Principles of Quantum Healing

Most people have the common desire to know their life’s purpose when coming for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. While that can usually be answered in the course of a session, it is essential to first understand why our Souls choose to have a physical experience in the first place.  In order to understand this, we must consider some basic principles of reincarnation and of the origins of our Souls.

Reincarnation is based on the idea that in the beginning God or Source dispersed Itself into particles or individual Souls, sending each one forth to have experiences. Each individual Soul’s consciousness was to experience all things in the cosmos, through a process of evolution, before finally returning to its Source.

The planet Earth is just one of many venues in the cosmos where a Soul may acquire a number of these experiences along the way. The most essential experience however, is discovering, on our own that we are from and a part of this Source.

In hopes of evolving, a Soul may come to Earth to learn, help others to learn and operate from its own true identity. But for a Soul to have a physical experience for any duration it must be grounded into a physical dimension. For this purpose a physical body and a brain with a limited conscious capacity of self-awareness (identity) and self-direction is provided. The largest hurdle to overcome in this venture is to not be fooled by appearances and identify solely with the body/mind, but rather to locate the true eternal Self within and function from its capacity.

Conscious Mind and Soul Dynamic

The earth bound Soul develops within the constrictions of the body/mind and the framework of a dualistic planetary system.   This system expresses itself in polar opposites such as light and dark, self and other, compassion and cruelty, etcetera.  These opposites create a spectrum of choice for the developing Soul so that what the mind chooses determines its spiritual growth.

The Soul-or eternal Self has the advantage over the mind of having a direct link with and overview of the cosmos and all the other lives it has ever lived.   The mind’s focus, on the other hand, can only perceive the present life of the body from its own limited position and in relation to its own welfare.

In infancy, before a Soul commits itself to its new residence, the mind is solely in charge of the care of the body.  When the Soul joins the mind/body permanently around the age of two years old, the arrangement becomes more complex.


The Origins of Stress

For a body, hosting a Soul is no less than having a fraction of God sharing its functions and responsibilities.   However, the Soul is governed by universal law, which states it cannot announce its presence to the body’s consciousness. The Soul must be silent until the mind discovers it on its own- for life is a test and any conscious disclosure of this arrangement would jeopardize the mind’s spiritual growth and development.  To exemplify the delicate arrangement between mind-identification and Soul consider the following situation.

If the Soul’s goal in this particular life were to learn something that necessitates the body having to endure a hardship or tragic event, the mind and the biological body would have to suffer this tragedy or hardship to satisfy the necessities of the Soul’s directive. Consider what Soul and body interplay occurred in the life of Helen Keller.

From a mind’s point of view, its pairing with a Soul could be considered a parasitic relationship. The mind being unaware of the Soul’s presence is therefore set up from the very beginning to unconsciously sense the threat of a more powerful force and focused agenda stationed silently beside it.  Because of this innate fear the mind’s impulse is to control the body’s decision-making processes. So what ideally might be action inspired by intent, is rather reaction from fear of losing control.

I liken this struggle to a relationship between twins – one, a narcissist desperately seeking attention and control and the other, an introvert (bound by a contract of non-interference) -while all-knowing, relegated in silence to the background.

When the mind functions on its own to provide the body’s needs and wants it lacks the resources that the Soul can provide.  This can result in internal struggle, fear, anxiety, overload and frustration. While it tries its best to figure out solutions to a constant barrage of life’s challenges the mind’s lack of connection to the universal flow can at times prove painfully apparent.


Aligning Identities

Until the mind finally realizes that the Soul is silently there but would graciously pave the way to every solution if only asked, it will suffer undue stress and difficulty. To align this situation the body-identified self must release its innate fear, develop trust in the Soul and use its power and advantage to request assistance in all matters. The result of this alignment will relieve the stress the mind creates, problem solving on its own.

The two can function in harmony when the mind acknowledges and agrees to share the decision-making process and takes advantage of the Soul’s superior capabilities. As a daily routine of asking for assistance (a form of prayer) is established, the Soul’s co-operation will become apparent and second nature, eventually placing the self in the flow of abundance and spiritual growth.   For the mind has the potential to grow as well as the Soul. In its enlightenment the mind or conscious awareness will find the Father and Partner it has always sought but never before found-within.


