THE EVENT EXPLAINED AND UNVEILED


As a preface to my channeled drawings and the information they brought forth about the Event, let me take a moment here to describe the unfolding sequence of Humanity’s planetary birth into a new dimension that they foretold.   From there I will give a brief history of the Event and then an unveiling of the images that were brought forth through my process of automatic drawing.


Image if you will, planet earth’s atmosphere as a life-sustaining celestial womb. Also imagine Source or Prime Creator apportioning some of its light energy to grow a physically tethered embryo of consciousness, in this celestial body’s atmosphere.  Each separate spark of Divine light-energy or cell of this planetary embryo would be assigned a guardian or Higher-self to nurture and guide it with Love.  The aim of this guidance would be to help it transcend its individuality, in order to harmonize with all of the other assembled cells in this atmosphere of consciousness.  

As the embryo develops, each cell must work its way, along with the others, through the darkness of their environment or “soil” towards the light.  When this conscious collective’s gestation period reaches the moment of its birth, a pulse of Love-Light is emitted from Source or Prime Creator that exposes and inducts this assembled body into its new environment – instead of the umbilical cord of the Higher-Self, it is now solely reliant on 5th dimensional love light, as a new-born is- to air.  That pulse is the Event, the child is humanity, and each cell is an individual human soul. 


I have now come to a visceral understanding that we as humans are primarily individualized aspects of Source energy– preparing, focusing and cultivating our free will in material form- by the guidance of our Souls-  to eventually choose to commit to the cosmic agenda of love and compassion.


Human-kind has been coached and cultivated by our soul or Higher-self over many incarnations to the point that we are now ready, or not, to withstand the rising tide of Frequency shifts that will compromise our physical density.  The unifying approach of a cosmic wave is causing us to now respond and align in ways internal and external to a compassionate awakening of global proportions.  This cosmic Event or what echoes as ‘the Flood’, will occur this time as an energy wave and our hearts or our capacity to love will be the Ark that houses our Consciousness in material form- albeit a higher frequency Fifth-dimensional form.


The Event or Flood of cosmic proportions is where the full capacity of cosmic love will draw humanity into a new dimension in a wave of light. This moment of fertilization will seed our hearts with an aligning force of unified yet individualized focus, harmonizing us to move forward as one.


I am now witnessing a grass-roots effort of spiritually awakened forerunners grounding the ramping cosmic frequencies and helping transmute the darkness being purged from the lower dimensions we are feeling within our bodies. This awakening of our consciousness and DNA to these increasing Source codes are allowing a paced but steadily escalating shift from carbon to crystalline-base and is orchestrated and uniquely synchronized to the innate challenges these shifts demand of each person. While human awareness has been programmed for millennia to respond to the old paradigm of divisive and distracting focuses, these co-opting energies are fading as cosmic pulses amplify and renovate our conscious landscape as this wave approaches.  The younger generations, while being distracted by the old paradigm, are in truth aligned to the new.  Just below the surface of their seeming façade are a legion of heart-centered souls ready for this shift.  While this is an incremental advance, we will reach a tipping point sooner than we think, and its orientation will be this galactic Wave or what some call- the Event.


Cloaked in mystery, spoken of in ancient texts and now synonymous with prophesy, the Event can be seen as a rolling cosmic wave from Source to deliver the birth of a planet of conscious beings to willingly enter a higher dimension and paradigm of Love and compassion. In Hindu metaphor, this process is described as the great breath of Brahma which creates and destroys worlds in a continuous cyclical rhythm. The Mayans portray this cycle and the implied Event in their calendar’s end, as do other cultures around the world.  These cycles referred to here are very far apart, but the 24,000-26,000- year cycle or gestation period is what the current Event is foreshadowing-making its exact timing difficult to predict. All cultures see some form of this Event resulting from a period of growth and correction.  However, we are now in the window of time it is predicted to occur.


There is a contemporary reading of this occurrence in the example of chaos theory. When a system reaches a peak in complexity, it doesn’t fall into chaos but gives way to a self–organizing principle that allows it to spontaneously leap to a simpler and more efficient level of functioning and that is how evolution occurs.  I find the Chaos theory most aligned to my understanding according to the channelled visual sequencing of the hundred graphite drawings of my artistic project.



That project, which I am describing here, was in retrospect, an instructional experience as to the sequence of the Event in that its mystery and structure continue to accommodate these concepts ten years later.  The project consists of 100 large drawings that were forged from my method of drawing and erasing graphite in rhythmic response to music. To the uninitiated, this channeled sequence of orbs and their environment mimic the individual souls that have continuously seeded the surface of the earth.  This sphere or globe houses the gestation of separate beings working their way through the darkness of their conscious evolution.  We are now at such a number as to form a grid of consciousness ready to be birthed into the light of the cosmos.  This sequence is illustrated in my drawings which go through a complete metamorphosis from black to white and can be read in either direction.  I point this out because it resonates with humankind’s descent from Light to darkness or seen today as the evolutionary gestation of our darkness in its return to Light.


As we begin, examining this descent into darkness with the earliest of the orb drawings, they are dense and depicted at close range. As the drawings progress, the orbs or souls’ journeys grow lighter within their individual interiors and increasingly are depicted at mid-range, as they expand to reveal more orbiting configurations as societies are formed.

























As the drawings progress towards the end of the sequence, new and smaller shapes appear and far-range constellations are formed with the advent of many new arrivals and larger groupings -as if foretelling of the final stage-the total coverage of the globes embryo of human-consciousness.





















There comes a moment, a pause in this continuous expansion which gives way to the inhale of a new cycle of contraction or convergence of separate bodies, as they unify into a seeming whole, resembling a mosaic grid. At this point the individual thought-orbs that were separated by black are gathered as One as they experience the renovating Galactic Wave or foretold Event- and this suspended moment between expansion and convergence, or shall we say – contraction, is the moment of birth- humankind literally being conceived in Love.


























