at worst.  Co-dependent instead of inter-dependent.

Further issues arise when our Human Torus is malfunctioning or not in use, namely, its natural protective shield or immunity collapses, compromising our resistance to fear and doubt as well as enhancing our reluctance to stay open to receive.  When this self-sustaining system is flowing properly and the shield is strong and healthy, it can be seen as an abiding Faith, Trust, or “Well-Being,” allowing us to feel safe to blossom in our expression, nurtured, supported and protected within our borders by our own connection to Source.

A Torus works by providing our needs and desires as when in meditation we consciously send, with love and gratitude, our intentions or requests for guidance upwards and out using our breath, in prayer to Source.  Starting with a deep in-breath within our heart, then on the exhale, let this intention circulate up the central column and out over the body’s Torus-field.   As it flows back down over the sides , with gratitude on the inhale, we consciously receive our granted requests, guidance and its supportive love up the central column to the heart.

Committing to this conscious practice through daily mediation will spiritually, emotionally, energetically and physically renew our relationship to our Higher-self on the giving end as well as re-invigorate the atrophied receiving end, of this two-part system.   By clearing the log-jam in this lower half of the central column, which is clogged with fear and doubt, the path of receiving will be clear to function.  Once circulation is restored, the immune system or energy shield of what can be regarded as Faith, Trust and Well-being, will come on-line, protecting us from drowning in fear and doubt.

At the time of the Event when we are inducted into the full cosmic force of the Fifth –dimensional vibration of Love, only a practice or habit of Faith will keep us afloat.  In these “high frequency waters” the toroidal flow acts as a self-inflating inner-tube that provides sustainable definition.  For the Torus is the shape of an inner-tube or inflated ring.  In the Fifth-dimension we transcend separation into the congregation of souls, like lowering ourselves into the direct current or stream without the definition of a vessel.

There supported by the functioning Human Torus, we are then distinguished, self-sufficient, directed by our passions and sustained by our hearts connection to Source. We are now elevated above fear and doubt, as only a healthy human Torus-flow will provide.   Here, altogether, our participation will be inspired by our heart’s passion and will be orchestrated by the coordinating energy of Love, sustained from within Ourselves.


Omega Point Drawing – C. Lory Pollina    



This mediation can be done as often as you want but is most effective if you do it three days in a row, as all affirmations or daily intentions work. Then let it go to the universe.  The importance of this practice is to actually clear the blockages of the Torus flow by repairing our ability to receive.   This practice will build our protection from fear and doubt by re-establishing its resilient shield of Faith, Trust and Well-Being.

Additionally: A. you can augment this meditation with added arm-movements described above (To feel this physically paragraph) B. You can also work with the original deep-breathing mediation I describe in Higher-self Tutorial for daily meditation practice, as this meditation is an advanced practice for strengthening the Human Torus Flow.

 Imagine what it is you want.  Let’s take three things.  Money to pay a bill, a muscle to heal, and an exam to go well.

 Begin by relaxing in a sitting or lying-position (or standing).  Begin deeply breathing continuously throughout the entire meditation, in and out to the count of 8-10 seconds in each direction.  Imagine your breathing to be a vacuum machine mechanism that can shoot upwards from the top and draw back inward with its detachable hose at the bottom.


 Take a deep breath, formulate your intention and on the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for the money to pay the bill.  Knowing the Torus flow will carry the diamond dust up, out, over, and along the body, depositing them at the base of your spine.

 Image a black velvet carpet there with the freshly deposited diamond dust covering the carpet. This dust IS the money you requested.   Proceed to use your deep in-breath as a vacuum hose would to pull that dust into your heart, allowing yourself to receive or have that money.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 


 Take a deep breath, formulate your intention and on the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for the healing, and as you vacuum the dust, imagine it to be the “needed medicine” to remedy the ailing muscle. Take that diamond-dust into the heart and receive it, as you would, taking the needed medication.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 



  Take a deep breath, formulate your intention and on the exhale, image shooting or scattering diamond particles out over your head, and here with gratitude, ask your Higher-self for your exam to go well, imagining the dust as the understanding and answers you seek, allowing yourself to receive them in your heart by drawing the dust from the carpet until it is clean.  On the exhale send your request again to your Higher-self, repeating this procedure for a total of three times or as many times as you want. 