A Way Forward: Going Within

When asking for assistance from the Higher-Self

  1. I take care to find a quiet space.
  2. Become quiet within.
  3. Make a list of what I would like to have in my life.
  4. Make a list of things I am grateful for.
  5. As I find quietude (first thing in the morning and last thing before bed are ideal times) I ask in my mind if I may have permission to talk to my Higher self.
  6. I then answer aloud with my own voice, “yes”.
  7. The next step is to verbally give thanks for all the things you are grateful for.
  8. You will eventually have a long and growing list of things that have come true. This will help fortify your growing faith/certainty in expecting all your request to be granted.
  9. I ask if I may be given a way forward to my goal with an intuition, a sign (anything that is confirmed a number of times) or just let my request come to pass.
  10. If I don’t know how to proceed and nothing seems to have happened, I try to proceed with my own judgment, motivated from the larger more loving thing I can think of to do, when under a time restraint.

I suggest following these instructions a number of times – say three times a day for a week, then you must realize or trust that it is in the works and will occur. Doubt will block it from coming so abstain from negativity or disbelief. Sometimes things happen immediately, other times in a matter of time or in stages, but it will come to pass.

Things I don’t recommend are to ask for someone to change, for things to occur that aren’t for your highest good or happiness, or things of a lower nature. What I do recommend is to ask for your hearts desire, your needs to be met in accordance with the highest good for self and others in Divine right timing. While we have hopes and dreams for others, our ego does not have a high enough perspective to know what is best for them or us. I would simply ask for the highest good under Divine Law in perfect right-timing to occur for the person you are praying for.

In the case of a request for physical healing, you can ask permission to speak with the Higher-self as mentioned above, and then ask for a physical or mental healing. Your doubt will stop it, but your certainty or faith in it occurring will allow it to come to pass. Rely on your intuition if there is a reason for you to have the physical ailment, otherwise move forward with your request. Just a reminder when it comes to illness. Most all ailments are due to stress and fear and their relief is in loosening the grip of negativity and replacing it with the trust you can develop with your Higher-self.

In the Flow

As this relationship develops there is a migration from body-identification to Soul identification. No longer does identification have to maintain two “residences” but can consolidate into one. This process involves assuming a stress-less persona where the grip on negativity of the ego is gradually loosened (after being convinced of the effectiveness of the accommodating Soul) and the fountain of joy and love of inner alignment begins to flow. In Christian circles this identity is referred to as the “Christ” within.

Contacting the Soul/Higher Self during a QHH Session:

When I first read the books of Dolores Cannon I was enamored by the many hypnosis sessions recounted of “somnambulist” clients having sessions. A somnambulist is someone who goes into the deepest level of hypnosis possible. This results in a form of channeling where the person has no recall of that information after the session.

I was under the impression this was what a session would be like, but found later that the chance of being a somnambulist is one in three hundred. Most people don’t reach that level of awareness in a QHH session but instead are completely aware of what is going on during hypnosis. The person’s conscious mind, though aware, is lulled into a relaxed state so as to allow the quiet voice of the intuition to step forward and become confident. Once the intuition or Higher Self is confident it begins producing imagery that flows as questions from the practitioner begin.

Having the Soul actively conversing with the practitioner during the session establishes a rapport for the healing to come. During that portion of a session the “Collective Conscious” joins the Soul and grants requests for physical healing. Also, at this point, the Soul is instructed to scan the body for any unforeseen illnesses. Physical and emotional problems can be healed immediately or within a specific timeline depending on the discretion of the Soul. Some physical issues that seem to be problematic may be serving the person’s ‘life purpose’ and therefore are left untreated.

While the voice of the Soul and the conscious mind are one, their roles are reversed during a session. The Soul is more confident and sure in its responses while in the theta state of hypnosis and especially when in dialogue with the practitioner during the healing.