It is from here we see as this moment recedes, the circuitry of human consciousness eventually working its way free of its scaffolding or outer definition.  Now free, the thought-orbs leave behind their mosaic structure with a blossoming of their interiors into a harmonious transcendence beyond separation. Here, what once was the interior of separate spheres now reveal a new unified realm of freedom, unbridled and orchestrated by the inner fulfillment of our unique attunement to our heart, in harmony and concert with all souls.





































So, I see this Event as a resting of a brief period for each soul as we are conceived in a wash of Love, allowing us to shed our encasing ego structures. As it recedes, we can begin to function from the heart, centered in the rhythm of a common theme.  Love and Compassion. While this frequency will shift our physicality to a lighter form, it is my sense we will still remain intact and sovereign.   From there we have a world to repair and make sustainable and then on to join the rest of the cosmos.


To see 23 of the 100 drawings, click below:

The Omega Point Project


All Drawings in this Blog are

copyrighted by Lory Pollina






                                                           PART I

                                            First Responders Prepare

It is the nature of our collective experience here on earth, to be disconnected from Source. It takes a conscious choice to re-establish this lost connection once we realize the extent of our isolation, longing for purpose and the fleeting impermanence of the material realm, without it.   We are all given a fail-safe guide to re-establish this connection in the form of a Higher-self, if and when we choose to seek it.  Through millions of incarnations, humans have been cultivating their individual and now, collective will to be reunited to Source energy.  While more of an undercurrent before 2012, we are now witnessing the coming together of connected Souls worldwide through the confluence of external frequency shifts, an increase in global communication and a population awakening within to their humanity and capacity for Love, as never before.


Human consciousness is currently stirring as we rapidly approach a tipping-point of global proportions.  This conscious awakening of our hearts is responding to the approach of a galactic Wave and that Event is aligning us to a new paradigm and dimension.  Our dense physical 3rd dimension is shifting frequency as we migrate across the 4th to an etheric 5th dimensional realm of Love and Light.  While the 3rd dimension has lost its ability to be accommodating or sustainable for the majority of humanity, it has however, ultimately served us as a Petri-dish to grow our individual will to an awakened state of Love and personal sovereignty. These are the exact qualities that are essential if we, as a society, are to be self-sufficient and in service to each other in the new paradigm, where we no longer compete for resources but share them.


Finding ourselves being challenged to cross this ‘sea’ of the 4th dimension to a new shore of energetic purity requires us to purge our mental and emotional toxins.  Embracing this challenge with belief and certainty that the dark energies that are coming up for us to experience are coming up only to be purged, will help us to consciously examine and focus on them as we release them for the last time. For as we consciously release our mental and emotional baggage, we simultaneously raise our light frequency, which is a prerequisite for this crossing.


Here I am reminded of the analogy of body surfing, where the swimmer sees a large wave approaching.  If they do nothing, when the wave hits, it will toss them and violently plunge them into the sand. If they see the wave coming and choose to begin swimming with all their might towards the shore, before it arrives, when the wave reaches them, it will lift them and gracefully deliver them above the wave, to shore.


 And so, it is with each of us whose inner calling is to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift.  When we commit ourselves to shed all that is unloving and dark, the vestiges of the old paradigm of fear, lack, competition and judgment, partner with our Higher-self for its guidance in all we do, self-nurture to generate a higher frequency light body, and maintain a commanding awareness of our energetic presence and protect its boundaries, we are then in harmony and alignment with the new paradigm, capable of facilitating others to awaken.  If we are warriors of Light, or First Responders, we must be sound inside and out before the galactic wave arrives.  When we each achieve this level of mastery, our empowered presence will truly catalyze and stabilize this global awakening as it unfolds.


In order to discuss the protection of our boundaries and our integrity as a force of Love and Light let us expand our concept of ourselves from only having a physical body to include seeing ourselves in terms of consciousness and energy as well, as we adjust to the non-physical territories of the uncharted 4th and 5th dimensions.


The energy systems of the body, while being mapped and mastered by ancient eastern cultures remains somewhat foreign to western culture because it is the realm of the unseen, the energy-based underpinnings of our existence.  It is accessed from our consciousness by our feelings and our imagination for to see energy, one feels it, and to wield it, one harnesses their imagination with intention, focus and certainty. We can effectively contain, release energy and direct it, all through our imagination. In the physical dimension, lifting a heavy weight is difficult, while in the spiritual realm it’s as easy as imagining it.   The tools of imagination and feeling are ways to sense and release other peoples’ negative energy in our field as well as our own. For our feelings and thoughts are rooted in this unseen realm of energy.


As humans, we are all equipped with a complete electromagnetic energy system of ‘chakras’ or central clearing houses for the various power-centers in the body. Their locations ride from the tail-bone, along the spine to the top of our heads.  Below the heart, they relate to the physical and above the heart, they relate to the spiritual.  Each power-center also corresponds to its own protective layer which altogether form the ‘aura’ around the body. So, now let’s proceed to discuss our topic of our boundaries with the vocabulary of energy to gain more conscious awareness of ourselves as spirit.


                               The Event-First Responders are you Prepared?

                                                            PART II


Maintaining our personal boundaries are how we stay sound, healthy and empowered.  Our boundaries are a metaphor for our aura, the energetic immune system that keeps us functional, comfortable, and operating in the “black” so we can shine our light for others.  Our aura is an oval shaped energetic filter and shield that encompasses our entire body.  This boundary is managed by our awareness from the crown chakra at the top of our heads. When we are healthy we consciously patrol this field like a border to protect our inner sanctuary or safe space.  Our Crown chakra not only acts defensively towards outward threat but also projects an outward signal of how we want to be seen and treated – much like a scent or beacon. It is here that we begin to make the exodus from dis-empowerment to empowerment, for in many cases, human-beings, especially sensitive heart-centered people have a protective shell that has been compromised.


