1111: The Shift Has Hit the Fan! “New Earth Day” November 11, 2019



1111: THE SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN! – “New Earth Day” November 11, 2019


Last year I posted a video entitled 11/11 “New Earth Day” which commemorated the great Dolores Cannon for bringing the concept of New Earth, and the 3 Waves of Volunteers to light for the Spiritual Community. I wanted to bring this important information into view by celebrating a day of global recognition of Dolores Cannon’s discoveries on the powerful ascension portal day of November eleventh.  And so, this year I am posting another video to update our current position in this ascension of consciousness to the 5th Dimension -on 11/11 New Earth Day 2019.


When Dolores Cannon first introduced this ground-breaking information, it was compiled from her investigations of hidden knowledge accessed through thousands of hypnosis sessions she conducted throughout the world.  She was not only a bringer of cosmic knowledge, but an astute cataloger, researcher and corroborator of these subject matters and sources in her exhausting research of over 40 years.  After her death in 2014, these ideas of mankind’s immediate future were still not widely known or understood beyond her followers and students.  Her reporting that the earth’s frequency was rising, causing an incremental bifurcation in dimensions where the 5th dimensional frequency of Love would replace the 3rd dimension on earth in the near future was only an anomaly or concept to be fathomed, not to mention the idea of legions of evolved souls, or “volunteers” incarnating to assist, stabilize and facilitate this shift in Earth’s frequency by two dimensions. What this discovery implied was the inevitability of humankind’s consciousness rising to the frequency and power of Love.  This awakening of consciousness rested on the responsibility of each of us to choose to take part in an evolutionary step within ourselves, amid the incoming cosmic forces of light that were to flood the planet.


Today, five years later, after countless planetary shifts of frequencies, timeline splits, astrological configurations, the courageous commitment of the “volunteer light-workers” and resonant vibrations from an approaching Cosmic wave called the Event, all mostly happening within these past two years, the New Earth and the 5th Dimension and its buildout are here and underway.   What seems like things from a distant future are now emerging from our planetary slumber as a reality.  Just some of these fabled concepts like, telepathy, remote viewing, teleportation, quantum physics, zero-point energy research, energy-healing, simultaneous time, dimensional shifting, frequency technology, inventions allowing clean water for all, the body’s ability of living solely on air and light, bio-sustainable communities, etc., are making their way to the mainstream consciousness, mostly through civilian journalism on the internet, but quietly taking form on the ground and in our communities worldwide.  While in its infancy, the new earth, in skeletal form, is just a high-vibratory field of pure love, but it is to house and fertilize all we are capable of becoming –as we and this beautiful planet grow out into its Divine template.  Dolores said there would be a time where the old and new frequencies would co-exist together for a while, but would eventually split off completely into the old and New Earth.


And this is what we are now seeing.  The new earth is just a vibratory field which some are attuning to while it is causing the disruption of all that is not vibrating at the frequency of Love.  As all the new and expanding concepts, inventions and awakening to community is occurring, we too, are witnessing the exposure of global corruption and the old paradigm of service-of-self truly falling short in its capacity to host and sustain our future world.  It is here that a unifying way forward towards a new paradigm- of love and service of all, is coming sharply into focus.


In the present moment, our world is at an evolutionary crossroads of transformation.  Each one of us is breaking free from an old paradigm that was designed to challenge us to our core.  Challenge our understanding of who we are and why we are here.  All forces are conspiring to teach us to choose love in the face of fear and darkness.  These two co-existing frequencies, one dark and dense, one light and expansive are interfacing and showing us at present, the choices of dark and light before us.   We live in a benevolent universe, a universe that is designed to grow and flourish and that mandate is upon us, as the earth’s 5D template has been laid.  With that being said, we still face an ongoing evolutionary hurtle and test which has been to trust those in our collective who crave power and whose interests and scope are short sighted. It is now after a long history that we are, one by one, attuning our consciousness to this rising frequency and together creating a global shift, an awakening to what we are capable of.  This high pitched cosmic frequency of love is causing an awakening to our hearts and a shedding of the programs of the past that allowed the stewardship of our beloved planet to be handed off to leaders with only their own personal interests in mind.


