Origin and Evolution of the Soul AND How to Merge the Ego and the Higher-self



By Lory Pollina


The human Soul or the Higher-self that is in each of us has its origins as being an actual portion or “spark” of what can be termed the Prime Creator/ Unified Field or Source Energy.  Source Itself creates these individual Souls from the eternal field of Pure Love, all Knowing Consciousness and Omnipotence to populate the Material Universe.


The Prime Creator creates separate Souls with the intention of populating the material realm with ‘ambassadors’ or worthy representatives of Itself, fueled with the ‘Prime Directive’ of love and compassion in service of the collective – for the good of all.  Ultimately, it seems Source’s intention is to populate the material universe with harmonious societies of unique individual functioning Souls in service of expanding and exploring the infinite possibilities of consciousness in the multi-dimensional realms of creation.


In order to achieve ‘ambassador status’, a Soul or spark must first establish its own sense of identity, separate from Source and secondly, must then, discover and embrace its own inner essence, or come to know God, of its own free will.


Establishing Independence


The first step, to distinguish itself from the Unified Field Consciousness and establish its own independence will require an evolutionary process of growth in a realm beyond our understanding.  Here, the Soul journeys away from its origins of pure love and light towards the darkness of a Singularity or black hole – the absolute opposite of Unity and Love. As it is a singularity, this realm exemplifies the true nature of being individual, separate, and uniquely alone.


The attributes of this Dark Realm or Singularity is that it is by nature disconnected from Source, alone and self-centered. In terms of consciousness – it can be characterized as narcissistic, devoid of compassion or feelings and is unable to create.  Therefore, it is an all-consuming vortex of darkness, unable to sustain itself. In order for this realm to continue to exist, it must feed off of the energy of others- a parasite to all in its path.


Here, within a sphere of darkness, which lords over a third-dimensional planet, the Soul will be given ample opportunities to evolve its sense of identity and independence within multiple, separate incarnations or lives.  Each incarnation aims at developing the Soul  by an onslaught of specific challenges of individuality, separation, self-awareness and survival – all serving as a ‘test of heart’-which is the core of the Souls evolution.


While this extreme polarity of darkness can be a midway point in the evolution of the Soul, it can also be its resting or end-point.  If the challenging second-half of the journey is to be made, the Soul has to choose to leave the matrix of dark, by its own free will.  While there are tempting aspects of complete individuality, the truth is, this realm is ultimately devoid of compassion and love -where resources are fought for and everyone is separated and alone.


Preparing Our Will to Return to Source


The second stage of the Soul’s evolution, once it has established a sense of identity and grown strong in this challenging field of density (which can take numerous separate incarnations), is to develop its will (for it is endowed with free will) to choose to leave this self-centered realm and journey back towards the Creator.


The light allotted to each individual Soul, when encountering the dark, must call upon itself to eventually achieve a ‘higher octave’ of love to break out of the orbital field of this engulfing singularity.  The realm of darkness acts, in a way, like a “boot-camp” to strengthen a Soul’s resolve and capability of fulfilling its potential as a self-sustaining individual Soul, acting as a Source of Light, in itself.


The end goal is to grow emboldened and wholly committed to the prime directive of Love and compassion for the good of all. Once this choice has been made, the Soul will enter into an inter-dependent relationship with Source in the capacity of a co-Creator. Here it does not become re-absorbed back into the Whole but remains uniquely independent and free. The Soul while working from its deepest callings is thus continuously being sustained by Source in creating its inner most, unique, contribution or gift to the Whole.  This role can be engaged in at any time, as soon as the Soul has reached its mature development.





Our Soul develops its independence and matures its will by a process of incarnating or funneling a portion of its energy into a human existence, a form identity, (our physical self). It does this so as to engage and grow the emotional capacity of the heart to eventually awaken our connection to Source. Because the incarnation must have ‘free-will’ to engage and evolve, the human existence is born into the “dream” of the world of darkness to fairly represent and ultimately ‘test’ both sides of itself- the mind (Ego) and the heart (Soul). In this ‘test-of choice’, the dark dream attempts to control the mind while the Soul remains embedded in the heart waiting to be called forth.