When we, as First Responders, awaken to our Source within and feel the call to Love and Light, we realize just how differently we are aligned than those around us.  Our interior is passionate of 5th dimensional vibrations, while our environment is steeped in lower shadow.  Not only do we feel different from others, but are often victimized and swept away by abrasive behaviors from others that distort our self-worth and power, and leave us broken.  This is a common hurdle for a light-worker in that a requirement to be capable of leading others to the light-within, is having the gift of extreme sensitivity.  This sensitivity must not cripple but rather, be guarded, knowing that you are enlightened to love, you are a vital grounding force on a mission, and you are keenly connected to Source.  Once certain of your importance you no longer take your cues from those around you, but are directed from within by the inspiration from the God of your heart.  And from this inner directive you will be guided on your mission.  Let us also remember to distinguish those who are truly inspired by our light from those who are not ready to begin their awakening as the Universe will tend to them according to Divine right timing- we are not to do the heavy lifting!


A very clear example of this initial compromising of our boundaries is in the innocence and vulnerable light of a little child, exposed to the over powering behaviors of adults.  While young, we are not confident in our understandings, and often defer to adults, who can be damaged themselves.  In many cases we do not realize what effect this has on us as we mature causing us to remain uncertain, ashamed and at times victimized.  This is the case when our energetic boundaries are operating in adulthood on settings that were dialed-down during childhood for reasons of survival, (like not expressing our needs, calling out bad behavior or simply not being able to stand up to abuse).  When functioning on these settings we unwittingly place ourselves in harm’s way and send out signals and respond in ways that attract these same abusive behaviors from those around us.


If our protective settings are not updated as we evolve past these early childhood situations, we leave the old sign over the door, drawing more of the same unwanted behaviors from others. Instead of guarding the borders of our boundaries from our crown, where our authority could assure safety, we never venture up there to stand guard, but instead remain ineffectively stuck in the vulnerable emotional center of the second chakra or gut where we allowed the toxins from others in to dismantle our well-being.


The distorting limitations and perceptions of our early programming is much like the example of an elephant. Chained in its infancy, it can grow to such strength as an adult to easily break that chain, but who will never attempt it because of the unexamined and untested foundation of its initial reasoning.  Listed below are some of the programs that can compromise our boundaries:

Invalidation, physical and mental abuse, neglect, abandonment, over-nurturing, co-dependence, expectations of others, sexual identity, racism, blame, trauma, success and failure, guilt, fear, trust, cultural, religious, and educational programing, performance standards, rejection, loss, ideals of beauty, health, money, programing to hide our light, laughter, or our being unique… and this is to name just a few.


If or when we reach a point in our life where we can no longer ignore these precarious settings of our boundaries or the crisis situations they create we can choose to free ourselves from victimization and realize we are no longer disconnected from the power of our Source within, the Higher-self who can help us break that chain from child-hood reasoning by simply committing to daily meditation. 


It is with this simple act of our will, that we open a path from victim-hood to empowerment.  As we eventually develop a loving partnership with this immortal aspect of ourselves, (our Higher-self) we finally gain clarity of who we really arenot a child, not a broken shell, not a victim, but a mortal aspect of our Soul who has partially dis-connected from its Source.   Choosing to re-connect to our Higher-self or Source by daily meditation will lead us to self-heal.  As we release pain, and form a bond to our true self, we grow confident in our actual Divinity and eventually assume the posturing of our larger persona and effectively protect it with a boundary. No longer assuming the posture of a frightened uninformed child, you can begin to expand with practice to be connected and aligned to your heart, which is your Divine essence, your original self.  The mind can be misled but the connection to your heart, is eternal and cannot if you look to it for guidance.  This is important because until you re-establish your true identity, you cannot be an effective light of Love for others. If you take the time to really heal and remove the misperceptions or clouds that block your sun, the warmth of your light will return and be life-giving to all you encounter.


So how was this dis-connection from our Divinity formed and how is the misperception of our self-worth being sustained?  When over-powered as a child through various degrees of unconscious behavior or even abuse from others, we mistakenly believe the PROJECTIONS of the caregivers, siblings, teachers, relatives, etc., (who were ironically victimized by others themselves) who may have intimidated us as children.


Projections are a very convincing delivery system, usually coupled with anger, ridicule, sarcasm, blame, shame, etc. and are believable to someone unprepared to ‘consider the source’ and their Source.  What is being projected from abusive people is the toxic energy from their own abuse.  Whether these projections are onto an innocent child or that child grown to maturity, they are not TRUTH.  Not the truth of who you are -your Higher-self – an immortal individualized “ember” of Source itself.


If you can identify with who you really are and wield that from your knowing you will not allow a breach of that boundary – and how you do that is knowing with certainty from your crown chakra that – ANY PROJECTION THAT IS NOT LOVING – IS FALSE.  This is the key.  What you know to be a powerfully delivered falsehood is just a projection of the deliverer’s own feelings of themselves.  From there, it is for you to not allow that toxic message into your inner boundaries, for if you believe it in any way, you will suffer the breach. In truth, unlike passing a hot potato, people who project their misery onto others, never diminish their own pain and suffering.


Let me just say here, that if someone is in need of communicating their truth, or requesting you to consider their point of view, you can accept that, if it is lovingly or respectfully delivered.  What I am referring to as not being acceptable is abusive, unloving communication.  When people communicate with love, they do not accuse, assume or blame, they are speaking their truth from their heart for you to consider.  We, as individual Souls or embers of the original creator are given and sustained by our own personal dimension.  Each Soul’s dimension is unique and like a computer, functions similarly to others, but not the same. When we think we can make assumptions based on how we function and what motivates us, which is often the cause of projection from others, it leads to judgments of others that are unfounded and undeserved.


When we are clear on the damaging nature of projections, we are eligible to assume the protector role of our own boundaries. To start let us embrace the truth that we have never been worthy of being treated with abuse, blame, abandonment, invalidation, etc., but by their repeated re-enforcement as children and then subsequently as adults, we become programmed to feel, think, and behave like a victim.  From there we can learn the difference between what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  Here, I’m referring to healthy, life affirming human interaction.  Abuse stems from fear, while respect and kindness stem from love. When it is not loving, we have a reason and right to walk away when abuse is happening.  This includes refusing to accept the toxins of other’s unloving statements or behavior, believing their accusations have any validity or hold any truth about you.


