There can come a time, at a certain point in our spiritual practice where internal clarity and attunement make it apparent that our bodies need a more refined diet.  We feel physically the need for a more conscious approach to what we are ingesting, whether it is with food, drink, smoke or chemicals.  For most Americans, one has to truly consider the benefits or deterrents of what the fare of the Standard American Diet offers as the emphasis is more on pleasure than on health.   This approach caters to our senses with little emphasis or understanding of what foods contributes to the maintenance of healthy body chemistry.  Most westerners are ignorant of the fact that the body is an amazing healing machine that only needs the right fuel to maintain the natural balance of acid to alkaline in our blood.  This along with other supportive practices, like exercise and rest, keeps us healthy and at peace within. It helps to understand that the universe and our bodies are miraculous and built to last if we consciously cultivate and care for them. However, the western approach to the care of our bodies is more that of planned obsolescence.  The food and beverage industries leave it to us to choose the right fuel amid a wide spectrum of choices.  While it is for us to discern, it is challenging to not be misled amongst advertising and marketing practices that are most often deceptive.  Tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar, drugs, chemicals, meat, cheese, dairy, corn, soy, wheat, flavor enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, along with stress, sedentary lifestyle, and shallow breathing, all work to create an overly acid-based environment in the body.

While this might be a subtle point, it becomes monumental when we understand that an acid-based or animal based diet described above, as opposed to an alkaline-based or plant-based diet, creates the breeding ground for many symptomatic illnesses we face on an ever-increasing basis in our world today.  Look around you.  Who isn’t complaining of some form of illness? This rich and satisfying way of eating unfortunately does nothing to help us find optimal health, well-being and peace.  It instead keeps us driven by caffeine, sugar and alcohol to achieve, ‘fit in” and keep up with an ever-increasing demand of our energy.  It also makes it hard to avoid the excesses that naturally come with sanctioned get-togethers at bars, coffee shops and restaurants. We eventually either come to self-care by disciplined spiritual practices which lead us to clarity and refinement of our physical vessel or by the insistence of our body in the form of illness asserting itself to get us to change our ways.

  The point of intolerance to a body out of balance if arrived at spiritually is a heightened awareness that our body-chemistry isn’t running optimally – like a finely tuned machine running on low octane fuel.  This can be understood in terms of the alkaline to acid ratio in our blood. When our diet is too acidic it results in a lack of sufficient oxygen supply at the cellular level.  Illness breeds in an environment lacking oxygen. The billions of cells in our bodies must maintain proper alkalinity, in order to supply the blood with the optimal level of oxygen.  In order to feed the blood with the proper balance, a primarily plant based diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, along with smaller amounts of protein will bring things into balance.  When we are consistently eating foods with high acid content, the body cannot perform its function as a self-healing mechanism.

Diet is one of the biggest determinants of your health. What you put into your body every day affects everything: your body chemistry, your mood, your brain, muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, cells, kidneys, liver and digestion, hormones, thyroid, etc.  Unfortunately, when it comes to diet, most people are on autopilot, following a disease-promoting Western Diet that is high in acidity and toxic additives and low in alkalinity and nutrients. The ideal ratio of what we ingest each day should be around 80 percent alkaline and 20 acid causing foods and drink.  The blood carries the highest amount of oxygen at 7.4ph alkaline. When it is consistently too high in acid, or below 7.4ph alkaline, it allows illness to take hold systemically. A primarily plant-based diet as well as slow deeper breathing through the nose helps to keep oxygen levels high in the blood.  This along with other life sustaining practices such as meditation, exercise and self-love can move us toward a balanced body, mind and emotional state allowing a sense of peace to pervade an all too often state of hyper-vigilance and trust to eventually be established.

 The culprits of our illnesses, mental unrest and stress is hiding in plain sight.  The western approach to diet diverts our focus away from health and towards pleasure, by providing the widest spectrum of choices, often at our expense by the use of chemicals, additives and processing.   Next to nothing in the western approach to health promotes the idea of proper Ph levels in our blood being of importance in creating good health or the real cumulative effects of consistently ingesting poisons and chemicals in our food. In fact, diet is considered of little or no consequence to health in the western Allopathic approach.  Chemical additives, added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO corn, wheat and soy, processed foods, sugar, etc., to name just a few are thought to be harmless by most patients and doctors.  Restaurants, health food stores, grocery stores, all supplying us with these forms of food.  Buzz words like “natural flavors”, “organic’, gluten-free, etc. are prominently featured on the labels, while in small print are the culprits which are promoting illness- most often in the very process that the ingredients go through to enhance the natural flavor or texture.