The conscious mind will usually relinquish control during hypnosis and allow the Soul to speak or it can try to upstage the Soul and deride the session. In this case the conscious mind is just not ready to face the opportunity to lose control and let the Soul catch it. If this is the case, trust and faith are issues to be explored if a repeat session is desired.

In the healing portion of a session the Soul is instructed to scan the body for any unforeseen illnesses and to heal physical or emotional problems immediately, or within a specific timeline that it will explain.

It is to the person’s benefit to let go of conscious control during a session and get to trust and have confidence in the feeling of the Soul’s presence.  If this familiarity is established it can build a foundation for future self-meditation, in learning to work with the Higher Self.

Simultaneous Time

I’d like to share an analogy of the concept of simultaneous time that I saw in my mind’s eye while trying to describe it.  It is inspired by Julia Cannon’s diagram of the Soul and the physical body during my 2014 QHHT Level One class in Arkansas. This analogy also helps us understand why “We” (our Soul and our conscious minds) are actually masters of manifestation even though our conscious awareness is limited to this lifetime alone.

Imagine your present life being represented by word “present” on a horizontal line (in the image below). Then imagining every dot comprising this line represents a life lived.   To the left are all of your past lives, and to the right, all of your future lives.

Now imagine every one of your lives in the line is in the same present moment.  As every one of your selves in that line (past, present, and future) takes a step forward into the very next moment they are all in the present simultaneously.

Now imagine Source, or God to be at the beginning point on the left and the end point on the right of the life line (between the two yellow circles) representing where you came from and where you will ultimately return having experienced everything. The Soul is connected at those God points and creates a line that arches above the line the body creates, with an over-view of every point on that lifeline below.


The objective overview and access the Soul has to all of the past, present and future lives on that line can and do effect changes in any of those lives at any time. So mankind evolves through a maze of realities and lessons that look like a duality of past and future from our perspective in the present.

When we say man is a master of manifestation, it is because you and your collective self with the aid of the Soul has a reservoir of all lives to draw from in present time. The infinite Present is what time actually is, not the time-line duality that separates past and future.

So in coming to the earth, we as humans are put to a number of tests with many challenges to overcome to keep us focused. These challenges include working within a dense low-frequency game board, experiencing the amnesia of forgetting who we are, where we came from and what we’re doing here. Life also challenges us with having no rules to the game because we are afforded free will – while the tests are arranged in advance our reaction to them is what is free. We are also left to our own (the mind functioning on its own) devices unless we awaken to who we really are and then choose to ask for help from our ally off the game board – the Higher Self.

Last Addiction: is to the Mind

Moving into the Christ Self in thinking is focused on thoughts that are of God’s Will. There is no other directive so the small minded/ negative/ judgmental/impoverished self can no longer be the sole /soul directive. The addiction to the point of view of the mind running one’s-own life, dictating its methods and understandings is the last addiction. One must relinquish the mindset of negativity and “self-reliance in the understanding and guidance of our choices and behavior and assume a more aligned self-directive from the Christ mind within-which is love.  All needs are then met and a faith is established. And at times tested. But then we begin to find ourselves in the “flow”.

The Cosmic Leap*

Now that we consider the concepts and relationships that accompany this cosmological view it becomes necessary to understand more of the Systems and influences that are at play in this current juncture on Earth.

The cosmos is a multi-dimensional system that is high functioning and is not accessible to fully comprehend from a 3 dimensional platform. However there are ways to acquire an understanding of what part we play in it. One may seek this understanding within, as with hypnosis, channeling and intuition or from the outside in the form of ancient and esoteric texts.

To begin, let us agree upon the fact that God or Source split into many individual parts sending forth each part to have experiences. In the end each particle sent forth would finally return to Source having experienced everything.

As it is set up in the heavens there is the highest Council who administer the Multi-verse with hierarchical levels of evolved Souls below them who are surrounded by an atmosphere of God/Love which was dispersed in the beginning. These Souls, bound by love are compelled to work together toward the higher good. The high Council places limitations on what can occur within and between the spectrums of these evolved Souls and those that have not yet reached this exalted state of evolution.