These upgrades in our self-worth and self-love all stem from the simple understanding that we are all connected to Source within – our hearts original identity.  Once we are strong on this point we will be capable in having the resolve to be tested multiple times, which is required for our newly laid boundaries to solidify and then we must also consistently communicate our new-found standards to others who breach these boundaries. The more we work with the Higher-self in meditation the more we will start feeling into its Parental Awareness and Authority to lend its personal protection to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here, armed with the certainty that we are now connected to our larger aspect- Divine Love we are worthy to extend a more expansive comfort zone- knowing we can trust ourselves to clearly see and enforce our discernment of Truth from falsehood.


Once we can uphold our boundaries, when any breach does occur and we want to release the toxins it harbors, we can simply use the tools of feeling and imagination to restore our sanctuary.  First, we can identify the toxic energy by “feeling it”, and then in meditation, using our visualizations, certainty and breath- to inhale into the pain and release this energy on the exhale.  This will restore our light and our well-being.  For we first heal the spirit and the spirit then heals the body.   From there, we learn to work with others in loving and empowered ways to create new paths to freedom and fulfillment.  We all have a right to protect our well-being while honoring the rights of others.  Creating a timeline that moves us toward a life of inner fulfillment and well-being is as simple as making choices that support these qualities within us.  A metaphor to help understand how we create new timelines is the following example of an outgrown relationship-


If we realize we are unhappy in a relationship and we can no longer abide in it, we would start to make choices to move away from that state of unhappiness.  We might begin by first talking about it, then moving out, perhaps staying with a friend for a while, then moving to a different town, job, a new relationship, etc.  After a year or two, in a completely new and better life, we can look back at that old relationship, knowing that our old partner is still alive and in the same place.  We could, in theory, still be there now but because we created a different timeline by making a series of better choices, we no longer live in that world.


This is how we are moving to the timeline of a love-based planet from a world based on power-abuses, self-service and inequality.  We can also move to a new timeline in relation to our individual inner needs, our happiness, and our empowered functioning by making better choices based on the new awareness of who we truly are – a heart-centered warrior, and upholding a sanctuary of awareness to protect it.






When trying to comprehend what the summer of 2018’s energetic shift felt like, I’m reminded of a newly constructed Bridge finally allowing the restricting barrier-arm to be lifted, for the throngs of cars to begin crossing. While feeling fear, being tested emotionally and being blinded to a way forward, the grounding of the earth’s 5th Dimensional template occurred across the planet.   And now, with the arrival of fall, as the dust settles, the summer’s seven planets in retrograde are at long last, going direct.


So where are all these cars going?  I believe from this point on we are all moving through a process of transformation that people used to have to die to undergo!  We as individual souls have begun a migration of spiritual survival. What we are leaving behind is a collapsing societal system founded on the marketing of an illusion.  The illusion is being generated by a power structure in “service to self” with an agenda that feeds off of a world-population focused on commerce.  This societal agenda is fostered by the tenets of fear, lack, competition and judgment, and is often times referred to as the Matrix. What is now disrupting this long-standing societal agenda is a confluence of off and on planet dimensional frequency shifts.  The result is an emotional and mental migration within each individual from fear to love and ultimately from a long history of victimization to empowerment – the birth of a planetary awakening.


As we begin the migratory awakening process, this ascension occurs inward and upward through the etheric territory of the 4th dimensional mental and emotional realm (that used to be reserved only for those who have died or are not in bodily form).  This non-physical dimension is nonetheless structured in ascending frequencies and requires a purging and mastery of our emotions and thoughts in order to move through it.  With every realization and release, we raise our vibration, by slowly purifying and developing our heart’s Divine ability to hold the full spectrum of Love.  Once free of lower vibrations we will resonate and function in the 5th dimensional planetary vibration. While this journey is allowing us to still remain in our physical bodies, as the ‘mist’ or shadows clear and this dimension based on Love is revealed, transfiguration to a lighter version of our physical bodies will occur.


This mass shift is also being outwardly directed by projected waves of high vibrational light from Source and our Sun as it and we move through the galaxy.  The result is causing us to physically adjust to these higher octaves of light from within. Like a butterfly, our carbon-based physicality is changing to a crystalline-base as our DNA begins being restored to its original 12 strand blue-print. This metamorphosis is affecting us all to varying degrees, and can be challenging to adapt to.  The symptoms of this ascension can manifest emotionally, psychological, spiritually, and physically causing, to name a few, overwhelm, anxiety, vertigo, tinnitus, headaches, extreme exhaustion as well as many other seeming-illnesses as these waves of light, planetary alignments and energetic upgrades manifest in our bodies according to the unique pace of our personal evolutionary development.  These symptoms affect everyone at different times along this journey, in concert with our own negative issues being brought to the surface for purification.  Sometimes these symptoms affect us strongly, sometimes vaguely, but will continue during this process of adjustment until a global tipping point is reached.


Raising our vibration is a journey from shadow and density to Light and is how we migrate to this more rarified and joyful realm.  This is an on-going process, though quickening as we approach a cosmic and global turning point, referred to as the Event Horizon or the Event.  While this Chrysalises is being orchestrated and encouraged from outside forces, it also requires us to participate in raising our own vibration from within, which is referred to as “doing the work”.  This evolution is both planetary and personal, and each one of us must make a decision to partake or not. If we do, we must let go of the negative or lower (behaviors) vibrations instilled in us from eons of being entrenched in the 3D foundations of fear, lack, competition and judgment. As we awaken our hearts from this repressed collective mental and emotional programming, we will eventually liberate and radiate our inner light outward to form communities based on love and cooperation.


