A Creator-being is a Sovereign Soul


A creator-being is what we inherently are, as representatives of our Soul. Our Souls are separate liberated embers of the original Creator or Source, each maturing their free-will and evolving their capacity to become capable representatives of Source Itself.

In our human evolution as the soul’s representative here on earth, we emotionally strive to awaken to the Soul’s presence or our spirit within. Our aim is to first establish a “Soul-mate” connection with the Higher-self and then to work as one to prepare our hearts and body’s sacred geometry to function as a Sovereign extension of Source, in service.


How can we achieve Creator-being Status?


While our body template is designed for this function, it requires aligning our mind and heart into one unified focus to join forces with our Higher-self.  Mastering this awareness is all that is needed to cultivate a direct connection with the Creator.  This mastery, however, requires a new way of expending our energy.  Instead of living in fear and stress, constantly focusing on survival issues, we now focus this attention to live in a state of meditative awareness of our constant support.  It may begin by periodic meditations, diaphragm-breathing to begin merging into a deeper relationship with our Higher-self, but as this deepening moves us from a state of isolation to one of a trusted relationship with our spirit, we can take these times devoted to meditation and expand them to an on-going awareness of this partnership throughout the day.


This advanced level will expand our sense of the spirit’s presence and loving guidance into the body in present time.  By using our deep-breathing to generate an on-going dialogue with spirit we can honor our day to day experiences with acceptance, knowing things are unfolding in Divine right timing.  We can also use our deep-breathing to lovingly stay open to receiving prompts and guidance, in the face of not understanding what may be happening to us in the moment, and in doing so, we open to continuous vital nourishment and direction.


This openness and display of trust in every moment generates a vibration of Love for all to witness. This shining display of emotional intelligence, inner guidance, self-worth, self-love, and respect of ourselves as Divinity in human form transforms the world in our wake. Our practice is literally expanded to generate an on-going prayer of ‘I love you’ to ourselves and Source with every breath in an on-going state of awakened reverence, generosity of spirit and peace within.


We must keep our awareness and devotion to our inner Divinity buoyant every moment of the day. This level of Love is what harmonizes and empowers our intentions and creative inspirations into manifestation. Like reducing our activity to prime numbers, we begin to shift to higher timelines, spiraling upwards as we advance in the harmonious frequency of Love. When we have raised our frequency sufficiently, we move into a creator-being capacity.


When we are this aware of spirit within, we can see more objectively that in truth, any limitation we are experiencing is of our own making, whether it is from a misconception we have about ourselves or that, for learning purposes, we may have planned it.  Most every limitation can be adjusted, according to our progress in learning what our life plan placed there, to teach us.  We can always work with dismantling our limitations in meditation by asking Source energy for what is needed to dissolve the limitation, knowing you are the ultimate author of your experience.


 Our inherent abilities to manifest our hearts dreams as a human in physical form happens through our use of energy and magnetism and can be ignited when we join our heart (through a practice of daily meditation) with our Souls in service. When this is achieved, our body’s Divine template harmonizes the frequency of Source energy and can be directed with intention to create.  This template is called the Human Torus –our light body.


How do we create through our connection to Source?


First and foremost, we create by our power of belief.  When the love in our hearts has formed a deep and abiding partnership with the Higher-self, our belief evolves to an inner state of knowing that we have the power to create.  Secondly, with certainty and gratitude, we ask Source energy for the power to flow, like a snake biting its own tail to supply our Divine geometry within the body to manifest our desires.


The human body physically embodies an electro-magnetic system, the Torus-field which is anchored to the Creator through our hearts. By consciously directing our imagination, feelings, intention and requests through our heart, we can engage this system of the Torus field through a practice of breath, to usher our dreams into reality.  We may also ask for this power to be funneled to our creative channels at the throat (speaking things into creation) and hands (funneling Source energy through our arm channels while envisioning our creations between our hands) to create or to heal with Divine Love.

Source energy comes in many different forms, systems, kingdoms, realms and dimensions and can be called upon to help manifest our hearts deepest passions and callings.  Some facets of the Creator that can be employed are; your Higher-self, your guides, your affiliations with angels and light-beings, Archangels, Saints and ascended masters, among other pure conduits of Light and Love.


How do we work the mechanism of the Torus field?


The Torus-field is Source’s Divine pattern for maintaining all self-sustaining systems of life on every scale in the universe from atoms to star systems. The torus field, can be described as a sphere or globe shaped system, whose center point emits a charged pulse of life-force energy, funneling it up and out of its core column at the top of the sphere.  This energy then evenly distributes its stream in all directions over the sides of the sphere, only to be funneled up the column at its base, back up to the center point where it began.


 In the case of a human being, Source energetically distributes its flow of life-force, (as well as creativity and protection) from its connection at our heart. It is from our heart, with every in and out-breath, this life-force is distributed through the body’s electromagnetic system, up and out through the head, over the body in all directions and then is absorbed from the base of the spinal-column back up to our heart.



Harnessing the Torus to Co-Create

-Putting it into Practice-


This practice allows us to manifest our hearts deepest felt callings by using our Divine template and our connection to Source.  To begin this practice always start by taking a deep in-breath, connect with Source by breathing into the upper-heart, sending a golden beam from your heart to a Focal point representing the Creator, and as it returns from Creator back into the heart, on the out-breath, envision sending a grounding cord or hollow tube from your tailbone to the core center of the earth.  This energy directed visualization will help create a conduit for harnessing energy and magnetism, male & female energy, as well as Earth & Source energy to flow into your torus-field.


As you begin this Torus visualization and meditation, with slow deep diaphragm breathing, you can practice bonding with your Higher-self and administering self-love.  This is done by simply inhaling the feeling of love and then sending it to the Higher-self from the top of the heart on the exhale, up and out over your head.   Receive that love back by drawing it up the spine into the base of the heart with a deep inhale. You can repeat this cycle for as long as you wish and even reduce it to just a deep breathing generated mantra of “I love you” throughout the day.


You can also use this practice to state your requests with gratitude to your Higher-self and make intentions for needs, guidance or healing- as a prayer- on the inhale and exhale.

As the Torus flow sends these requests out with the exhale from the high-heart up through the top of the head and out over the body, deeply breathe the receiving of your requests, as the energy flows up from the base of your spine, into your heart. You can repeat this cycle continuously until you feel complete.


Once you’ve circulated your various intentions and requests, let the Universe respond with their manifestation in Divine right timing. If your request is for guidance, look for an intuitive hit, inspiration or sign to show you the way forward. If there is no indication, just be patient, without doubt and your situation will present itself in right timing.


The Time is Now- Are You Ready?


While the practice of conscious partnership with Source, generosity of spirit, and focused intention required for Creator-being status is ongoing and challenging, it is fueled by a burning passion to fulfill our heart’s calling. What may seem as an appealing status to be a creator-being, is in reality the mechanism to fulfill our call to service, creativity expansion and Love of all.


We, the Way showers are being given the green light, the shift is now at hand and we are asked to stand in our power of who we really are and to assemble. The time of shedding our darkness has passed and we are now being asked to follow our missions where they lead.  Many will be forming smaller communities of awakened people, young and old.  We are entering the birth canal.  We are now called to gather and populate the new earth.  We are free to step forward, and our strength of centeredness in our hearts and inner guidance is in place.  We are about to be set free. We are now one within.  Are you ready?