THE EVENT EXPLAINED AND UNVEILED


As a preface to my channeled drawings and the information they brought forth about the Event, let me take a moment here to describe the unfolding sequence of Humanity’s planetary birth into a new dimension that they foretold.   From there I will give a brief history of the Event and then an unveiling of the images that were brought forth through my process of automatic drawing.


Image if you will, planet earth’s atmosphere as a life-sustaining celestial womb. Also imagine Source or Prime Creator apportioning some of its light energy to grow a physically tethered embryo of consciousness, in this celestial body’s atmosphere.  Each separate spark of Divine light-energy or cell of this planetary embryo would be assigned a guardian or Higher-self to nurture and guide it with Love.  The aim of this guidance would be to help it transcend its individuality, in order to harmonize with all of the other assembled cells in this atmosphere of consciousness.  

As the embryo develops, each cell must work its way, along with the others, through the darkness of their environment or “soil” towards the light.  When this conscious collective’s gestation period reaches the moment of its birth, a pulse of Love-Light is emitted from Source or Prime Creator that exposes and inducts this assembled body into its new environment – instead of the umbilical cord of the Higher-Self, it is now solely reliant on 5th dimensional love light, as a new-born is- to air.  That pulse is the Event, the child is humanity, and each cell is an individual human soul. 


I have now come to a visceral understanding that we as humans are primarily individualized aspects of Source energy– preparing, focusing and cultivating our free will in material form- by the guidance of our Souls-  to eventually choose to commit to the cosmic agenda of love and compassion.


Human-kind has been coached and cultivated by our soul or Higher-self over many incarnations to the point that we are now ready, or not, to withstand the rising tide of Frequency shifts that will compromise our physical density.  The unifying approach of a cosmic wave is causing us to now respond and align in ways internal and external to a compassionate awakening of global proportions.  This cosmic Event or what echoes as ‘the Flood’, will occur this time as an energy wave and our hearts or our capacity to love will be the Ark that houses our Consciousness in material form- albeit a higher frequency Fifth-dimensional form.


The Event or Flood of cosmic proportions is where the full capacity of cosmic love will draw humanity into a new dimension in a wave of light. This moment of fertilization will seed our hearts with an aligning force of unified yet individualized focus, harmonizing us to move forward as one.


I am now witnessing a grass-roots effort of spiritually awakened forerunners grounding the ramping cosmic frequencies and helping transmute the darkness being purged from the lower dimensions we are feeling within our bodies. This awakening of our consciousness and DNA to these increasing Source codes are allowing a paced but steadily escalating shift from carbon to crystalline-base and is orchestrated and uniquely synchronized to the innate challenges these shifts demand of each person. While human awareness has been programmed for millennia to respond to the old paradigm of divisive and distracting focuses, these co-opting energies are fading as cosmic pulses amplify and renovate our conscious landscape as this wave approaches.  The younger generations, while being distracted by the old paradigm, are in truth aligned to the new.  Just below the surface of their seeming façade are a legion of heart-centered souls ready for this shift.  While this is an incremental advance, we will reach a tipping point sooner than we think, and its orientation will be this galactic Wave or what some call- the Event.


Cloaked in mystery, spoken of in ancient texts and now synonymous with prophesy, the Event can be seen as a rolling cosmic wave from Source to deliver the birth of a planet of conscious beings to willingly enter a higher dimension and paradigm of Love and compassion. In Hindu metaphor, this process is described as the great breath of Brahma which creates and destroys worlds in a continuous cyclical rhythm. The Mayans portray this cycle and the implied Event in their calendar’s end, as do other cultures around the world.  These cycles referred to here are very far apart, but the 24,000-26,000- year cycle or gestation period is what the current Event is foreshadowing-making its exact timing difficult to predict. All cultures see some form of this Event resulting from a period of growth and correction.  However, we are now in the window of time it is predicted to occur.


There is a contemporary reading of this occurrence in the example of chaos theory. When a system reaches a peak in complexity, it doesn’t fall into chaos but gives way to a self–organizing principle that allows it to spontaneously leap to a simpler and more efficient level of functioning and that is how evolution occurs.  I find the Chaos theory most aligned to my understanding according to the channelled visual sequencing of the hundred graphite drawings of my artistic project.



That project, which I am describing here, was in retrospect, an instructional experience as to the sequence of the Event in that its mystery and structure continue to accommodate these concepts ten years later.  The project consists of 100 large drawings that were forged from my method of drawing and erasing graphite in rhythmic response to music. To the uninitiated, this channeled sequence of orbs and their environment mimic the individual souls that have continuously seeded the surface of the earth.  This sphere or globe houses the gestation of separate beings working their way through the darkness of their conscious evolution.  We are now at such a number as to form a grid of consciousness ready to be birthed into the light of the cosmos.  This sequence is illustrated in my drawings which go through a complete metamorphosis from black to white and can be read in either direction.  I point this out because it resonates with humankind’s descent from Light to darkness or seen today as the evolutionary gestation of our darkness in its return to Light.


As we begin, examining this descent into darkness with the earliest of the orb drawings, they are dense and depicted at close range. As the drawings progress, the orbs or souls’ journeys grow lighter within their individual interiors and increasingly are depicted at mid-range, as they expand to reveal more orbiting configurations as societies are formed.

























As the drawings progress towards the end of the sequence, new and smaller shapes appear and far-range constellations are formed with the advent of many new arrivals and larger groupings -as if foretelling of the final stage-the total coverage of the globes embryo of human-consciousness.





















There comes a moment, a pause in this continuous expansion which gives way to the inhale of a new cycle of contraction or convergence of separate bodies, as they unify into a seeming whole, resembling a mosaic grid. At this point the individual thought-orbs that were separated by black are gathered as One as they experience the renovating Galactic Wave or foretold Event- and this suspended moment between expansion and convergence, or shall we say – contraction, is the moment of birth- humankind literally being conceived in Love.


























It is from here we see as this moment recedes, the circuitry of human consciousness eventually working its way free of its scaffolding or outer definition.  Now free, the thought-orbs leave behind their mosaic structure with a blossoming of their interiors into a harmonious transcendence beyond separation. Here, what once was the interior of separate spheres now reveal a new unified realm of freedom, unbridled and orchestrated by the inner fulfillment of our unique attunement to our heart, in harmony and concert with all souls.





































So, I see this Event as a resting of a brief period for each soul as we are conceived in a wash of Love, allowing us to shed our encasing ego structures. As it recedes, we can begin to function from the heart, centered in the rhythm of a common theme.  Love and Compassion. While this frequency will shift our physicality to a lighter form, it is my sense we will still remain intact and sovereign.   From there we have a world to repair and make sustainable and then on to join the rest of the cosmos.


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