Don’t be discouraged!  This crossing has periodic check-points where we are testedWhen you are ready to shed the lower vibrations of behavior such as being self-serving, judgmental, resentful, afraid, etc., and want to advance to a deeper commitment to others and Love, you meet with tests of your resolve!  What might have dragged you back down in the past is re-introduced, only to have you demonstrate your eligibility for the new vibration.  So, you’re not attracting the same challenges by your growth, but are being tested to advance by your newfound strength of resolve.  When you pass this test period, the ‘Universe or Higher-self’ starts to support your alignment to the 5th dimensional vibration of Love, with the manifestation of your passions in miraculous ways. This can look like support, synchronicity, or dreams coming true.


If you are being called to make this crossing, the journey requires a new set of skills which must replace the old way of navigating the 3D world.  While your mind alone may have been your only compass, it can only help so much if you are trapped in illusions of survival and unhappiness. Awakening from this illusion requires a higher-frequency guidance system to lead you to higher ground.  This is the guidance of the Heart, or what is called your Soul or Higher-self.  The Soul is an individualized aspect or ‘ember’ of the original creator, giving it the same abilities to provide us, under Its constant watch, with all the guidance we need.   The Soul’s inner light can safely help you navigate forward through these more rarified dimensions in this awakening process while still having to function within an unsustainable paradigm that is collapsing from under us.


Creating the timeline or path leading to this new paradigm is similar to radio frequencies you can tune into.  Tuning into or aligning to this fifth dimensional frequency is simply changing the channel of your inner council of mind or ego based decisions to decisions based on the partnership with your inner guidance from Source.   By doing this, you can make better choices and create a timeline shift with every aligning thought and decision towards this new direction.   This dialing in can look like a daily practice of mediation, where you unplug from the illusion of fear, lack, competition and judgment (the four tenets of the Matrix or society), by adjusting your frequency to the signals of your Soul or Higher-self, simply by diaphragm breathing, giving thanks and aligning your request to it for answers and help.


The timeline to this new paradigm is the Eternal present and is at our disposal when we seize the moment by diaphragm-breathing.  Whenever we “power-breathe” it catapults us out of illusory time-constraints that trap us in the debilitating dream of survival and into the freedom and empowerment of the now.  When free and empowered we are eligible to co-create with our Higher-self. By making intentions and asking for its guidance within the framework of a daily meditation we can effectively unplug from the Matrix.  I spend about 15 minutes in the morning deeply breathing in gratitude for my Higher-self, it’s guidance and assistance, and then I work with it for a few minutes to plan my day or week, making affirmations for what I need and want. It’s that easy.

* YouTube: Higher-Self Tutorial- How to Manifest Miracles Part II, for a step by step guide to creating an effective daily meditation, or Blog Post I previously posted here.


This new energy is emanating from the earth where it is now fully grounded, however, we must look to our own guidance to migrate to the new vibration of Love.  We are leaving something that no longer works – a society based on service of self, moving step by step to a paradigm based on the service of all.  While this increased vibration of Love is now grounded on the planet, it is only the foundation of the field of potential.   This foundation now needs players and creators to enact new systems and collectives.  Together, with others who are being guided by their hearts we are now entering into collaboration as creator- beings orchestrated by Source.


Being guided by our own connection to Source within is essential as we are being called on to create the new collectives and systems on top of the old 3 D structures.  An inner compass I find essential in these beginning stages is a dictum from the great visionary Dolores Cannon who said, “If you believe it, you will see it.” If we advance with enthusiasm and follow through with certainty, knowing belief is all – you can achieve anything.  Believe and you will solicit a response from this newly grounded field, showing up in the form of support, opportunities and miracles becoming available to you like never before. And remember, doubt is the only thing that can kill a miracle – it is a choice to doubt or believe.



As we connect and rebuild over the old collapsing structures of the 3rd dimension, with cosmic energetic assistance and our own resolve and commitment to awaken to Source within, learning to share resources and love in co-operation with all, the new way forward will manifest.  Ultimately, the key to a healed mind, body, heart and planet, is “doing the work” of inner attention and council within the still presence of your Higher-self/ Soul.  The goal of this inner-work is to eventually have your mind merge with your Soul or Higher-self.  Once this is established we become participating creator-beings in this new dimension.  The way forward is not only a journey within, but a sharing of the love you find with all conscious reflections of yourself beginning on earth and onward towards the rest of the cosmos.  As our full capacity comes on line, whether with an assist from a global Event or solely by establishing our own place in this new world, is to be seen.  In the meantime, the sure way to the new earth is to deeply breathe it in!


YouTube Video Recommendations:

Adronis – Brad Johnson’s channel) Alexander’s Indigo light channel, Matt Kahn’s –Divine Nature Channel, Dolores Cannon’s videos.






Well, I had to wait a few days to post this because of the nature of how this experience played out, but now I think I can deliver a completed picture.

As the Blood Full Moon was waxing, there was a build-up of many dis-harmonious energies, as if they were getting moved up and out. For myself and a close empathic friend, who has always shared the ability to feel other’s energy, we were really feeling anxious and almost toxic levels of fear coming up for both of us the weeks preceding the full moon. While I can understand certain pressures and issues being stressful, it was more like a pestilence of fear being reigned down upon us.

As the 4:20pm (EDT) eclipse was occurring, my friend and I decided to go to the cemetery to observe this event in a special way. I knew of a limestone monument that looked like the Temple of Delphi that I thought we could sit near it and meditate. As we approached, there was instead someone planted on the steps looking like the Oracle of Delphi himself, with a long white beard, sandals, and earbuds, having a fairly loud conversation. I jokingly commented to my friend that we had come to see the Oracle, but he was on his cell phone, and therefore we would have to seek the answers (in our battered state) within!

After a few minutes, as the clock rounded 4:20pm I suggested we walk across the ridge to a nearby sight, which we did. As we went over the hill, almost telepathically, we both noticed and conveyed to each other mentally,  a loss of bodily awareness. It was as if we were one with each other, the liquidity of the wind, sun, and leaves, as we walked among the tombs. At one point my friend even started to point his index finger “hither”, as if imitating the spirit of the dead.

