Lion’s-Gate Ship

July 26, 2018

As we approach the Eclipse of July 2018, I can’t help but notice the flaring energies that are in my face and my body, assuring me that all is not well!  With such distraction and uneasiness, it forced me to gain a stronger footing in what I know to be true – that I am connected to Source, I am protected and I am a force of good that can, with proper care, shine my light within and without.


In delving deeply within to untie this knot of anxiety, existential overwhelm, and fear, I came to see they are all connected to what society deems not  ‘good enough’.  Growing up and throughout life, the norms were always exclusive and I realized I was guilty of not fitting in, and not thinking I was good enough.


It is this guilt that judgment insinuates which makes us a target for fear.  We are programmed to be the focus of society’s accusations – we are wrong, we are not good enough, we don’t have the right forms, we don’t fit in, we lost the game, etc.-and it begins from our innocence in childhood and continues on into our jaded self-defense posturing maturity. Within most people, is a silently held belief of being guilty of society’s accusations deep within us.  If you were holding contraband and had to go to a customs inspection, you would be racked with fear.  If you didn’t have that item, you’d have no fear when you were being questioned.  So, similarly, when we are walking around with a programmed identity based on guilt, we are a target for living in fear.   In order to realize we are GOOD enough when held up to our unique and sovereign  connection to Source within, (which for each individual is the higher-self) I think the following analogy can help.


The analogy is one of likening our being to a large naval ship.  Our body is the ship, the crew-our emotions, the captain is our higher-self or soul, and the first-mate- the mind/ego.  The sonar and radar, are our guides and angels, the fuel and power (and filtration and plumbing) is our breath, and the anchor is our grounding.  As we travel through life, the vast ocean with its various illusions, climates, and external pulls and influences is the Matrix or Society. 

The ship is in present time, and so it actually never actually moves.  The ports and sights are actually drawn to the ship instead.

As we navigate the journey of life, if the Captain and First-mate have a great relationship, the ship will be tight. If the first mate nurtures the crew (emotions), there will be no mutiny.  If we stay steady, and cohesive in our internal functioning, breathing and grounding, and not being swayed by the illusions that take place off-ship, we will not be prone to jumping ship or an invasion of pirates (negative energy).  By trusting the Captain and First-mate to plan the course (our mind working with the Higher-self for guidance and inspiration) we will draw to us the journey our Source inspires through the passion, mission and deepest fulfillment of our entire vessel (being).


Let it suffice to say that with this gateway of a new timeline coming into alignment, we are best suited to not be swayed by all the forces of the societal ‘sea’, but to stay on the deck of the ship in solidarity to the crew and Captain and allow the shores of a new world to be drawn to our self-sustaining Light.  As we move forward taking time to unplug from our daily life and cultivate this on-board cohesiveness, (see prior post on Breathing as meditation) we will quickly manifest a way out of our dis-empowerment and join the ranks of other’s all doing the same.  One by one changing the course of our collective timeline toward Love, the good of all and a sustainable future.