My Story

  • Certified Level Two QHHT practitioner- Dolores and Julia Cannon 2014-2015
  • The Omega Point Project: Art Installation. Website: 2008-9
  • Minister, Certified Teacher and co-director of the Center for Inner Truth
    (Continuing the work of Louis Bostwick-founder of The Berkeley Psychic Institute)
    Santa Fe, NM 2004-2008
  • Graduate of the Crystal Healing Academy with Katrina Raphael in Taos NM 1988
  • BA in Metaphysical Philosophy, UC Berkeley 1977


Personal Healing Testimony:

My First QHHT Session:

After hearing of Dolores Cannon in mid June 2014, I started reading her Convoluted Universe series.  By August 23rd I had finished all 17 of her books.  I was so inspired by the information in those books because they expanded my understanding of where mankind is heading, and I also identified with her profile of a light worker.  I am empathic and was finding my sensitivity almost crippling in this present moral climate.  I found my light was being marginalized by others unloving and intimidating behavior. I was absorbing their energy and not letting my light shine.  It was then that I was inspired to stand up and shine bright with the realization that light is stronger than dark.   Wanting to join the others who felt like this I thought to take the level one Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy class but thought I’d try a session by a practitioner near me in Denver first to see if I liked the method enough to study it.

I set up and had a session with a QHHT practitioner named Debra Smith. Besides being curious about past lives I wanted to see what healing I could receive for my crooked sacrum.  I had suffered it due to an accident as a child and it left me crooked, with a left pronated foot and uneven shoulders.  As I got older I needed a shoe lift and a metal arch support to even me out and help with the growing stiffness I was suffering.  After the session Debra told me to give it about a week before I might notice any healing.  At the time I don’t even remember touching on my back issue during the healing with my Higher Self, which, by the way I didn’t really sense during the session (it felt like it was only my conscious mind responding when she asked for healing).

A week later, on the 4th of July, I was practicing music and my back was aching and stiff.   I figured I’d take a hot bath to relieve the discomfort.  While in the bath, the fireworks from the nearby Country Club were being displayed and one came precariously near the house when it exploded, sending a shock wave through the window, the bathtub, and most importantly, me. What happened next seemed more like a movie than reality but I felt with that explosion that a bomb had hit me.  I looked down in the bath and literally saw myself in a grey confederate soldier’s uniform. I looked down further and I had been blown in half!  I was totally shocked with a realization that I was in two parts and my life was over. The trauma and swift surprise was at that moment all I could fathom.  One moment later I became aware that I was in the bath and said to myself, ”wait a minute, I’m in a bathtub I must be safe, this is the present, not the moment of my death.”  As soon as I said that I felt a rush of release and looked down to see what looked like an invisible energy wave rising from my mid-section to the ceiling, in the same way a large air-bubble would look, rising in the water.

I sat for a few minutes trying to understand what had just happened and then finally got out of the tub.  When I looked in the mirror what I saw flabbergasted me.  I was no longer crooked with my left shoulder markedly lower than my right.  My shoulders were perfectly even.  I felt a rush of exhilaration and lightness!

For the next week I told no one, thinking I must be imagining this.  I took every opportunity to check myself in every mirror and every reflection on the street.  I also took every opportunity to stretch my back to newfound depths of flexibility where before I could hardly bend forward to touch my knees.  I finally got the message to take my heal-lift out of my shoe that the chiropractor had given me to make my shoulders even, as this was bothering me.  Although I felt elated and light as a feather after the bathtub incident, it took me a week to call my practitioner to tell her of my healing.  Also, while the spine spontaneously adjusted, it has taken a commitment of stretching daily to strengthen the muscles to support the new posture.

On September 14th I took the level one QHHT course in Arkansas with Dolores Cannon and had an amazing second session where this time I clearly encountered the Higher Self and received valuable information.

My Second QHHT Session:

During my second QHHT session in Arkansas with Cynthia Buckner (as practitioner) at the end of our level one class, the Higher Self said it would lighten up its approach with me if I would make a promise to rest.  I heard this while listening to my recorded session the weekend I returned home.   On Monday when I would usually get up and take my daily walk, practice the cello, etc. before work, I decided to honor that promise to really rest and instead lay in bed contemplating my back muscles.  After a month of feeling great after my energetic release in my back, my muscles seemed to be bothering me after my second session.