We next noticed a group of visitors at a great distance and it became obvious to us both at the same time that they were in the 3rd dimension and we were in the 4th – the afterlife!   At that moment, speaking for the first time since we started to take the walk,  I exclaimed, “I like death, it’s fun!”  This  declaration was in sharp contrast to the life-long joke we always made to each other with the trite phrase- “I like life, it’s fun!”, during extremely uncomfortable moments.

I cannot stress the surreal quality of this eclipse, as we strolled among the tombs in an altered state looking for gravestones with our names on them, as it was pretty evident that we weren’t “in Kansas anymore.” As we turned the bend, as if this couldn’t get any more ‘over the top’ we both saw an albino deer standing before us. I’ll never forget the look on my friend’s face as the blood drained out of it!  As we approached it, constantly checking in with each other,  it didn’t move or walk away as we stood in front of it for a long while.

By the time we returned to the Temple, the Oracle had gone, and we eventually made it back to the living. The next morning my cousin told me, in relation to this story, that she had just listened the night before to a tape of Harry Potter before bed, and that at one point Harry needed a symbol of protection from the dark forces, and was given the symbol of a white stag. I feel as if we were given the same symbol having stood before the white fawn, because the next day, as the fear energy came up, just the recollection of those inter-dimensional moments of the eclipse, dissolved the energy away, both for my friend and later that day, for me.

This leads me to conclude that the journey we are all on, is allowing us glimpses of a more gentle and nurturing state, far from the electric energy of the Matrix (society foundational system built on competition, judgment, belief in lack, and fear). This realm of nature, inner awareness and love is what lies ahead as we leave the confines of a limiting existence of dependence on this unsustainable societal system.

We are being incrementally assisted forward towards higher vibrations, energetic connectivity and to the full spectrum of our being and awareness of love, through planetary and cosmic waves of light. With every month new planetary alignments, downloads and activations are preparing us from within for an inter-dimensional expansion.    And as we take charge of ourselves, our bodies, and our emotions and overcome the teetering overload of the Matrix, we will come to harmonize with a new system based not on commerce, but on love, happiness and the well-being of all.



Lion’s-Gate Ship

July 26, 2018

As we approach the Eclipse of July 2018, I can’t help but notice the flaring energies that are in my face and my body, assuring me that all is not well!  With such distraction and uneasiness, it forced me to gain a stronger footing in what I know to be true – that I am connected to Source, I am protected and I am a force of good that can, with proper care, shine my light within and without.


In delving deeply within to untie this knot of anxiety, existential overwhelm, and fear, I came to see they are all connected to what society deems not  ‘good enough’.  Growing up and throughout life, the norms were always exclusive and I realized I was guilty of not fitting in, and not thinking I was good enough.


It is this guilt that judgment insinuates which makes us a target for fear.  We are programmed to be the focus of society’s accusations – we are wrong, we are not good enough, we don’t have the right forms, we don’t fit in, we lost the game, etc.-and it begins from our innocence in childhood and continues on into our jaded self-defense posturing maturity. Within most people, is a silently held belief of being guilty of society’s accusations deep within us.  If you were holding contraband and had to go to a customs inspection, you would be racked with fear.  If you didn’t have that item, you’d have no fear when you were being questioned.  So, similarly, when we are walking around with a programmed identity based on guilt, we are a target for living in fear.   In order to realize we are GOOD enough when held up to our unique and sovereign  connection to Source within, (which for each individual is the higher-self) I think the following analogy can help.


The analogy is one of likening our being to a large naval ship.  Our body is the ship, the crew-our emotions, the captain is our higher-self or soul, and the first-mate- the mind/ego.  The sonar and radar, are our guides and angels, the fuel and power (and filtration and plumbing) is our breath, and the anchor is our grounding.  As we travel through life, the vast ocean with its various illusions, climates, and external pulls and influences is the Matrix or Society. 

The ship is in present time, and so it actually never actually moves.  The ports and sights are actually drawn to the ship instead.

As we navigate the journey of life, if the Captain and First-mate have a great relationship, the ship will be tight. If the first mate nurtures the crew (emotions), there will be no mutiny.  If we stay steady, and cohesive in our internal functioning, breathing and grounding, and not being swayed by the illusions that take place off-ship, we will not be prone to jumping ship or an invasion of pirates (negative energy).  By trusting the Captain and First-mate to plan the course (our mind working with the Higher-self for guidance and inspiration) we will draw to us the journey our Source inspires through the passion, mission and deepest fulfillment of our entire vessel (being).


Let it suffice to say that with this gateway of a new timeline coming into alignment, we are best suited to not be swayed by all the forces of the societal ‘sea’, but to stay on the deck of the ship in solidarity to the crew and Captain and allow the shores of a new world to be drawn to our self-sustaining Light.  As we move forward taking time to unplug from our daily life and cultivate this on-board cohesiveness, (see prior post on Breathing as meditation) we will quickly manifest a way out of our dis-empowerment and join the ranks of other’s all doing the same.  One by one changing the course of our collective timeline toward Love, the good of all and a sustainable future.






Finding downtime is essential and almost mandatory as the energies are ramping up! When it gets like this, which seems to be every other minute these days, I periodically allow myself to unplug from the pressure by taking a few minutes to reboot.  This can be as simple as either sitting or lying quietly and starting to commence an unbroken-stream of deep breaths (diaphragm breathing- slow deep breaths to the count of eight or ten seconds out and in) to connect to my Higher self, which is just a matter of breathing and acknowledging It is present – silent but present.  The Higher-self is really just the eternal ‘us’ that is watching over our growth and when directly engaged, has a unique way of communicating or conveying its presence.

When we tune into it by focusing our love, gratitude and appreciation towards its energetic presence as we deeply breath, its response will become apparent after a few minutes by how we feel and what begins to dawn on us.  After ten minutes of non-stop deep-breathing, which is a form of meditation and prayer, things will actually begin righting themselves in the field around us as we begin to experience what it’s like to access the “other ninety percent” of our brains.