Here with the capacity to feel, the human form-identity’s free-will to choose, will be tested and strengthened in a challenging, dark environment shrouded and lorded-over by a system, fundamentally opposite from the Prime Directive –namely a paradigm of ‘service of self’.  Without recall of its true nature, our human form must, of its own will, eventually come to consciously choose to reject the dark paradigm and follow its origins of Love and compassion in favor of a paradigm -in service of all.


As our bodily form starts to develop and strengthen its emotional intelligence it begins to see beyond the entrapping programing and manipulating obstacles of this dense earth-school environment. For the service-of-self agenda is a top-down predatory system, where Top-dog eats dog.  This journey takes many life-times or incarnation to complete.  Each individual incarnation is different from the last and develops every perspective and challenge a Soul (and sum of its many incarnations) will need to pull this ‘higher-octave of Love’ from within itself and stand on its own as an “ambassador” of Light.


In each incarnation, a Soul or “Higher-self” incarnates into a human biological body by apportioning some of its consciousness in energetic form – which we may call spirit.   That biological body when joined with our Soul’s spirit creates an energetic whole-and remains functioning until completion of that incarnation’s specific life-plan.  That whole consists of a physical, mental, emotional, energetic etheric and spiritual body and is contained within a unique field of its own.  This field, has the capacity to sustain itself by the spirit (heart) and is known as a Torus Field.


In terms of the programming and organization of this dense earth-school, so as to fairly represent the negative polarity or ‘dark agenda’, each individual and the communities they form, are oriented to perceive themselves as physical, mental, and emotional -in that order.  This perspective and orientation of being separate, free and vulnerable, manages these qualities under the direction of the mind, or Ego– which promotes the preservation of itself above all others.


When the Soul joins with its bodily incarnation, there are certain universal laws the Soul must honor and abide by, namely, the ‘free-will’ of the individual form identity, to learn and be tested on its own.  The Immortal Soul can’t announce its presence and impose its guidance or start ‘running the show’.  Instead it must silently abide, like a still pond, reflecting its wisdom- waiting for the Ego to awaken from the dream of isolation and darkness -of its own free will -to seek the longings of its heart.  For in following this longing, it will discover the Soul’s presence, love and guidance.


The Dream of the Ego


The Ego, (or sense of separateness directed by the mind), long before it awakens to the Soul’s presence, relies solely on itself for everything it does and needs in life- but is ill-equipped for the job. In attempting to perform all the duties of a leader of one’s life single-handedly in a ‘top-down’ system, the ego places the mind in overwhelm, while neglecting its own emotional well-being. It is important to keep in mind that the programing of earth’s ‘boot-camp’ steers us away from connecting with the heart and emotions (which have the wisdom and precision of the Higher-self) in favor of the mind or ego working on its own.


We must remember here that the emotions (heart) are our connection to Source- the key to enlightenment, freedom and our calling (the Higher-self’s eternal purpose).  For in truth all we truly seek is love – the heart’s centering principle, and when this quality is cultivated and nurtured, it provides us with health, well-being and happiness.


Being disconnected from the emotions (heart) leads to an inflamed Ego. In overheating the mind, and ignoring the needs of the heart, without the overseeing capacity of the Soul, the system breaks down- (for how can a mind working on its own in ‘survival mode’ win a game that is rigged in favor of the top-dog).  However, by listening to the heart to receive guidance from the Soul, the system’s balance can be restored and the mind can find safety and peace.


Awakening to the Heart and Soul


For optimal functioning, the process of evolving a Soul is a three-part system and job. The mind in its rightful capacity is a creative coordinator.  It is the heart that is the leader, and the Soul is the Wise Parent and Loving Partner.


In order to right the ego’s dilemma and begin to use the guidance and nurturing of the Soul (Higher-self) in our lives, we must first choose, within the dream, to break free.  We must come to this as the result of our evolutionary readiness and choice to listen to our hearts.


