Hi Lory,

Was just thinking about you again this morning as I head to the woods for my hike, and wanted to let you know that I think of you often and I’m so appreciative of how you lead me to my inner being Cassandra. I think of God in a whole new way now, not out there and separate from myself, but as me, and that has made all the difference.

I continue to heal and feel so much better, my session was,  I believe back in 2016 so you probably don’t remember the details, but one of the areas that needed so much improvement was my relationship with my daughter. We are doing so good now, our way of being with each other is unbelievably different and beautiful in so many ways, and we continue to grow in our new relationship.

Thank you so much, you are an unbelievably radiant and kind soul.

Kindest regards, Lori A


Kate S:

My QHHT experiences with Lory Pollina have definitively changed my life and put me in touch with my soul’s path. I came to Lory in 2017 for my first regression with a deep desire for answers and healing- emotionally and physically. The information of the session and wisdom of my higher-self was deeply affirming, and planted a seed of self-discovery and connectivity. Within six months I had lost almost 30 pounds and joined an intensive intuitive development class to explore a life of service to spirit. I returned in 2019 for a follow-up session, eager to learn how I could develop into this role of service.
I can say that, resolutely, Lory is the most spectacular practitioner. He is nurturing, grounded, and deeply knowledgeable of both the technique and the theories of dimension existences. He has a great command of the session, pushing for the most concise answers and necessary details. At all times, I felt safe and supported. I am eternally grateful for Lory’s time, skill, and caring spirit. He facilitates true healing.


Georgianna D:

I highly recommend scheduling a session with Lory, no matter what your aim is. His talents, expertise, and compassionate dedication helped me through one of the most tumultuous experiences of my life. I met him six years ago, and feel fortunate to have retained the benefit of his friendship. He is exactly the man whom he presents himself to be.

I share my experience to offer reassurance, and insight; testimony to the miraculous healing that can occur during a quantum healing session with Lory as your practitioner. I know how difficult it was for me to trust a stranger with intimate details about my life, and especially to guide me in an area that was new to me, quantum healing.

The idea of solving my problems by connecting with my higher self for information, and for healing, seemed on one hand, entirely ridiculous. And, functioning on a minuscule budget, if not for the fact that my family’s welfare was at stake, entirely too self indulgent. But because I’d had numerous bad experiences with practitioners of traditional western medicine, and religion, I knew that I could not rely on either to provide true and lasting resolution. Through prayer, I learned that the answer to resolving my dilemma was in my past. True enough! I had no idea though just how deeply intertwined, how far that journey would take me, but Lory did.

He immediately recognized possibilities and potentials in my situation that due to my limited perspective had completely evaded me. He shared his experiences with me, and pointed out resources that ended up being of great benefit.

Inspired by his wisdom and encouragement, I gleaned the courage to trust myself again, and hone what I’d suppressed because it had caused me to feel embarrassed, ashamed of trusting that it could offer anything of true value – my intuition.


Meridith N.

I initially booked an appointment not only to inquire about past lives, but to see if healing could be done regarding some chronic issues I’d been dealing with. I had listened to a few QHHT sessions on YouTube in addition to following the work of Dolores Cannon for several years so I had a preconceived notion of what I thought a session would look like / end up being. My hope was that I would leave the session with miraculous healing, but I came to realize that isn’t quite how a session works and I am very grateful that wasn’t the case.


Upon entering Lorys home, I immediately felt relaxed. There is an energy about Lory that will immediately put you at ease, helping you to feel right at home. My session was by all accounts quite incredible. It started with a water sharing ceremony, which by Divine timing happened at 2:22pm. This number has great significance for me, so I thought that was pretty amazing. During the QHHT session, I traveled through three different past lives and had an in-depth conversation with my Higher-self, I felt safe the entire time. The time goes by so quickly, you can’t believe you’ve been in session for as long as you have when it’s complete.


The most important and invaluable gift Lory gave to me was the gift of connecting with my higher-self, but not only that, he taught me how to connect to my Higher-self every day in a conscious state as well. I can honestly say that through this experience, I have been able to learn to trust myself on both physical and energetic levels in ways I struggled with before. I really don’t know how long it would have taken me to learn what I learned from that session on my own, but I can assure inquiring minds, QHHT expedited many lessons for me that I had been working on for years. To sum it up, Lory provided the healing which reinstated faith in my power and ability to co-create healing with the Divine / my Higher-self. Should you choose to have a session with Lory, not only will you leave with invaluable knowledge, but a beautiful new friend as well.


Welfrin M.

My QHHT experience with Lory was exactly what I was looking for.  He easily recognized the path my mind needed to take in order for me to grow from this experience.  The process was unrushed and tailored to my level of understanding.  I felt safe during the most vulnerable part of the session which is when your Higher-self has your complete focus. During this time, the questions asked are very important.  Lory did an exceptional job presenting my concerns to my Higher-self.  Lory is a practitioner that walks the talk. The information shared is not just knowledge, but foremost, applied wisdom.  I highly recommend Lory as a guide to enriching your relationship with your higher self and creating the catalyst for a turning point in your life.  I was even healed from a hearing deficiency.


Renee H.

Lory Pollina ignited my innate power to fully connect with self/source. I have been on a healing journey my entire life, recovering from childhood trauma. For the past twenty five years I have been slowing moving along my spiritual path of awakening. Recent global events triggered me beyond what my state of self awareness could cope with. I was truly at the edge of my proverbial cliff, when I discovered Lory through a Dolores Cannon book. Working with Lory, I rediscovered my power and was able to remove roadblocks from my path that had been holding me back. I have connected with my Higher-self, spirit and Source in ways I never could have imagined possible. I was able to move into a state of true forgiveness, compassion and love. I am immensely grateful for Lory and the services he provides to his fellow human beings.