Think of it, are restaurants serving you meat and dairy products that are anti-biotic and hormone free?  Are they choosing vegetables and fruits that are free of pesticides, additives, and chemicals?  While this might seem like a subtle distinction, the cumulative effect of this constant borage in all we ingest day after day is slowly adding up to every form of ailment and illness. A majority of these mysterious inflammatory aliments never seem to be fully cured and get excused away by the common phrase “it’s because we’re getting older”.  The body may wind-down in certain ways as it ages, but it is built to function into old age when we take responsibility for how we take care of it.  It’s like someone who is meticulous with how they take care of their car.  When they trade it in, it is working well and fetches a good price.

Many studies have concluded that the Western approach to diet and health practices contributes to the development of heart disease, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, bladder conditions, kidney stones, diabetes, yeast/fungal overgrowth, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, hormonal issues, autoimmune diseases, acid reflux, knee and hip joint inflammation, to name just a few.  The explanation is very simple. Your body evolved to work optimally when provided with the right internal and external environment to function within. The internal environment in your body requires a toxic-free healthy mix of nutrients and air, and when it doesn’t get them consistently over time, things go haywire, and the body starts to break down and cannibalize itself for nutrients stored in the bones and blood and the lack of proper ph levels allows for illness to take hold.

What I’ve come to as a healthy daily régime is a mix of meditation, exercise, and dietary awareness.  Proper alkalinity acts in the same way as does the refined vibration produced in meditation which puts your consciousness back in alignment with the universal consciousness. Also, our pineal gland is what brings us back on line with our Higher-self and inner guidance. In most people, this gland is calcified from ingesting fluoride in the water and food.  It can however, be activated with an alkaline diet and purified water. While we need to connect with our spirit, we also need to care for the body to create a temple of well-being and inner peace to give us a foundation of sanctuary to work within.  While the problem of how to turn our health-practices around in order to heal our bodies, seems overwhelming at first, we can wrap our heads around this challenge by taking a number of small steps, leading to larger ones.




Most of the illness causing culprits are hiding under the ingredients in canned and packaged foods- such as preservatives, pesticides and additives. Avoid any can or packaged food as they almost all contain illness causing ingredients no matter what they say in Bold letters on the cover.  Natural Flavors, citric acid, sugar, color, etc. seem harmless but cause many of the known and unknown illnesses that are on the rise.  While the cost of organic fresh fruit, nuts, beans, and grains may be costly, it is money better spent on preventing costlier visits to the doctor. Remember avoiding canned and any packaged products as they are treated and processed, and that will show-up under the Ingredients section on the back. The phrase Natural Flavor is a chemical process.

Most meat contains the anti-biotics that are given to the animals, that when ingested, flood your bloodstream with antibiotics.  This results in destroying the good bacteria in our digestive tract, creating poor gut health.  This is why we have now been forced to counteract this self-inflicting problem on a daily basis with costly pro-biotics. Even when we try buying organic meat and dairy, the animals are being fed genetically modified corn.  Even “grass-fed” animals get fed this corn in the winter. Also consider levels of pollution, radio-activity and mercury in seafood.  Note that smaller fish like anchovies, smelt and sardines are not saturated like larger fish are with metals and pollution.

I’d like to introduce an idea here that can help us take the plunge to empowering ourselves and allowing us to make a transition in our way of thinking about nutrition and energy.  This is the idea of fasting.  While we are all different and have different levels of health when considering a fast, it is the concept of fasting I’d like to introduce here.  While doing a fast, whether it is a dry, water, juice, fruit, or grain fast, it is important to check whether or not you are healthy enough for what you are attempting to do.  Check with your health-care practitioner before attempting to restrict your diet.  I am placing this disclaimer here in the event someone is mistaking this discussion as a medical claim or medical advice. I am only suggesting we consider the wisdom in these ideas before taking a responsible course of action.