It is important to point out that the mind-oriented societal realm employs every dis-empowering mechanism (programming, education, norms and technology) to lure us away from a connection to our hearts (which cannot be fooled or deceived) in favor of distraction, struggle for survival, addiction, and fear.  These efforts are to keep us from what would occur if we did connect with our hearts, namely, awakening from the “dream” of powerlessness to realign with Source within and stand in self-sufficient Sovereignty.  This would invariably end the game of victim and perpetrator and starve the parasite of our vital force, which we feed with our fear.


If and when we do this, the road ahead is straight forward.  While being characterized as mysterious, subtle and life-affirming, running this three-part system also takes discipline, commitment and belief and trust in the process.  Once committed, we may begin with a practice of daily meditation to strengthen each aspect of this system until they begin to work together.  In doing so, like a smooth-running engine, we find ourselves procuring the deepest fulfillment of our hearts while employing the mind to work for our own Sovereignty instead of efforting to survive in the dream of society. The Soul, through its guidance and nurturing has the power to restore our inner inspiration while sustaining our personal field of light –  which ultimately can empower us to claim our Divine sovereignty as a Co-Creator.


Down below is a practical method of achieving this goal and can be used throughout the day or in the morning to start your day.  It can begin to show vast improvements in your well-being as soon as you start.


Merging the Ego, Heart and Soul

A Breathing Integration



I periodically allow myself to unplug from the pressure of overwhelm by taking a few minutes to reboot.  This can be as simple as either sitting or lying quietly and engaging an unbroken-stream of deep breaths (diaphragm breathing- slow deep breaths to the count of eight or ten seconds out and in) to connect to my Higher self, which is just a matter of breathing and acknowledging It is present – silent but present.  The Higher-self is really just the eternal ‘us’ that is watching over our growth and when directly engaged, has a unique way of communicating or conveying its presence.

When we tune into it by focusing our love, gratitude and appreciation towards its energetic presence as we deeply breath, its response will become apparent after a few minutes by how we feel and what begins to dawn on us.  After ten minutes of non-stop deep-breathing, which is a form of meditation and prayer, things will actually begin righting themselves in the field around us as we begin to experience what it’s like to access the full capacity of our consciousness.

I will now go over ten advantages of breathing as meditation with steps to create a daily practice. If you are not sure what diaphragm breathing is or how to do it- a Google or YouTube search should lead you to a tutorial.  I will also explore the nature of our Soul and our society’s collective dream of survival and how we can use our meditation practice to awaken from it.  By awakening to our light within, we can then begin thriving.  We then can create a fulfilling existence and share our unique gifts with the world at large.





One, as we nourish the body with air in this specific way of breathing, we essentially invite the (invisible but tangible) energy of our Higher-self or our Soul to ground into our physical body in present time.  This is due to the fact that the ­­­­­body is the only part of us that is always in present time.  By focusing on deeply filling our diaphragm with air, we ground or anchor our Soul’s loving and aligning support into the powerful arena of the now.  In reality, the Soul is the silent eternal field of potential and is ours to draw into the body with our breath and the attention and focus of an opened mind.  Grounding the field in this way, in present time is the secret of empowerment.


Two, empowerment is what we exude from within when our mind is centered by the Soul’s presence being maintained in the body with every deep in-breath.  Alternatively, when we shallow breathe, our mind’s awareness is drawn to the past or future (which it is ninety percent of the time) and is not centered in present time our potential is trapped outside the body in a lifeless maze of time.  Here, “spinning its wheels” in time gone by or time not yet in existence, the mind is not able to notice opportunities and miracles being brought into the field of the now. Opportunities and miracles are only offered to us when we are fully consciously present and engaged in the body.


Three, as we inspire (inhale) deeply into the diaphragm, our enhanced awareness begins budding and blossoming with insights and realizations that hadn’t dawned on us before because we are actually being given access to information from our own eternal records or what is called the Akashic Library, within.  It is very much like accessing the Internet by just breathing in our connection to the Soul. This activity starts activating within 5 minutes and can last through the entire meditation.  Five to thirty minutes is suggested- the longer, the more amazing the experince.


