­­­­­­­Blog Post IV: The Bridge is Complete – August 29, 2018


When trying to comprehend what this summer’s energetic shift felt like, I’m reminded of a newly constructed Bridge finally allowing the restricting barrier-arm to be lifted, for the throngs of cars to begin crossing. While mainly feeling fear, being tested emotionally and being blinded to a way forward, except by daily inner guidance, the 5D template occurred across the planet and now beginning this week with these feelings improving, the summer’s seven planets in retrograde are at long last, one by one starting to go direct.


So where are all these cars going?  I believe from this point on we are moving through a process of transformation that people used to have to die to undergo!  We as individual souls have begun a migration of spiritual survival.  This journey from fear to love commences and is being staged within a dense 3rd dimensional framework and vibration, founded on the marketing of an illusion of inequality and aggressive repression of a world-population focused on commerce and service of self, within a society based on fear, lack, competition and judgment.


As we begin the migratory awakening process, the journey traverses inward and onward through the etheric territory of the 4th dimensional mental and emotional realm (that used to be reserved only for those who have died or are in non-physical form).  This non-local but sequence-structured cocoon stage requires a great deal of purging and mastery of our emotions and thoughts.  With every victory over these shadows we release and lighten the 3-d grip, raising our vibration in the process, developing our heart’s Divine ability to manifest, while ultimately awakening to its capacity to hold the full spectrum of Love.  When we have emotionally and mentally purified these aspects in ourselves, we will ascend from the lower dimensions merging with the newly grounded, rarified heart-centered 5th dimensional planetary vibration. While this journey is allowing us to still remain in our physical bodies, as the ‘mist’ clears and this system is revealed, our morphing to a lighter version of our physicality will occur.


This journey is also being outwardly directed by projected waves of high vibrational light from Source and our Sun as we move through the galaxy.  The result is causing us to physically adjust to higher octaves of light from within. Like a butterfly, our carbon-based physicality is changing to a crystalline-based human form as our DNA begins fully being restored to its original blueprint. This metamorphosis is sometimes awkward and painful to adjust to on all levels – emotionally, psychological, spiritually, as well as physically, causing sleepiness, headaches, illness and exhaustion as these waves of light, planetary alignments and energetic upgrades manifest in our bodies according to the unique pace of our personal evolutionary development. There is a spectrum of adjustment that differs from person to person, while those closer to the awakened state are completing their personal work of transfiguration and being called to assist others. I believe the planetary process will continue to affect everyone to various degrees until the gestation period is done.


Raising our vibration is a journey from shadow and density to Light and is how we migrate to this more rarified and joyful realm.  This is an on-going process, though quickening as we approach a cosmic and global turning point, referred to as the Event Horizon or the Event.  While this Chrysalises is being orchestrated and encouraged from outside forces, it also requires us to participate in raising our own vibration from within, which is referred to as “doing the work”.  This evolution is both planetary and personal, and each must make a decision to partake or not. If we do we must let go of the negative or lower (behaviors) vibrations instilled in us from eons of being entrenched in the 3D foundations of fear, lack, competition and judgment. As we awaken our hearts from this repressed collective mental and emotional programming, we will extend our humanity to form communities based on love and cooperation as opposed to our present state of being divided and virtually (but not completely) conquered.


If you are being called to make this crossing, the journey requires a new set of skills which must replace the old way of navigating the 3D world.  While your mind may have kept you trapped in illusions of survival and unhappiness, awakening from this illusion happens by using guidance from your Heart, your Soul or Higher-self.  This aspect of one’s self can be likened to an ember or holographic unit of Source Itself that, while having an individual aspect, is infinitely capable of guiding your spiritual evolution to its Divine potential.   The inner guidance system afforded us in this journey is similar to a scuba-tank that allows you to breathe underwater or in this case, be safely guided through these more rarified dimensions. (*See Blog Post I  “Breathing a Form of Meditation or Prayer” – for more on this type of guidance).


The timeline of this new paradigm is similar to radio frequencies you can tune into.  Tuning into and arrival into the 5D probability, instead of remaining in the on-going 3D timeline requires you to dial into it by setting your intentions within.  That can look like a practice of periodic 5 or 15-minute focused meditations throughout each day (which is establishing a bonding partnership with your Soul- simply by diaphragm breathing, giving thanks and asking for answers and help-without doubt) where you receive guidance through committed inner focus.


As the planted seeds of Self-inquiry inspire your heart’s calling to arms, you start to rely on and embrace guidance, decisions, direction and action, and can bypass the fear, lack, competition, and judgment-based mind-choices of the past.  In taking these ground-breaking steps forward you will begin to see waystations of supported outcomes from both your Higher-self and your guides – who only need you to ask to be able to make doors open for you.


Proceeding in this way, always choosing to be more loving in every situation, as Matt Kahn teaches, we can assure our tuning into the 5th dimension.  This energy is emanating from the earth where it is now fully grounded.  By ‘tuning inward’ to Source you become eligible to participate in this new potential. A phrase to keep in mind, like a compass for the journey, is my favorite motto of Dolores Cannon, “If you believe it, you will see it.” If we advance with enthusiasm and follow through with certainty, knowing belief is all – you can achieve your calling.  Believe and you will solicit a response from life showing up in the form of support and Love becoming available to you like never before. And remember, doubt is the only thing that can kill a miracle, and it is an aspect of free will – it is a choice.


Another aspect of this journey or crossing is its periodic check-points where we are testedWhen you are ready to shed the lower vibrations of behavior such as being self-serving, judgmental, resentful, afraid, etc., and want to advance to a deeper commitment to others and Love, you meet with tests of your resolve!  What might have dragged you back down in the past is re-introduced, only to have you demonstrate your eligibility for the new vibration.  So, you’re not attracting the same challenges by your growth, but are being tested to advance by your newfound strength of resolve.  When you pass this test period, the ‘Universe or Higher-self’ starts to support your alignment to the 5th dimensional vibration of Love, with the manifestation of your passions in miraculous ways. This can look like support, synchronicity, or dreams coming true.


As we evolve past the old collapsing structures of the 3rd dimension, by the cosmic orchestration of this planetary process coupled with our own efforts to awaken to Source within, learning to share resources and love in co-operation with all, the new way forward will manifest.  Ultimately, the key to a healed heart, mind, body and planet, is “doing the work” of inner attention and council with the still presence of your Higher-self/ Soul.  The goal of this work is to eventually have your mind merge with your Soul or Higher-self. This effort is best described by consistent daily apportionment of time, inner alignment to guidance with gratitude, and the healing that comes with reflexive love between mind and Soul.  This merging or entrainment to the rhythm of Love will finally allow acceptance of self and others.


The way forward is not only a journey within, but a sharing of the love you find with all conscious reflections of yourself beginning on earth and onward towards the rest of the cosmos.  As our full capacity comes on line, whether from a global assist from the cosmos, as is predicted by the Event, or by one earning their own place in this alignment is to be seen.  In the meantime, the sure way to the new earth is within.


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