When we fast, it allows the body’s inherent ability to self-heal to be deployed.   Not having to expend energy to focus on the task of digesting food and drink, our bodies begin to release stored toxins, cannibalize compromised cells, and create a state of well-being if allowed to totally rest.  If we consider the years of toxins from pollution, chemicals, plastics, etc. through what we ingest, breathe, absorb in our skin, as well as through our emotions and energetic field, it makes sense that detoxification of the body is to our benefit. To my thinking, it is better to fast than to eat when we have such an accumulation of toxins – resulting in physical overwhelm, fatigue and cloudiness.  I found after just 6 days of fasting that all my energy came back.  I also spent a great deal of that time deeply breathing slowly through my nose. If you are healthy enough to do a fast and have the determination to do one, it is truly an incredible opportunity to commune with your essence.  It allows us the get in touch with the core of our physical essence, where the body becomes unmasked by the distraction of digestion and clouding toxic overload.  Fasting is truly a sensory journey of mysterious and subtle self-discovery and there is a light of well-being at the end of the tunnel when you come to end your fast.

 If we consider looking into a form of fasting, whether it is just from 4am-12:00pm noon, a 12, 24, 48hr, 1, 3, or more day fast, it is an effective way to clear the reservoir of toxic accumulation we have – especially if we have lived for many years.  This will not only help our health, it will then allow us to reintroduce food that is more suited to the body’s ideal ph balance.  As always, we ease in and out of a fast with what we eat and drink the days before and after the fast.  I suggest researching the details of a fast on your own if it sounds right to you, as it has the potential of quickly making you feel better, and also can help you appreciate the subtlety of a gentler dietary fare when we return to eating. To help encourage you in this direction the videos of Ray Maor on YouTube can really expand your awareness on the benefits of fasting and also on the myths of our concepts of nutrition.  Again, research, study, and get adequate guidance when choosing which course to take.

Years ago, I was introduced to the work of the Japanese educator Michio Kuchi who introduced the Macro-biotic diet to the west.  He basically showed how the 7.4ph blood level related to the idea of yin and yang.  He proposed that the yin principle of expansion and yang principle of contraction could be applied to the understanding of the ideal blood chemistry in the body.  He said the body thrives and self-heals when we cater to how it is balanced by nature which is a 7 parts yin to 1 part yang. He categorized grains and vegetables as yin and beans as yang.  Items such as meat, dairy, sugar, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, all fell into extremely higher levels of yin or yang- lying outside this perfect bodily balance which promoted the body’s ability to self-heal.  So how this showed up on the plate was mostly grains and vegetables, and then a small amount of beans.

While this is austere and restricting, it puts across the general idea of how to think about what the body thrives on.  I found that in the macro-biotic diet, the comfort foods such as miso (I use chick-pea miso and white miso) for soups and flavoring, as well as Tahini (sesame butter) which are both protein and yang, make everything taste truly amazing. Anything we focus our attention on can grow and reveals inherent variety and so it is with this seemingly restricting diet.  Like a telephone number- with only ten digits to choose from, there are a vast variety of phone numbers possible. I learned most of my health-food inventions from having been on the macro-biotic diet for many years.  In comparison to that diet, an alkaline-plant heavy diet, is truly satisfying and easy to stick to.

There are YouTube channels that talk about Alkaline diets, what they are exactly and how to stock your house with those ingredients. Note, there are things that are considered acidic foods like lemons and limes that when taken into the body actually have an alkaline effect, so take the time to notice which foods are ultimately alkaline.

A simple way to look at it is to focus on 75% of what you eat each day being either fruit or vegetables. This means 25% can be a mixture of other ingredients that may be more acidic and more to your liking. While salads are a no-brainer, hot meals can be grains, beans, cooked vegetables and alkaline based proteins.  You can eventually move to more healthful forms of acid-causing foods as time progresses, which could look like replacing the choice of chicken with garbanzo beans instead, but augmenting alkaline with acid can look different for different types of tastes and blood types.

Realize that you don’t need meat, cheese and dairy-protein to survive.  There are grains, like quinoa, vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, avocados, asparagus, escarole, peas, beans like lentils, seeds like pumpkin, and sunflower, and sesame and sesame butter (tahini) nuts like almond, and almond butter, to name a few that have flavors that can make vegetables hearty and substantially satisfying while providing the daily protein you need. Note that these examples are alkaline choices, but there are many wider choices of beans, grains and nuts that can satisfy your 25% daily acid-based food requirements to achieve the 7.4ph.


You can get Alkalinity strips at the pharmacy to see where your body ph level is (7.4 ph is ideal).

Consider the value of fasting from 8pm-12pm when the body naturally detoxes and eating from 1-8pm whenever possible.

Consider blessing all food and drink with love, peace, purity and gratitude before ingesting anything, especially when out of your home.  Also blessing the water you bathe in, as our intentions are energetically effective. The writing of Dr. Imoto will convince you of this if you are not convinced of the value of intention and health.

