Quantum Healing Hypnosis

A Quantum Healing session begins by recounting your life story.  It is followed by a guided meditation and hypnosis to access information and healing.  Afterwards a summary of what was covered during the session is discussed.  The hypnosis portion is recorded and can be downloaded directly onto your computer or placed on WeTransfer.com where a link will be emailed to you after the session.

Telling your life story initiates the healing process and often includes the challenges and life events that helped shape your present circumstances.  Recounting these stories can take anywhere from one to three hours.

The hypnosis portion of a session aims to subdue your conscious mind and allow your Soul or ‘higher self’ to come forth, bringing relevant information, often in the form of past lives, to the foreground. In their recall these experiences can teach valuable lessons and can also allow the release of held trauma.  This portion of a session is two hours in length.

Following this exploration the higher self is addressed directly to perform a healing. This part of the session is highly effective in relieving many physical and emotional issues.The session concludes with a summary of what was uncovered, what core issues were addressed and a “next step” is offered for implementing realizations and solutions.  As with all healings, conscious understanding, silent contemplation and personal commitment are needed to fully anchor them into the body.

It is highly recommended that the tape recording be listened to multiple times, especially the healing section in that each listening provides the same healing energy and is capable of providing further results. Listening to the regression itself can help solidify the messages and lessons you gained from your session.  Listening to it at bedtime can have the added benefit of allowing the subconscious to continue its work while you are dreaming.

Most QHHT sessions last from four to six hours depending on the length of your life story.  The hypnosis and healing portion takes two hours and the summary is usually less than an hour.


Preparing for a Session:

In order to get the most of your session it is good to have an idea of what you are trying to get clarity on or change in your life.  Whether it is your circumstances, emotions or health it is best to arrive with a list of questions or concerns to share with the practitioner so as to focus your intentions for your session.

Try to limit the amount of caffeine the day of the session.  Hypnosis works best with a calm mind. I recommend eating after a session to help ground you after the experience.  Sessions can be done at the subject’s home or at my space.   If you are driving from a distance it is ideal to have someone accompany you so they can drive you home if at all possible.  A session is private so the driver may want to plan some activity while we are in session.


Understanding Hypnosis:

I find it helpful to know that most people are consciously aware of what they are saying and seeing during hypnosis, much like describing a daydream. Recounting what you are experiencing during hypnosis can seem at times like you might be ‘making it up’ or grasping at vague awarenesses but it is actually the subtle imagery and symbols of the subconscious. Even though the language of the subconscious can seem vague and random at times, there is continuity and deep wisdom that eventually surfaces in this information.  The observations from your personal history along with the practitioner’s expertise in understanding the experiences you share in trance help bring answers and healing to the foreground.

I suggest that trusting the information and relaxing the conscious mind into the experience- as only an observer -are the two best ways to insure a remarkable experience.   While QHHT sessions bring healing and sometimes subtle – to intense awareness to the foreground, most people remain in the Theta State of Hypnosis.  Dolores Cannon often spoke of the deeper somnambulist level, but as she herself told me, people don’t need to be in that deepest level to get what the Higher-self has planned for the session. 

Very few people are somnambulists and while that type of person provided the incredible information for her books, her hypnosis method can and does work when allowing exploration in the Theta State to occur -when given a chance.  The conscious mind can at times derail a session preemptively when on the brink of the unknown revealing itself.  QHHT is truly a quantum modality where the trust of the conscious, the sub-conscious and the practitioner depend on each other to usher in the guidance and healing.

During the trance state whatever occurs is always being observed and conveyed by the subconscious.  The same is true when we come to healing ourselves.  While the conscious mind is somewhat aware during this state, we may not always feel confident of our Soul’s presence.  That is why I advise you to always say “yes” when I come to ask for permission before the healing portion to request healing.  This allows consent and a way forward to a successful healing.

Besides the personal benefit of my having received three miraculous self healings from QHHT sessions, these blessing extend to my practice by giving me confidence that what occurs during sessions are real and effective.

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