We are currently on an unalterable planetary course by Cosmic and internal forces to right ourselves and our world. We are in the midst of expanding beyond this constricting density and darkness to harmonize, not minimize our diversity.   On an individual level, it is a journey of personal empowerment that can harnesses mind, body and spirit to awaken to our greatest strength- compassion, and our greatest power, the power of love within our hearts.  We need only to slowly attune from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional vibration by adjusting our personal center of operation from our mind to our heart.  For only in love can we steward this planet and work together to enter the galactic community as a family un-divided.


How we do this is by entering the heart, seeking the guidance of our Soul within and preparing our bodies for an expansive journey together, ahead.  We are not leaving the planet, we are readying ourselves for the transformation of our world in the next few years.  To do this we must be healthy, loving, compassionate, aligned to our Higher-self and sovereign within.  Committed and in service, focused on our actions of love and caring, sharing our light in the face of darkness and personal challenge, we will usher this awakening towards a global tipping point as the two earths complete their separation.  For those thinking we will be rescued from this process without joining in, realize that, is precisely what created our world-wide oppressive history from forces within and outside our planetary system. We can be helped, as we are by our guides and our souls, but cosmic law prevents the handing off of personal responsibility to anyone else, without its consequence.


Rest assured, we are built for this journey and mission.  We only need to attune to our Soul, where we are harmonized and directed from Source.  Our work at hand is only to shed what dims our light, awaken what lies dormant, and follow our inner loving counsel by going within.  Our minds have historically been deceived by the clever and divisive.  Only our Soul from our heart within knows truth, and can lead by the coherence and harmonizing attributes of Love, which will set us free.  This freedom from the tyranny of ‘power at all cost’, will enable us to reclaim the sustainable Stewardship of the earth, to a world that is focused on thriving not just surviving, together as one human family.  At this juncture at the 1111 Portal, things are getting better and worse as darkness and light faceoff.  Many are leaving the planet and many are participating in the new, attuned to the new Divine Vibratory Template.  The Berlin wall fell without much fanfare or drama.  Our transition can be as seamless as we make it. Know that if we give it our all, we will see those results in the end; transcendent results.


In conclusion, there is a simple way to align to New Earth and make it manifest, as it is a reality that must be tuned into to see.  Heed these words and shift: Love is a frequency the planetary body has shifted to, and with it, a global paradigm shift for mankind from service of self to service of all has begun to take hold. All we need is to embrace the necessity of each one of us aligning to this frequency shift.  Maintaining this vibratory frequency will allow our personal migration from the existing 3rd density to the timeline of the New Earth- where love harmonizes all.  This is achieved by healing our inner density or darkness through daily meditation. This simple act allows us to harness our inner guide and nurturing force by us communing with our Higher-self.  Daily time spent focused in communion within contains all that is needed to “tune-in”, sustain, awaken and evolve our consciousness to the existing 5-d energy. We are, as I said before being ushered by cosmic forces to align, so the commitment to self only makes the journey easier, as we are destined to make this shift in our lifetimes.


At this juncture, those who are already attuned to 5D can help to encourage other light-workers they may encounter, identify with their missions.   The low self-esteem that many evolved sensitives acquire by being loving and open, too often result in them shelving their light in humility, which keeps them on the sidelines of this global movement.  By hearing about and identifying with the profile of a Star-seed, Way-shower, Indigo or Light-worker, they can embrace their greatest strength- compassion.  This simple realization can inspire them to become courageous and outshine their outmoded sense of self, and help awaken others in the process.


So today, let us Light-workers celebrate this powerful portal of 11/11 as “New Earth Day” to catapult this awareness to reach the light of a new day, sharing this knowledge, in whichever way our hearts guide us. For in 2020 we will look back in hindsight at the New Earth’s humble beginnings – a simple directive by someone whose vision has coming to bear fruit.