The earth, its vegetation, its animals and man were created by some of the higher evolved Souls (some refer to them as Aliens) working for vast spans of time creating a bio-diverse system that they have tended since its beginning. They did not create the souls of man but devised earth’s bio-spiritual incarnating system for Souls to evolve in.

Over the course of this system’s history, there was a disturbance in the experiment by an unforeseen comet that crashed to earth. The comet carried microbes that upset the balance of Their experiment. The Council advised these Creators not to destroy this experiment but to allow it to correct itself. Over vast spans of time on earth many civilizations have risen and fallen but the majority of human behavior has caused more bad karma than good. Elevating themselves beyond a certain vibration until now has been impossible – due to a corruption of the initial plan.

As with the turtle and the hare the earth has recently evolved beyond the scope of man. It has achieved this by splitting like a cell, maintaining its 3 dimensional core while also expanding into a new earth comprised of a higher vibratory frequency.

What remains behind of the 3 dimensional Earth are rapidly consolidating into the negative forces (greed, fear, lust for power) as negative and positive forces polarize. The new earth spun from the evolving collective consciousness will eventually separate from the 3 dimensional core and continue existing solely on the vibratory level of the 5th dimension.

Those capable of raising their vibration to the 5th dimension will exist on the new earth.

As the negative (lower-vibration) Souls “dig their heals” into the 3rd dimensional reality of the present earth (eventually destroying the ecology of the planet and the tenants of social behavior) those capable of vibrating with a 5th dimensional Soul-body will adapt to a new set of variables. The old earth will no longer accommodate the current escalating struggle for power. Those remaining Souls will be sent to continue to evolve on other planets after the 3rd dimensional earth has been depleted.

As the cosmos is set up with a high Council and various levels of evolved committed Souls, there was a call to help Earth and its inhabitants in its transition to the 5th dimension. Those volunteers were asked to assist all on Earth capable of upholding the tenants of love and light to amp up their vibration so as to be in communion with the rest of the cosmos. All who volunteer commit to enter life on earth with the challenge of overcoming the veil of amnesia. Once awakened to their own true identity, it is their mission to help others wake up so as many as possible can go to an adaptable new earth to continue the process of their own evolution.

Once a volunteer comes to earth to assist and has succeeded in waking up on their own they can begin the job of helping others to wake up to their potential of going to the new earth. There have been 3 waves of volunteers since the 1940’s-with the advent of the threat of nuclear war. While we are just one planet in a grand scheme, the ramifications of self-destructing would have a ripple effect across the entire cosmos. Thus the call for help. The pioneer first wave Souls are now in their 60’s, the 2nd wave are now in their 40’s and the 3rd wave are in their 20’s and younger.

The catch 22 of this challenge for a volunteer is that they must be an extremely sensitive being to do their job. With the abundance of bad behavior on the earth while light and dark forces polarize, these volunteers’ extreme sensitivity can cause them to be marginalized by negativity resulting in them hiding their own light. It is by waking up to their mission and connecting with their own power (the Higher Self) can they then choose to turn their light on and in so doing wake others up. For unbeknownst to them, their own light is far stronger than anything negative can ever be.

At present, the two earths are still intermingled though soon to fully separate. As they pull apart the dark and light forces polarize. It is mankind who must choose which direction with which to align. Those vibrating in the 5th dimension can encourage those who want to go with the forces of light. Those wanting to align with the dark will stay in the 3rd Dimension. It is important not to spend energy fighting the dark but to only partake in creating the new when raising your vibration towards the new earth.

Having the desire to know one’s own life’s-purpose is paramount to all who soul search. Having a purpose directs all energy input into an efficient focus. Acknowledging our affiliation to whichever of the two earths to pursue can help us to focus strengths and interests into the types of actions necessary to get there. By using the Higher Self to help in all we do, opportunities for abundance and joy will begin to flow in our path forward.

* The Information in the Cosmic Leap section is a compiled history of hidden knowledge accumulated from numerous hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Dolores Cannon. The concept of the game board is that of Julia Cannon, Dolores’s daughter whose loving leadership grounds the present-day QHHT movement worldwide.

Lory Pollina
June 23, 2015