Learn to make high-alkaline drinks in the morning instead of coffee- with ginger/lime or lemon, and other vital ingredients such as cinnamon, Cheyanne pepper, turmeric, etc. Boiling fresh ginger as a base creates a virtual kick that can be more satisfying than tea, and can help treat many symptoms of illness. I found this the magic substitute that allowed me to quit coffee.

Having miso soup (Miso Master organic-comes as a paste sold in a tub like humus found in the refrigerator section) in the morning causes you to awaken and feel clear immediately. Just add a wedge section of miso paste to a small amount of water, and pulverize it with a fork to make a thick broth, then add it to the main soup, allowing it not to boil as that kills the enzymes in the miso. The broth should not taste too salty.

You can steam all your vegetables lightly when you purchase them, storing them in glass containers in the fridge, (which keeps them from wilting) and then, assembling a meal can take a few minutes.  You can make grains the same way, storing them in the fridge and then assembling a meal in minutes.  Drizzling Tahini or a little miso, Cheyanne pepper, citrus, etc. can make a plate of grains, vegetables and beans into a hearty and satisfying meal.

Salads made with either raw leafy greens -even parsley and cilantro or steamed and cooled vegetables like broccoli, green beans, Brussel sprouts, and asparagus can be embellished with quinoa, pan toasted pumpkin seeds, and dressed with olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar can make a great meal with plenty of protein and nutrients.

Sea vegetables (seaweed), small fish like anchovies, sardines, smelt are all high in minerals and protein.  Small amounts of anchovies added to caramelized onions and red, yellow and orange peppers can make a great tapenade without any fish flavor.  A small amount of anchovies added to olive oil when cooking, can deepen the flavor of any vegetable dish without a trace of fish flavor.

Look up the highest alkaline vegetables and fruits on the internet and stock your house with those items. 

Always choose a good source of water to cook with and drink.  I choose non-fluoride spring water, or other filtered water that removes fluoride as that calcifies the pineal gland, the seat of our intuition.

If you are okay with eating butter you can steam many vegetables in a small amount of spring water and at the end adding a pad of organic butter to the water with sea salt – this can make a great meal.  Even cutting up a cabbage in quarters with salt and pepper and steaming it in butter is heavenly!

If you choose to have some pasta, I suggest finding pasta that is actually made in Italy because the wheat they have there is not genetically modified and is way easier on digestion.

Anything we are addicted to such as sugar, coffee, wheat (carbs) will stop their influence on us after around four days of abstaining from them.  A fast can do this, or removing these items one at a time will allow us to prepare for future clean living.

Instead of deodorants I use a dusting of baking soda, which is extremely effective in stopping odor and sweat.  I use a heaping tablespoon under the arms in the shower, let it sit and rinse.  Then just a small amount under the arms as a deodorant to last all day.  Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap is the least harmful soap to use on your body, as it is important to not inundate your pores and glands with chemical additives.

There is much wisdom in the Indian philosophy of Aruvedic medicine and dietary practices using many different flavors to help the body heal itself.  The use of spices like cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, Cheyenne pepper, ginger, clove, caraway seeds, etc. all have great healing properties to help us with digestion, inflammation, and a myriad of other issues.

I find a great secret to dental health is to Oil Pull with Coconut oil every morning.  There is a specific way to practice this, which involves swishing a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes each morning.  Please check out the instructions on YouTube- as there are details to follow, but it results in whitening your teeth and keeping your gums in amazingly good shape.

 Whatever method you choose, it is always best to meditate on what feels right or makes sense within.  By tuning into our bodies through meditation or internal awareness, we can attune to what our bodies tell us about what it needs.  There is a difference and a way to tell between a craving and an addiction.  With an addiction, you feel as though you have to have that food, whereas when our bodies are telling us what they need, that is more of a subtle knowing.

I have only brought to light in this discussion approaches to health which have worked with me in attaining optimal health and weight. Be aware however that we are taking our bodies with us as we ascend and that requires us to work on mind, body and spirit equally.  The body requires proper nourishment, rest, exercise and interfacing with nature.  As we navigate the higher realms we must attune to a harmonious balance in each area to raise our station and integrate to 5d frequencies. As we become more and more conscious of what our body requires for its ascension, our assimilation will be smoother, our ascension symptoms reduced and our spiritual awareness will sharpen.  Coming into focus from a base of harmony and self-care will give us the foundation for extending and expanding our service and stamina in the coming months ahead as we approach the coming transformation of our reality.