Breathing – A Form of Meditation and Prayer – Connecting with the Higher-self

Blog Post:

July 22, 2018

Just checking in with everyone – finding downtime is essential as the energies are ramping up! When it gets like this, which seems to be every other minute these days, I take refuge and solace by starting to commit to an unbroken stream of deep breaths (diaphragm breathing- slow deep breaths to the count of 8 or 10 seconds out and in) and sit or lay quietly to connect to my Higher self, which is just a matter of breathing and knowing it is present – silent but present.  The Higher-self has a unique way of communicating with us, as it is really just the eternal ‘us’ that is watching over our growth.  When we tune into it – we have an opportunity to get help – if we just focus with love and appreciation on what is there watching over us as we deeply breathe –the response will become evident after a few minutes by how we feel and what begins to dawn on us.  After 10 minutes of non-stop deep-breathing, which is a form of meditation and prayer, things will actually begin righting themselves, with the apparent results starting to show up in the field around us.  I will now go over some great talking points of breathing as meditation and at the end I will sum up the benefits in 10 steps.


One, as we nourish the body with air in this specific way of deep-breathing, we essentially invite the energy of our Higher-self or our Soul to ground into our physical temple in present time.  This is due to the fact that the ­­­­­body is the only part of us that is in present time.  This activity of deeply breathing begins to ground or anchor our Soul’s loving and aligning support into the powerful arena of the nowoffering its gifts in silence to be witnessed by the attention and focus of an opened mind.  This is the secret of empowerment.


Two, empowerment is what we exude when the mind is conscious of the Soul’s presence being maintained in the body with every in-breath.  Alternatively, when our mind is conscious or focused in the past or future, and is not anchored in the body, we are not eligible for opportunities and miracles. Those welcomed surprises are only offered to us when we are fully present and engaged in the body.


Three, as we inspire (inhale) deeply, we begin to gain insights and realizations that hadn’t dawned on us before – this form of telepathy is how the Soul’s presence inspires communication.


Four, when we expand our body with this high vibrational energy, breathing into areas that are stiff, in pain, concentrated with fear, etc., these symptoms immediately begin to relax and release.  You can easily create a healing meditation with this aspect alone.  As you breathe in this consciousness of Love Light, which is what your Higher-self is in energetic form, you can imagine love inflating any physical or emotional tension, allowing it to be bathed in its healing and purifying light, and on the exhale, letting go of the illness or shadow energies or anything that is not love.


Five, the energy of our Soul or Higher-self is Love itself.  As love is the highest vibration and is 5th dimensional by nature, we can raise our vibration as soon as we begin to focus on its presence and breathe it deeply into the body.  By doing this, lower vibrations that are in our space, such as fear, doubt, depression, will be overwhelmed by the light and will result in us starting to yawn.  As we yawn, these energies unhook and are released out of our field within a few seconds.  Of all the healing vibrations, Love, then Humor, then Enthusiasm are the highest energies we can hold and are always present to engage in when we remember to.


Six, spending time (10-20 minutes) breathing and sending a mental “I love you” to your Soul with every deep breath, we find ourselves, over the course of this daily routine (preferably in the morning and shorter moments throughout the day) bonding to this larger self, or establishing a partnership with it. The Soul is an individualized aspect or ‘ember’ of the original creator, giving it the same abilities to provide us, under Its constant watch, with all we need.  It must, however follow a law of “non-interference”, as we (our minds) have free will to choose, so it cannot impose its guidance. So, it is up to us to seek out a relationship with it.  Once we do, a bonding occurs over the days, weeks, and months that cause us to begin trusting it. For the Soul is truly the Parent and Partner we always wished we had, but never knew was there.  As we advance in our meditation practice this courtship between the Soul’s energy and the mind grows stronger and eventually a merging occurs where the two become One.  With each step, our practice allows a lessening of the fear of navigating life, all on our own, against the Matrix.


Seven, the Matrix – or Society, is a challenging environment designed to feed off of us until we awaken to our Soul within.  It is meant to strengthen us in the same way pressure on carbon creates a diamond.  Until we awaken, we live in a dream that is ruled by FEAR, BELIEF IN LACK, COMPETITION AND JUDGMENT.  Those tenants are what allow the dream to hypnotize.  When we practice this form of breathing and connecting to Source, we effectively unplug from the Matrix, breaking our connection to our subconscious mind (which only councils us with those four beliefs) as well as with our connection to this dream, allowing us to begin to awaken. It is like turning your phone off so it can be restored to its original settings. The more you practice unplugging, the more you change your council from fear to love, or from subconscious to Higher-self.