Four, when we expand our body with the Soul’s energized frequency, specifically breathing it into areas that are stiff, in pain, concentrated with fear, etc., these symptoms will immediately begin to relax and release.  You can easily create a healing meditation with this aspect alone.  As you breathe in Love-Light, which is what your Higher-self is in energetic form, you can imagine your breath inflating any physical area or emotional tension, expanding it with healing Light and on the exhale, relaxing and letting go of any tension or illness you’re holding. You can even improve your state of mind by breathing in positive thoughts and releasing negative thinking on the exhale. It’s that easy. This as well can take 5-30 minutes to achieve.


Five, the essence of our Soul or Higher-self is Love itself.  As love is eternal (outside of the constriction of time) and is fifth-dimensional by nature (which is a much higher frequency than any other emotion), we can raise our vibration and transcend time’s limiting mental and emotional trap as soon as we consciously invite the Soul’s presence in -interacting with this eternal field simply by deeply infiltrating it into the body.  We always have the power to change our timeline from negative to positive whenever we remember to breathe.  When things start ‘going south’ while we are out and about, we have the power to charge situations to right themselves within a minute or two by starting to diaphragm-breathe and extending gratitude to your Soul for its presence.  Working this principle of ushering your awareness of the eternal now into the body, no matter when you do it, will cause lower vibrations such as fear, doubt, limitations, depression, etc., to be overwhelmed by the higher frequency.  The proof of this is that we begin to yawn after a few deep breaths.  As we yawn, these energies unhook and are released out of our field within a few seconds.


Six, we will now briefly look at what this meditation practice looks like and how it works.  I find it works best by consistent daily practice.  This can be as simple as finding a comfortable place to sit or lay down, relax and start diaphragm or “power-breathing”. This practice consists of two parts – one – I call devotional breathing, and two – manifesting miracles.

Taking between ten to twenty minutes a day is all the time that is required.  You can do this once in the morning and at night (however it is best to transform your day when done in the morning, and can lead to falling asleep if you do it too close to bedtime). This can also be done for shorter moments throughout your day if you need to center or re-boot!   The first half of this practice- devotional meditation– consists of rhythmically sending mental “I love you” statements to your Soul with every deep breath. (so, if you breathe in for 8 seconds i and out for8 seconds, then say “I love you” eight times in and eight times out).  Committing to this repeated ‘mantra’ establishes a partnership and trust with your Higher-self or Soul. This will establish a bonding between the mind and the Soul/Higher-self.

The second half of the meditation – manifesting miracles, which I will describe below, ends your daily practice by partnering or co-creating with the Soul to manifest your dreams and passions. The how-to aspect of the entire practice will be covered below in the ‘How to Meditate’ section. You will learn the importance of using a few moments of expressing gratitude to your Higher-self, and then the way to ask and receive what you intend to bring into your field.  But first it requires a deeper understanding of the Higher-self, what it is, how it communicates, how we are programmed by doubt and how to effectively break that programming to manifest your dreams before we actually describe the how-to of the second half of our meditation practice.


So, first let’s look at establishing an understanding of the Soul, our connection to its power and love and finally how it can awaken within us the life we always knew was meant to be.

The Soul is an individualized aspect or ‘ember’ of the original creator, giving it the same abilities to provide us, under Its constant watch, with all we need.  It must, however follow a Universal law of “non-interference”, as we (our minds) have free will to choose its help or not. The Soul cannot impose its guidance on us. So, it is up to us to seek out a relationship with it. If we seek its help, calling to it with our love, in daily “devotional-meditation”, a bonding occurs.  We begin to see that our Soul is truly the Parent and Partner we always wished we had, but never knew was there.  With daily devotional practice, the courtship between our Soul’s energy and the mind’s attention intertwines and eventually merges, where the two become One.  With each step closer towards this goal, the love grows stronger as you notice just how consistent the help from your Soul is.  Developing this bond is very effective in lessening the minds (ego’s) fear of navigating life all on our own, against the Matrix (the power structure of society) and will give us an advantage if we wish to awaken from its hypnotizing dream. If we do, the collective dream serves as the riddle and obstacle that when challenged, perfects our ability to love and manifest our dreams.