I will now go over ten advantages of breathing as meditation with steps to create a daily practice. If you are not sure what diaphragm breathing is or how to do it- a Google search should lead you to a tutorial.  I will also explore the nature of our Soul and our society’s collective dream of survival and how we can use our meditation practice to awaken from it.  By awakening to our light within, we can then create a fulfilling existence and share our unique gifts with the world at large. Now for the ten guiding talking points of the tutorial.


One, as we nourish the body with air in this specific way of breathing, we essentially invite the (invisible but tangible) energy of our Higher-self or our Soul to ground into our physical body in present time.  This is due to the fact that the ­­­­­body is the only part of us that is always in present time.  By focusing on deeply filling our diaphragm with air, we ground or anchor our Soul’s loving and aligning support into the powerful arena of the now.  In reality, the Soul is the silent eternal field of potential and is ours to draw into the body with our breath and the attention and focus of an opened mind.  Grounding the field in this way, in present time is the secret of empowerment.


Two, empowerment is what we exude from within when our mind is centered by the Soul’s presence being maintained in the body with every in-breath.  Alternatively, when our mind’s awareness is focused in the past or future (which it is ninety percent of the time) and is not centered in present time our potential is trapped outside the body in a third-dimensional construct.  Here, “spinning its wheels” in time gone by or time not yet in existence, and is not able to notice opportunities and miracles being brought into the field of the now. Opportunities and miracles are only offered to us when we are fully present and engaged in the body.


Three, as we inspire (inhale) deeply into the diaphragm, our enhanced awareness begins budding and blossoming with insights and realizations that hadn’t dawned on us before because we are actually being given access to information from our own eternal records or what is called the Akashic Library, within.  It is very much like accessing the Internet by just breathing in our connection to the Soul.


Four, when we expand our body with the Soul’s energized frequency, specifically breathing it into areas that are stiff, in pain, concentrated with fear, etc., these symptoms will immediately begin to relax and release.  You can easily create a healing meditation with this aspect alone.  As you breathe in Love-Light, which is what your Higher-self is in energetic form, you can imagine your breath inflating any physical area or emotional tension, expanding it with healing Light and on the exhale, relaxing and letting go of any tension or illness you’re holding. You can even improve your state of mind by breathing in positive thoughts and releasing negative thinking on the exhale. It’s that easy.


Five, the essence of our Soul or Higher-self is Love itself.  As love is eternal (outside of the constriction of time) and is fifth-dimensional by nature, we can raise our vibration and transcend time’s limiting trap as soon as we consciously invite the Soul’s presence in, and begin interacting with this eternal field by deeply infiltrating it into the body.  We always have the power to change our timeline from negative to positive whenever we remember to breathe.  When things start ‘going south’ while we are out and about, we have the power to charge situations to right themselves within a minute or two by starting to diaphragm-breathe and extending gratitude to your Soul for its presence.  Working this principle of ushering your awareness of the eternal now into the body, no matter when you do it, will cause lower vibrations such as fear, doubt, limitations, depression, etc., to be overwhelmed by the higher frequency.  The proof of this is that we begin to yawn after a few deep breaths.  As we yawn, these energies unhook and are released out of our field within a few seconds.


Six, now we will look at what this meditation practice looks like and how it works.  I find it works best by consistent daily practice.  This can be as simple as finding a comfortable place to sit or lay down, relax and start diaphragm or “power-breathing”. This practice consists of two parts – one, that I call devotional breathing and two, manifesting miracles.   Taking between ten to twenty minutes a day is all the time that is required.  You can do this once in the morning or at night if preferred. This can also be done for shorter moments throughout your day if you need to center or re-boot!   The first half of this practice, devotional meditation- consists of rhythmically sending mental “I love you” statements to your Soul with every deep breath.  Committing to this establishes a partnership and trust with your Higher-self or Soul.  The second half of the meditation, manifesting miracles, which I will describe below, ends your daily practice by partnering or co-creating with the Soul to manifest your dreams and passions.  But first let’s look at establishing an understanding of the Soul, our connection to its power and love and finally how it can awaken within us the life we always knew was meant to be.

The Soul is an individualized aspect or ‘ember’ of the original creator, giving it the same abilities to provide us, under Its constant watch, with all we need.  It must, however follow a Universal law of “non-interference”, as we (our minds) have free will to choose its help or not. The Soul cannot impose its guidance on us. So, it is up to us to seek out a relationship with it. If we seek its help, calling to it with our love, in daily “devotional meditation”, a bonding occurs.  We begin to see that our Soul is truly the Parent and Partner we always wished we had, but never knew was there.  With daily devotional practice, the courtship between our Soul’s energy and the mind’s attention intertwines and eventually merges, where the two become One.  With each step closer towards this goal, the love grows stronger as you notice just how consistent the help from your Soul is.  Developing this bond is very effective in lessening the fear of navigating life all on our own, against the Matrix (the power structure of society) and will give us an advantage if we wish to awaken from its hypnotizing dream. If we do, the collective dream serves as the riddle and obstacle that when challenged, perfects our ability to love and manifest our dreams.


Seven, the Matrix or society, is a challenging and hypnotizing third-dimensional environment designed to feed off of us until we awaken to our Soul within.  The Matrix has been placed in our evolutionary path because its constant strain of adversity and limitation strengthens us, much like the way pressure on carbon creates a diamond.  However, until we grow strong enough to awaken to our own divine capacity to Love (the diamond), which is the goal of our evolution, we live in its hypnotizing dream of struggle, based on the tenets of FEAR, LACK, COMPETITION and JUDGMENT.

The constant stress of negotiating these shared societal beliefs is what keeps us distracted and hypnotized. To make it even more difficult to awaken, there is a fail-safe program imbedded in our sub-conscious minds that keep us asleep by dialing down the amount of air we take in with every breath. Just as they say we only use ten percent of our brains, that could be said of lung capacity. When we choose to commit to deep-breaths, we can effectively break this spell and over-come the Matrix.