While I lay there my first realization was that my muscles had been supporting my crooked sacrum all my life and that they tried their best to work around the problem.  I realized I needed to thank them and send them love for all their hard work. It then dawned on me that in my recall of that life as a confederate soldier I was hit with a cannon ball because there were no bombs in the Civil war.  Knowing that the name Dolores means pain in Spanish I immediately saw the connection to Dolores Cannon meaning pain and bomb.  I was astounded!  In the life as a soldier, a ‘dolores cannon’-ball stopped me from killing and in this life; Dolores Cannon was my “call to arms” to peace, love, and evolution of my soul.  In this life she had given me and my muscles “new marching orders”!

I finally embraced the fact that I had earned this spiritual awakening from my present life of service and love to others.   I must have learned my karmic lesson because I am now able to move forward with newly aligned support of my muscles and spine. I see that in the past I was always coming from a lack of courage instead of from a posture of strength. I was never able to display the courage I needed to move forward with the accomplishments I had achieved because I had not yet realized the extent to which my past had disabled me and chained me to my karmic debt.

With this new realization, I meditated; deeply breathing in forgiveness of myself and exhaling guilt (pain) from the war to encourage the muscles in my back to flow with new life and purpose.  I also repeated Louise Hay’s empowering phrase during quiet times: “I am the power and authority in my life.  I release the past and claim my good now.”

In my session with Cynthia in September I asked for another healing related to my back.  As I grew up my crooked sacrum caused my left foot to pronate so much so that I was walking with a collapsed arch.  During the session my Higher Self said in two months it would heal the muscles in my leg that were unable to support my foot correctly.

When it was my turn to do a session on Cynthia, we both witnessed a shaking and convulsing of her whole body for a number of minutes when the Higher Self came in.  Afterwards she said, “ That was so intense, I will never doubt the existence of the Higher Self.”  She described it as a strong current flowing through her body.

One month after my return from class I was sleeping and was awoken by what seemed to be the same energetic current.  It lasted about 10 minutes, and I had to deeply breathe to withstand it.  It felt like a low-level electrocution in my heart Chakra!  I recognized it from having witnessed Cynthia during her session and so I imagined it was the Higher Self working on me.  I didn’t realize that it was a healing of my left foot until I got out of bed.  For the first time in my life I noticed that I was standing correctly without noticing any effort on the part of my calf muscles.  When I tried to put my special shoes on with the metal arch support in it, I knew I was healed.  That day I went out and bought new shoes and threw the arch support and old shoes away!

It’s been 3 months since that day.  The journey of learning how to walk correctly took a while and was acquired by imitating how I walk correctly on my right foot.   I also needed to message the arch of my left foot everyday while I worked out the knots in the arch that resulted from not engaging its muscles all my life.  Little by little I worked back to walking 3 miles every morning, which had been my routine for the past 20 years.  In all these months I’ve not once caught myself standing incorrectly.   Previously I could not support standing correctly for more than a few seconds before my calf muscles would tire and force me to drop the arch.

By the way, I have had a great time buying all types of nice shoes now that I can wear them with confidence.

A Third Healing

After doing many sessions and working with other people’s Higher Self as a QHHT practitioner myself, I began thinking I might try to contact my own Higher Self in meditation or during quiet times before bed or in the morning.  I would address it as I would in a session, and then ask for assistance or a healing.

One day in November a strange rectangular itchy red mark that seemed to sink below the level of the skin appeared on my right leg. I monitored it as it grew, and by December it was the size of a large-sized “ Chicklet gum”.  It was very dense in mass and red, somewhat itchy but not painful.  At the same time, I had caught a cold and was suffering a non-stop cough.  It was then I decided to ask the Higher Self for a healing of the cough.

I stilled my mind and asked for a healing.  I had a quiet realization that my cough, in reality, was myself saying ‘no’ to a certain abusive situation I had at work.  I heard my Higher Self say,” you need to say “no” to that brand of abuse 10,000 more times, so We won’t heal the cough.”  Without missing a beat, I then asked “What about that growth on my leg?” No sooner did I utter those words I felt what seemed like a laser-beam stitch horizontally and then vertically across the mass on my leg.  It took about 20 seconds and then it stopped.  I immediately touched it, and found the whole dense mass was absolutely gone!  It took about 3 weeks for the redness around the rectangular area to disperse, which I think was the disintegrated mass being eliminated from the surrounding area of the skin.  My cousin who is a nurse said it looked like it was burned, but now it has basically returned to looking and feeling normal except for a light pink outline of where it was.

I now work with my Higher Self on an almost hourly basis since that day and am benefiting from the trust and working relationship I have built with it, both in my personal life, and in giving me certainty in working with others.