Seven, the Matrix or society, is a challenging and hypnotizing third-dimensional environment designed to feed off of us until we awaken to our Soul within.  The Matrix has been placed in our evolutionary path because its constant strain of adversity and limitation- (creating a Top-dog down system we try to navigate with the mind alone) strengthens us, much like the way pressure on carbon creates a diamond.  However, until we grow strong enough to awaken to our own divine capacity to Love (diamond), which is the goal of our evolution, we live in its hypnotizing dream of struggle and survival.  To clarify- ‘the dream’ is our shared beliefs and programing based on the tenets of FEAR, LACK, COMPETITION and JUDGMENT. The constant stress of negotiating these shared societal beliefs is what keeps us distracted, hypnotized and asleep in the dream.

In addition to these beliefs, our subconscious programming establishes our breathing patterns –dialing down the amount of air we take in with every breath. Just as they say we only use ten percent of our brains, that could be said of lung capacity. When we choose to commit to deep-breaths, we can effectively break this spell and over-come this parasitic hold of societal programming.  The subconscious mind, when used in our decision-making process, is also programmed to draws its information from the same reservoir of societal beliefs of fear, lack, judgment and competition.  Until we break our addiction to its council and programed lack of air intake, we are stuck in a “survival-mode-loop”.

Choosing instead to partner with your Super-conscious – the Higher-self, in meditation – will awaken you from your ties to the dream of survival, restore breathing to full capacity, which will give access to the eternal storehouse of all information, potential and Love and center you in alignment with the God of your heart. When we ‘power-breathe’ we are catapulted outside the container of time (whose bars are created by the past and future) into the eternal now- where we are empowered and able to manifest our dreams.

We will now look at how to create your own dreams with the council of the Higher-self.   As said before, this is a way to free yourself from the life you were meant to awaken from, to a life you knew was always meant to be!


Eight, so changing your mind’s council from fear based advice – to Love-based inspiration and manifestation is just a matter of choosing to break the mind’s habit of going to the subconscious to solve problems.  When you choose to work with your Higher-self instead through breath, gratitude and intention, in the peaceful sanctuary of your daily meditation you access your power to create what you want.  To begin, we access this power by observing two universal laws whose principles we will now examine to learn how to apply them in your daily practice.

The first law is the Law of Non-Interference always ask for your Soul’s help in each situation – it is not allowed to impose its guidance on you.

The second law is When You ask, it is Given– you have the power to manifest your highest good with the help of the Higher-self. When you clearly ask for it, it is given.




Now, how to apply these Universal laws to manifest your passions and dreams is straight forward, simple and effective.  To begin, start by quieting your mind, begin to deeply diaphragm-breathe, with gratitude and “I love you” statements for a few minutes (the first half of your ten to twenty-minute meditation) and then follow by searching for 10 things you are truly grateful for and speak your gratitude aloud to your Higher-self.   As an example, “I give thanks for that amazing evening last night.”  As you practice this for a period of time, I guarantee you will have many wonderful things to give thanks for.   Finally, finish with a few minutes of planning your day.  This is simply asking your Soul, with gratitude and appreciation, for what you would like to happen during the day ahead, and specifically for the week or month, including how you’d like events to unfold. It can be as simple as, “I give thanks that the perfect solution to this problem presents itself.” or “I give thanks that the resolution is a win, win, for both of us.” Again, a Google search for making affirmations will help you perfect this form of prayer.

This practice of asking for what you want by affirmation and intention, at first might be new to you, but will become an essential daily opportunity of co-creating your deepest goals and desires.   I ask for meetings to go well, opportunities to unfold, or whatever I’d like to draw to myself.  The key to these laws is not to doubt, once you’ve asked. Doubt is in truth, a choice and is an act of free will.  Remember, it is the only thing that can stop what you ask for from manifesting.

I just wanted to note that the Universal Law of When You Ask, it is Given – is describing how it functions in the miracle-realm of harmony and love- where we do not impose our will on others.  This law’s potential misuse, however, is more the subject of self-interest and the power abuses of the Matrix). With that being said, here is a great prayer to invoke aloud- inspired from the teachings of Matt Kahn– to align to the Creator or this miracle realm of Love… “I call on the Highest Light- to flow through me, guiding my actions, informing all my choices, and coordinating all outcomes in perfect alignment with my heart’s most fulfilling desires, for the well-being and highest good of all.”




