This September Equinox is a shift in energy that begins the build-out of the New-Earth.  Until now, we the Volunteers of the New Earth who have committed themselves to the work, have been educated, supported and hosted by the internet in our efforts to disseminate and propagate information to help people awaken across the globe. In January-September of 2019, the earth went through a very challenging period of Eclipses, Astrological events as well as photonic energies that caused the purging of the lower frequency in our fields- demanding intense inner work and introspection. Those light-workers at the end stages of the difficult process of harmoniously merging their Higher-self with their conscious mind, are now coming out of that process.


As the Equinox approaches to complete this stage of establishing integration of our Higher Selves, we who are capable leaders (willing to be in service to others) are now eligible to move beyond this virtual 3-d platform of teaching and forming awakened community on the internet, to migrate into the newly readied 5-d earth.  Since last year, nature has been silently displaying all the magic and majesty of the 5th dimension, the ground has been laid.  With this shift, we are being invited to extend our work from computers and phones to the “now” of this newly grounded dimension – New Earth.  This is the clarion call to Way-showers and Light-workers to begin to transition from the 3-d world of the virtual to the “now” orientation of New Earth functioning from inner direction and connection to Source- a very telepathic orientation. The prerequisite to building out the new earth in the “now” is possessing the cultivated ability to trust without doubt the inner directives and guidance of the Higher-self and having the patience to not be driven by 3-d mind orientation to fear, lack, competition and judgment, but rather, by the knowing of the heart.


The New Earth will be built by following our inner guidance on the ground to plant seeds that will grow new functioning and supportive communities based on Love of All. This happens in mysterious ways by inner knowing and guidance as opposed to commerce driven incentives, or as said above, 3-d mind orientations.  To begin, we must form a support group for the leaders, those whose mission is to be in service and who have completed their inner work.   As we are lead, not by our minds, but by inner guidance, we must start begin by asking our Higher-Self in meditation to be guided to the right people, whether by synchronicities, signs, intuition or by patience without doubt that we are being lead.  As we form a supportive small group of capable healers and awakened spiritual leaders in our actual towns, cities, or suburban communities, who can work together, we begin the process of building a community from a small but potent seed. It begins by gathering to meditate, share our feelings and thoughts in group gatherings, exchange healing, services, resources and create a model for expanding into the greater community.


Not all are ready to awaken, but those that are coming into their psychic abilities, and empathic gifts, those who are reaching a breaking point of 3-d existence, those that are ready to start to heal themselves, those in this next tier of this expansion of “New Earth” community will start to attend the core group for healing and information.  Here, the central group can extend their circle by combining their committed services to start Free meditation and Free healing clinics perhaps on an agreed evening for 2 hours once a week at local churches, yoga centers, new-age bookshops, homes, etc. to this readied tier of awakening people.  As this takes hold, classes, coaching, workshops and services can be offered for money or exchange.  As this tier is empowered and guided to heal, their time will come to stand up and join the central group- to begin sharing their abilities with others who are newly awakening and looking for answers.


As this process takes hold, these various communities can join a network across regions, states, and countries to create the build-out of the new paradigm in service of all. I’d just like to say that during this transition, the two dimensions will exist for a while together and neither should be excluded.  Doing work on both platforms is advantageous but this discussion is to encourage those who are capable of now moving into our newly renovated “home” to start the process while functioning in both realms until the process is complete.  This transition will continue for some time but we must begin to form communities on the ground.  In the event of an energy shortage or communication disruption we can better thrive from having actual community where we live, and starting now can give us the freedom to choose our response to what may lie ahead.