As mentioned before, the subconscious mind, when used in our decision-making process, draws its information from the same reservoir of fear, lack, judgment and competition which are the foundations of the Matrix itself.   Therefore, until we break our addiction to its council and programed lack of air intake (that keeps us in a continually weakened state), we are in a stuck in a “survival-mode-loop”.

Choosing instead to partner with your Super-conscious – the Higher-self, will strengthen your divine capacity to house Source within the body, restoring you to your original creator-being status.  That is because the lungs, when breathing at full capacity, ignites the ability to access and function in the infinite and eternal storehouse of all information, potential and Love.  When we ‘power-breathe’ we are catapulted outside of the container of time (whose bars are created by the past and future) into the eternal now- where we are empowered and able to manifest our dreams.   As said before, this is a way to free yourself from the life you were meant to awaken from, to a life you knew was always meant to be!


Eight, so changing your mind’s council from fear based advice – to Love based inspiration and manifestation is just a matter of choosing to break the mind’s habit of going to the subconscious to solve problems.  When you choose to work with your Higher-self instead through breath, gratitude and intention, in the peaceful sanctuary of your daily meditation you access your power to create what you want.  To begin, we access this power by observing two universal laws whose principles we will now examine to learn how to apply them in your daily practice.

The first law is the Law of Non-Interference – always ask for your Soul’s help in each situation – it is not allowed to impose its guidance on you.

The second law is When You ask, it is Given– you have the power to manifest your highest good with the help of the Higher-self. When you clearly ask for it, it is given.

Now, how to apply these Universal laws to manifest your passions and dreams is straight forward, simple and effective.  To begin, start by quieting your mind, begin to deeply diaphragm-breathe, with gratitude and “I love you” statements for a few minutes (the first half of your ten to twenty-minute meditation) and then follow and finish with a few minutes of planning your day.  This is simply asking your Soul, with gratitude and appreciation, for what you would like to happen during the day ahead, and specifically for the week or month, including how you’d like events to unfold. It can be as simple as, “I give thanks that the perfect solution to this problem presents itself.” or “I give thanks that the resolution is a win, win, for both of us.” Again, a Google search for making affirmations will help you perfect this form of prayer.

This practice of asking for what you want by affirmation and intention, at first might be new to you, but will become an essential daily opportunity of co-creating your deepest goals and desires.   I ask for meetings to go well, opportunities to unfold, or whatever I’d like to draw to myself.  The key to these laws is not to doubt, once you’ve asked. Doubt is in truth, a choice and is an act of free will.  Remember, it is the only thing that can stop what you ask for from manifesting.

I just wanted to note that the Universal Law of When You Ask, it is Given – is describing how it functions in the miracle-realm of harmony and love- where we do not impose our will on others.  This law’s potential misuse, however, is more the subject of self-interest and the power abuses of the Matrix). With that being said, here is a great prayer to invoke aloud, inspired from the teachings of Matt Kahn– to align to the Creator or this miracle realm of Love… “I call on the Highest Light- to flow through me, guiding my actions, informing all my choices, and coordinating all outcomes in perfect alignment with my heart’s most fulfilling desires, for the well-being and highest good of all.”


Nine, the following instructions will fine tune your practice of manifesting miracles: Make sure you ask for guidance or affirm your intentions a few days in a row (mainly to get it instilled in your own consciousness), describing what you need for each request, in the most thorough and concise way and then let it go. After affirming what you want or asking for help, you must wait for guidance or results to show up in the reality around you, in the following three ways;

  1. A sign, indicating a step or a direction to take. This can look like an outside message that only you could send to yourself or an outlandish synchronicity occurring that guides you in some direction. Sometimes it comes in the form of hearing the lyrics of a song, or reading a sign going by on a bus!
  2. An intuition indicating some form of action to take (the type of inner voice we often times hear clearly, but ignore and later regret). This can be a feeling, hearing an inner voice or knowing, or receiving a clear “hit” on a situation from within your gut.
  3. To be given the patience to wait for your request to occur without choosing to doubt, and it will be given to you (just like when you press the “buy now” button on Amazon and then know it will be arriving shortly). If it takes longer to obtain than you think it should, it is only accruing more to the end result which can take a bit longer, as long as you stay confident that it is coming.

After that, keenly attuned to look out for guidance in the above manner, just go about your life and witness the world around you morphing to produce opportunities and miracles.  As you start to see the results of your efforts unfold, your confidence and practice will take on momentum and you will increasingly grow aware of the fabrications of the Matrix becoming less and less attractive.  Always ask during your practice for clarity, guidance, abundance, emotional programs to be shown and resolved, etc. and you will begin to change your timeline to a world of love and fulfillment, manifesting miracles on a daily basis. When you master this practice and are wielding your Creator-being status it is like playing a wind-instrument with the precision of certainty, focusing on affirming the notes you desire with an infusion of air from your connection to Source within.


Ten, with this meditation practice, manifesting and awakening to a fulfilling life is the first order of business, but as that is achieved, a second advantage, expanding the mind to the vibration of the Soul, will appear within your grasp.   The merging of mind and Soul is a daily practice of self-Love.  In the beginning the mind seeks the Soul, but as we grow to realize the Higher-self is actually the immortal us, we can expand our orientation of Self and begin to comfort our battered emotional and mental self, with “I love you” statements, sending them back from our Soul downward towards the emotional and physical body.  When out of balance, we can start to comfort our minds and hearts from above whenever we need it during the day.

This practice of developing the Soul/Mind connection establishes a path linking third, fourth and fifth dimensional awareness.  Once established and functional, it produces emotional self-sufficiency.  Relationships with others will therefore be more balanced by our being nurtured from within and grounded in our own center before reaching out. With practice and mastery, Self-Sovereignty will become ours because we are now aligned to our own Source, extending a bridge of Light outwards from within.