Human Torus Fields Interacting    C. Lory Pollina            







The shift happens within each one of us when we choose to say no to fear. Whether before or after a global event. 


The intention of today’s video, is to enable us to not only cross the threshold into the new earth but to function successfully in it.  We cannot enter this exalted state of love dis-functioning in a state of fear or doubt- as these are indications of being disconnected from Source. We are designed to give love as well as receive love.  When we are disconnected from Source, the natural self-sustaining flow of our system’s equilibrium is disrupted causing the breakdown of its protective shields.  This not only makes us prey to the crippling energies of doubt and fear, it also allows those energies to congregate and block our ability to receive love and guidance, which cuts off the mainspring of the system.


While we may be willing to align to a prime directive of Love, we cannot ascend to the status of sovereignty and co-creating until we shield ourselves from the corrosive nature of both fear and doubt-which are the cause of our misery and banishment to the lower dimensions.  Faith is the sheen or glow of good-health that is established when we allow the system to function in both of its capacities to receive and give.


Ultimately, through the chain of command, each one of us is an aspect of our soul, and our soul is an aspect of Source, making us all one and all The One.  Therefore, we have a choice to block or allow ourselves to receive the flow of support, comfort and guidance from the Source of our hearts or, being disconnected, be unprotected and victimized by fear and doubt.  If we allow ourselves to receive, fear and doubt can stop being an act of self-abuse.  It is essentially a matter of self-harmonizing, or reconciling with ourselves as we are self and Source at each end of the system.


We in our current state of society have been programmed to exist in a state of survival as disconnected separate beings and are taught to resist receiving from Source.  We are Source and as a system, our true nature like a Toroidal vortex (like the animated motion of a tornado) are the model of this healthy functioning system that we call faith.  Both systems, like a donut shape function where the energy flow rides upwards along the center column and is dispersed over the sides, only to be absorbed at the base to begin again.  Humans, in a functioning system of faith will allow the same flow to be received at the base where our first chakra or survival chakra is located.  By simply allowing, through a deep-breathing meditation, the conscious choice of receiving energy to enter at the base where it has been programmed by the current paradigm to be atrophied, not only will we reboot the system, but the protective outer-shield of Faith will engage.


The ascension is a birthing from fear to love and is a choice. The process is as simple as raising our vibration by daily connecting to the Source of our Hearts, practicing forgiveness, being loving and compassionate to ourselves and others and choosing to self-harmonize by allowing ourselves to receive the support, comfort and guidance of Source from within and from our reflection without.





In order to help visualize the sequencing and nature of the event and the process of my transmission, I will share here the nature of my spiritual awakening and the artistic production that followed, beginning in March of 2008 while I was creating a large-scale art-installation at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  I was looking for the answer to mankind’s next evolutionary step, when I began experiencing a maelstrom of change artistically and spiritually.  Before this art project I had devised a way of drawing on a small scale that involved tapping into my heart, calling forth its energetic sum and delivering that force like sign language on paper using graphite and an eraser which resulted in imagery that surprisingly looked like actual photographs.

Now I was challenged to re-invent my method to get similar results but on a much larger scale.  The solution I discovered was layering graphite-line and erasure in a continuous flowing response to my heart connection inspired by music of JS. Bach.  That process on a large surface manifested a cohesive vision and transmission that was to prove to be the answer to my spiritual questions of mankind’s future.

I seemed to be drawing, what looked like orbs or spheres of separated consciousness in evolving configurations, like constellations in the night sky. Each separate sphere appeared to contain a mysterious drama within its individual borders.  I was at once performer and spectator as these orbs were forged spontaneously through heart-based rhythmic gestures, and then a sculpting process of framing each orb in graphite was afterword required so as to bring the orb’s interiors to life.  This successfully translated the download into definable imagery.   Filling in the spaces between the orbs with solid graphite created a black backdrop that not only formed and rhythmically assembled their configurations, but made them shine like stars.
























