The shift happens within each one of us when we choose to say no to fear. Whether before or after a global event. 


The intention of today’s video, is to enable us to not only cross the threshold into the new earth but to function successfully in it.  We cannot enter this exalted state of love dis-functioning in a state of fear or doubt- as these are indications of being disconnected from Source. We are designed to give love as well as receive love.  When we are disconnected from Source, the natural self-sustaining flow of our system’s equilibrium is disrupted causing the breakdown of its protective shields.  This not only makes us prey to the crippling energies of doubt and fear, it also allows those energies to congregate and block our ability to receive love and guidance, which cuts off the mainspring of the system.


While we may be willing to align to a prime directive of Love, we cannot ascend to the status of sovereignty and co-creating until we shield ourselves from the corrosive nature of both fear and doubt-which are the cause of our misery and banishment to the lower dimensions.  Faith is the sheen or glow of good-health that is established when we allow the system to function in both of its capacities to receive and give.


Ultimately, through the chain of command, each one of us is an aspect of our soul, and our soul is an aspect of Source, making us all one and all The One.  Therefore, we have a choice to block or allow ourselves to receive the flow of support, comfort and guidance from the Source of our hearts or, being disconnected, be unprotected and victimized by fear and doubt.  If we allow ourselves to receive, fear and doubt can stop being an act of self-abuse.  It is essentially a matter of self-harmonizing, or reconciling with ourselves as we are self and Source at each end of the system.


We in our current state of society have been programmed to exist in a state of survival as disconnected separate beings and are taught to resist receiving from Source.  We are Source and as a system, our true nature like a Toroidal vortex (like the animated motion of a tornado) are the model of this healthy functioning system that we call faith.  Both systems, like a donut shape function where the energy flow rides upwards along the center column and is dispersed over the sides, only to be absorbed at the base to begin again.  Humans, in a functioning system of faith will allow the same flow to be received at the base where our first chakra or survival chakra is located.  By simply allowing, through a deep-breathing meditation, the conscious choice of receiving energy to enter at the base where it has been programmed by the current paradigm to be atrophied, not only will we reboot the system, but the protective outer-shield of Faith will engage.


The ascension is a birthing from fear to love and is a choice. The process is as simple as raising our vibration by daily connecting to the Source of our Hearts, practicing forgiveness, being loving and compassionate to ourselves and others and choosing to self-harmonize by allowing ourselves to receive the support, comfort and guidance of Source from within and from our reflection without.