Eight, just as the Soul cannot impose its guidance, due to the law of non-interference, it has another law it must uphold which is, when you ask, it is given.  As you breathe and bond with the Soul daily, you have the opportunity to start to manifest your passions and dreams by finishing your devotional “I love you” meditation with a few minutes of planning your day.  This is simply asking your Soul, with gratitude and appreciation, for what you would like to happen during the day ahead, and specifically for the week or month, including how you’d like events to unfold. I ask for meetings to go well, opportunities to unfold, or whatever I’d like to draw to myself.  The key to this law is not to choose to doubt, once you’ve asked. Doubt is our free will, and is the only thing that will stop what you ask for from manifesting.


Nine, make sure you ask a few mornings in a row, describing what you need for each request, in the most thorough and most concise way and then let it go.

After affirming what you want and asking for help, you must wait for guidance or results to show up in the following ways;

  1. A sign, indicating a step or a direction to take. This can look like an outside message that only you could send to yourself or an outlandish synchronicity occurring.
  2. An intuition, indicating some form of action to take (the type of inner voice we often times hear clearly, but ignore and later regret).
  3. To be given the patience to wait for your request to occur without choosing to doubt, and it will present itself (just like when you press the “buy now” button on Amazon and then know it will be arriving shortly).


Ten, merging the mind and Soul is a practice of self-love.  In the beginning the mind seeks the Soul with devotional repetitive declarations of “I love you” but as we start to realize the Higher-self is actually the immortal us, we can expand our orientation of Self and begin to comfort our battered emotional and mental aspect with “I love you” statements, sending them back from our Soul downward towards the body.  When out of balance, we can start to comfort our minds and hearts from above whenever we need it during the day.  This eventually completes the relationship and allows emotional security, stability, and self-sufficiency.




10 Benefits of Deeply Breathing


  1. Continuous diaphragm breathing for the count of 8-10 seconds on the inhale and exhale coupled with “I love you” statements directed at this energy being breathed in, for 20 minutes in the morning, during the day and before bed is a way to meditate and ultimately merge with your Higher-self.
  2. Within a few seconds, it will raise your vibration from a 3rd dimensional to a 5th dimensional vibration.  Raising your vibration like this, and adding thanks to your Soul with gratitude for all you have been given (with an actual list of examples), will immediately shift our timeline, altering the sequence of what you are experiencing in the present moment. Want to shift what’s happening?  Breath and be grateful!
  3. When your vibration is high, any lower vibration cannot reside in your field, so you will begin to yawn, releasing negativity, lower energies such as anxiety and fear, as well as other people’s energy anchored in your energy field.
  4. When you rhythmically repeat “I love you” to your Soul as you deeply breathe, you will grow closer to it with every breath and it will slowly allow your trust in it to grow.  All that your Soul creates for you grows you stronger, more aware of its protection, and more empowered so you no longer fear the threat of random acts from a menacing source.
  5. After cultivating the quietude and opening to the presence of the Soul, you can start to plan your day, week, month or year, by co-creating with it.  This insures your passions coming into your field, not your fears (which happens when you defer to your sub-conscious to co-create).
  6. You begin to get inspiring thoughts, ah-ha moments, or solutions to problems that seem to just pop up increasingly as your practice develops.  This is your Higher-self telepathically giving you answers. While this language of Love-light is innately understood, it is subtle and takes adjusting to.  Our daily orientation from society or the Matrix attunes us to constant stimulus.  However, the lack of stimulus or silence required in meditation for Soul guidance (while potent with information) requires us to develop a different attunement, one of suspended but present attention.
  7. Anchoring the miraculous nature of your Higher-self into your body in present time with each breath allows you to become empowered, ready and able to spot opportunities, witness miracles and with clarity, act from intention whenever you employ it throughout your day.
  8. Your mental fears, anxieties, and overwhelm will dissipate within a few minutes because the Soul is there to comfort the mind with its support of oxygen and healing Love-light- vibration. All physical ailments will be lessened or relieved within a few minutes.
  9. You will be re-charged and revitalized with energy after you deeply breathe for 10-20 minutes no matter how you were feeling before.
  10. An emotional self-sufficiency will eventually be established with this practice, enabling relationships with others to be more balanced by us being nurtured from within and grounded in your own center before reaching out. This allows self-sovereignty to ultimately occur because you are now aligned to your own Source.