THE BIG DECISION: “IT’S SHOW TIME”


           Who are we, why are we here and where are we going?


Our Souls were once an indistinguishable part of the original Creator or Source energy.  The Soul’s split from Source occurred to allow the Creator to populate the various realms of the universe with unique yet harmonious, loving, representatives of Itself.


By a process of attraction to a Singularity, the Soul initially splits away from Source towards the attractor to establish its individuality and independence. When the Soul’s evolution reaches maturity, it is given the choice to return back to Source to establish a new level of freedom.  This can best be described as an inter-dependent relationship with the Creator, functioning in the Divine capacity of a Creator-being whose free-will is, through Love, aligned with Source.





The Soul’s initial separation from its Creator begins a long process of evolution to grow its independence and will.   The Singularity’s dark and solitary magnetism is what initially draws the Soul from Source towards independence as it is Source’s polar opposite, but is only meant as a first step.  The Soul’s light will totally be consumed by the Singularity if it draws too close. By its nature the attractor is an engulfing void, unable to sustain or create life. By the Soul remaining in proximity of this field, which is the illusion of the third dimension, we, as the Soul’s representation on earth, suffer a draining compromise of our potential and life-force.


Here is where the learning curve of our present incarnation and awakening comes into play. Naïve and easily lured by the attraction to the Singularity or service of self-agenda, it is up to us, as the Souls embodiment to either – awaken or be overtaken.  If we awaken and choose to turn back towards Source, aligning our will in service of all while maintaining our sense of independence, we can be elevated to the stature of Creator-being, by a state of inter-dependence with Source.  This state is achieved by raising our vibration, by our Soul’s guidance to the Divine level of love, support and creative abilities of the Creator.  To achieve this last step requires a simple reconciling and healing of what the Soul incurred during its original separation from Source.


This scenario is much like the dynamic between a grandparent, a parent, and a child.  It is for the child to overstep its ego and heal the family’s lack of cohesion, initially caused by its break for independence.  By the child honoring the life it has been given, with gratitude and Love for the grandparent and parent and in showing its allegiance to its family, in this case, Source and the Soul, we can unite the three to harness our creative potential. This is the forgiveness and healing of the “Original Sin” in historical texts.  This step, in practice is simply for us to acknowledge our Soul and the Creator, and form a bond with Love and gratitude for them in our daily awareness.


Is the Human-Race hopelessly stuck in the initial stages of Independence?


We as an un-awakened race of creator-beings have been misled to create for the personal survival agenda of beings representing this energetic void, who are in service to self alone.  The existence of these parasitic forces who control and drive the Souls of men and women pitted against each other in selfish pursuit of needs and wants have authored the mindset of fear, lack, competition and judgment – the core agenda of separation and darkness.


Through millions of years of evolving the Soul, compromised by our ignorance of this, in the clutches of the attractor, humanity seems to be stuck.  However, the collective’s evolution is done maturing and is currently breaking free of this hypnotic force. Humanity has seized momentum in overcoming the pull of the dark void and is now collectively past the midway point between the Singularity and Source.   Source energies are increasingly manifesting as the dominant pull within our hearts as each of us are being challenged at our core in different ways according to our Souls mission, evolution, dedication and choice, to emerge from the lower frequencies of darkness, like a flower reaching up towards the pull of the Sun.





As this Cosmic drama is playing itself out within us, lower densities are pushing their way upwards and out towards the light, and we are being forced out of complacency with the unfulfilling aspects of our existence.  Consider, under these circumstances, seeking alliances, communities, and intuitive solutions, while the old paradigm is being shaken. For those whose vigilant focus is on their connection to their Higher-selves, they will be lead to the possibilities and opportunities of sharing ideas, resources and love with each other and this will cause a new symphonic tone to rise above the current din of self-interest and separation.


Be assured that while these Energy ‘shake-downs’ and increases are not easy, as we cross the divide, this process is, in fact, a Divine process, for the good of all, in Divine right timing. We are all being called to draw upon our life-force and guidance from within, in the face of societal push-back and an unclear way ahead. You must do what is up for you personally. Face what is coming up with each new wave of energy and feel into the dark spectrum of feelings it is bringing forth. Source energy now strong within us, is forcing the release of emotions we have suffered for years in darkness. When we allow those feelings to emerge without pushing them away, they will heal. By this form of self-healing we will courageously clear the path and energetically unlock the possibility for others to do the same, which is the mission of many Way Showers at this time.


The frequencies of our collective approach to Source are breaking the old system down, causing the exposure of falsehoods.  The old programs of us having to search for our own security are now being replaced by the inner knowing that Source always has our back if we allow things to unfold with a sincere trust and sense of gratitude for all we are constantly supplied with.  This dimensional shift is gathering us up in its embrace, furnishing us with newfound perspective, wisdom and maturity, in that what doesn’t feel right must not abide any longer in our lives. There are difficult aspects to these realizations but the rising vibrations are also strengthening us. By wielding our sense of kindness and love, in service of others, it is possible to reach up to a new level of well-being and inner happiness.  The key is that we must generate, and cultivate our connection to our Higher-self or Soul to raise our vibration and be led in these directions. Always remember to deeply-breathe to generate these two aspects of well-being when you are most challenged.


One of the sorest needs is for community and communication.  The old paradigm has left us in an isolated wasteland of struggle, loneliness and fear.  Few talk about what is really going on as this information is suppressed by the status quo.  But for those committed to their own light within the heart, each month brings a specific frequency or time-line shift to further dismantle the fear and darkness.  Many are starting to receive inner-information and it is startlingly similar to others who they will soon be called to connect with-causing a new wave of activity and a way forward together.


There is plenty of need for all the services that will soon cater to the newly awakened.   What passions do you have?   Some pursuits include spiritual guidance, revising education, channeling, light language, inspiring children, the arts, spiritual healing, holistic hospitals, nutrition, new-farming, new-energy, barter-systems etc.  Consider forming friendships, alliances, meetings and projects with others. Obviously, what we are being called to do in our hearts, if clear enough, can be our next call to action.


It is most important to begin to be kind to yourself, and stop pushing yourself beyond what is happening in the moment. That type of emotional discomfort is part of the old paradigm of mental abuse. If you must act, ask for guidance in your heart and a clear next step to be shown to you, and be patient. If we knew the answers too soon, they wouldn’t work. You are surrounded by an entire legion of angelic helpers who will guide you by intuition, signs and sudden synchronicities if you only ask. I like to see my guides as a row of flickering candles lit on a mantle in a darkened room when I need comfort and support.


We can now also begin taking the time to feel something we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel, namely, what would make us happy? What do we want our day to day lives to look like?  Who and what do we want to surround ourselves with?  Meditation is the think-tank for these inspirations.  Begin there and ask for guidance from your heart within, trust your heart and lose your mind