There came a point in this journey of artistic and spiritual discovery on Easter Morning of 2008 when a voice in my soul spoke the words, “if you create 99 drawings you will illustrate the evolution of global consciousness in its entirety”.  Needless to say, I followed those words to the project’s completion, which took a total of eighteen months.


This project was completed in the Fall of 2009 and I am still deciphering the similarities between what came through artistically and the unfolding drama of our planet currently shifting dimensions, I have now come to a visceral understanding that we as humans are primarily individualized aspects of Source energy- preparing, focusing and cultivating our free will in material form- by the guidance of our Souls-  to eventually choose to commit to the cosmic agenda of love and compassion as an assembled focused force.


The Event or Flood of cosmic proportions is where the full current or frequency of cosmic love would draw humanity or this assembled force into a new dimension in a wave of light.


To the uninitiated, this channeled sequence of 100 graphite drawings of orbs and their environment mimic the individual souls that have continuously seeded the surface of the earth.  This sphere or globe houses the gestation of separate beings working their way through the darkness of their conscious evolution.  We are now at such a number as to form a grid of consciousness ready to be birthed into the light of the cosmos.  This sequence is illustrated in my drawings which go through a complete metamorphosis from black to white and can be read in either direction.  I point this out because it resonates with humankind’s descent from Light to darkness or seen today as the evolutionary gestation of our darkness in its return to Light.


As we begin, examining this descent into darkness with the earliest of the orb drawings, they are dense and depicted at close range. As the drawings progress, the orbs or souls’ journeys grow lighter within their individual interiors and increasingly are depicted at mid-range, as they expand to reveal more orbiting configurations as societies are formed.  As the drawings progress towards the end of the sequence, new and smaller shapes appear and far-range constellations are formed with the advent of many new arrivals and larger groupings -as if foretelling of the final stage-the total coverage of the globes embryo of human-consciousness.


There comes a moment, a pause in this continuous expansion which gives way to the inhale of a new cycle of contraction or convergence of separate bodies, as they unify into a seeming whole, resembling a mosaic grid. At this point the individual thought-orbs that were separated by black are gathered as One as they experience the renovating Galactic Wave or foretold Event- and this suspended moment between expansion and convergence, or shall we say – contraction, is the moment of birth- humankind literally being conceived in Love.



























It is from here we see as this moment recedes, the circuitry of human consciousness eventually working its way free of its scaffolding or outer definition.  Now free, the thought-orbs leave behind their mosaic structure with a blossoming of their interiors into a harmonious transcendence beyond separation. Here, what once was the interior of separate spheres now reveal a new unified realm of freedom, unbridled and orchestrated by the inner fulfillment of our unique attunement to our heart, in harmony and concert with all souls.










































And here, ten years later I am witnessing a grass-roots effort of spiritually awakened forerunners grounding the ramping cosmic frequencies and helping transmute the darkness being purged from the lower dimensions we are feeling within our bodies.  This is all in preparation to help steer the shift in awareness to a global tipping point.  This awakening of our consciousness and DNA to these increasing Source codes are allowing a paced but steady shift from carbon to crystalline-base as we literally are lifted to the frequencies of Love.

The shift happens within each one of us when we choose to say no to fear. Whether before or after a global event.  Ultimately, through the chain of command, we are as aspect of our soul, and our soul is an aspect of Source, making us all one and all The One.  Therefore, we have a choice.  We can block or allow ourselves to receive the flow of support, comfort and guidance from the Source of our hearts or pretend to be disconnected and victimized by fear and doubt.  If we allow ourselves to receive, fear and doubt can stop being self-abuse.

The ascension is a birthing from fear to love and is a choice. The process is as simple as raising our vibration by daily connecting to the Source of our Hearts, practicing forgiveness, being loving and compassionate to ourselves and others and choosing to self-harmonize by allowing ourselves to receive the support, comfort and guidance of Source from within and from our reflection without.

All Drawings in this article are copyrighted by Lory Pollina