Nine, the following instructions will fine tune your practice of manifesting miracles: Make sure you ask for guidance or affirm your intentions a few days in a row (mainly to get it instilled in your own consciousness), describing what you need for each request, in the most thorough and concise way and then let it go. After affirming what you want or asking for help, you must wait for guidance or results to show up in the reality around you, in the following three ways;

  1. A sign, indicating a step or a direction to take. This can look like an outside message that only you could send to yourself or an outlandish synchronicity occurring that guides you in some direction. Sometimes it comes in the form of hearing the lyrics of a song, or reading a sign going by on a bus!
  2. An intuition indicating some form of action to take (the type of inner voice we often times hear clearly, but ignore and later regret). This can be a feeling, hearing an inner voice or knowing, or receiving a clear “hit” on a situation from within your gut.
  3. To be given the patience to wait for your request to occur without choosing to doubt, and it will be given to you (just like when you press the “buy now” button on Amazon and then know it will be arriving shortly). If it takes longer to obtain than you think it should, it is only accruing more to the end result which can take a bit longer, as long as you stay confident that it is coming.

After that, keenly attuned to look out for guidance in the above manner, just go about your life and witness the world around you morphing to produce opportunities and miracles.  As you start to see the results of your efforts unfold, your confidence and practice will take on momentum and you will increasingly grow aware of the fabrications (anything fear inducing) of the Matrix becoming less and less attractive.  Always ask during your practice for clarity, guidance, abundance, emotional programs to be shown and resolved, etc. and you will begin to change your timeline to a world of love and fulfillment, manifesting miracles on a daily basis. When you master these practices, and are wielding your Creator-being status it is like playing a wind-instrument with great precision- with great certainty, focusing on affirming the notes you desire while supplying  conscious inspiration  from your connection to Source within.


Continuous Practice Merges the Higher-self and the Ego


Ten, with this meditation practice, manifesting and awakening to a fulfilling life is the first order of business, but as that is achieved, a second advantage- expanding the mind to the vibration of the Soul, will appear within your grasp.   The merging of mind and Soul is a daily practice of self-Love.  In the beginning the mind seeks the Soul, but as we grow to realize the Higher-self is actually the immortal us, we can expand our orientation of Self and begin to comfort our battered emotional and mental self, with “I love you” statements, sending them back from our Soul downward towards the emotional, mental and physical body.  When out of balance, we can start to comfort our mind and heart and body from above- whenever we need it during the day-taking ten minutes when we need it – in the moment.

This practice of developing the Soul/Mind connection establishes a path linking third (society), fourth (our mental and emotional struggles) and fifth (the state of pure love- ‘ambassador status’ in a galactic society of enlightened beings) dimensional awareness.  Once established and functional, it produces emotional self-sufficiency.

By this I mean we eventually see the vital role an ongoing relationship and dialogue with our mind and Higher-self plays in becoming happy. This literally means speaking with and asking for guidance almost every waking moment-which will at some point eventually happen on its own.

This on-going dialogue is our ticket to finding our way out of the maze of darkness as we start to pass all the tests thrown our way in developing our will and sense of compassion, while keeping our sense of well-being afloat. Here, like a deep-sea diver, (breathing air underwater) ‘power-breathing’ or diaphragm breathing for periods of time during the day to maintain our high-vibration- we are given access to the unified field, funded by Source Itself.  Remembering to avert fear and negative thoughts by pumping up the high-vibration by asking for help, or guidance from the Soul, facing threat with affirmations like “move out, dear fear, I am protected and safe” or just a simple “I give thanks that this issue is resolved in Divine right timing for my highest good.” This ‘rarified air’ of the unified field can then afford us the generosity of compassion and loving behavior towards others and can allow us to become an inspiration of light in our own right.

The Divine Directive, once understood and applied to one’s life allows us to move on to a thriving life of deep fulfillment and well-being.   Relationships with others will therefore be more balanced by our being nurtured from within and grounded in our own center before reaching out. With practice and mastery, Self-Sovereignty will become ours because we are now aligned to our own Source, extending a bridge of Light outwards from within.